Change management Essay Example

1Change Management


The anticipated change at the Deakin engineering department in its course development and teaching methods will impact the university in terms of delivery and teaching methods deployed. The major points associated with these changes include;

  • The development of a new technology centre, Centre for Advanced Design in Engineering Training (CADET) for handling all teaching and practical lessons to students. CADET is a partnership between Deakin University and the Australian government.

  • The new change will incorporate Project Oriented Design Based Learning within the department which differs from the traditional methods of teaching or instruction. This method involves the use of modern technologies such use of real time teaching, learning, curriculum and assessment methods.

  • Vision of CADET is to offer state of the art facilities capable of offering innovative courses which ensure collaboration and linkages that allow students to work on real projects from course inception

  • The Deakin engineering department shall offer 5 major undergraduate courses for its students within two sections namely engineering and design. Engineering courses shall be; (1) Civil Engineering (Honours) | S460 (2) Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Honours) | S461 (3) Mechanical Engineering (Honours) | S462 (4) Mechatronics Engineering (Honours) | S463. While design course shall be (1) Design Technology | S307.

  • Each course is designed with certain entry requirements, although each student can ensure eligibility through pathway transfer from institutions such as TAFE or Melbourne Institute of Business Technology (MIBT). Students need to find a similar course within Deakin can have transfer credits for their course and join Deakin. Consequently, students with prior work history and diplomas or relevant qualifications could also join Deakin based on credit transfer system.

  • Additionally the department through the CADET centre shall offer the Global Science and Technology Program. This program is designed for high achieving students who have a minimum ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) of 80.

  • These courses have been designed through collaboration and partnerships with institutions such as Engineers Australia, Cyient, AusNet and Baum Cycles which enable students to undertake projects which form a key in the curriculum development.

The development of the new changes within Deakin University’s engineering department requires adequate planning measures as outlined;

  • Course design has been undertaken bearing in mind the latest technologies and best practices within the engineering field. For instance, the CADET centre ensures practical and latest technologies are applied.

  • Courses offered at the engineering department by the university have been accredited by Engineers Australia and follow international guidelines due to its affiliation to several international engineering standards bodies such as SES (Standards Engineering Society ), IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers). Therefore, each

  • The CADET centre ensures all students develop innovative skills due to its PODBL (Project Oriented Design Based Learning) which ensure that practical skills are gained through work integrated learning. This has been achieved through acquisition of state of the art equipments and collaboration with experienced professionals.

  • The engineering department through the CADET centre has developed collaborations and partnerships with engineering companies and organizations for collaborative learning. Students can learn from global locations such as China, US, India and Japan through exchange programs and industrial attachments/placements.

Change management and development requires proper communication of the vision driving the change. Deakin University has established a communication plan that ensures the necessary changes are communicated as outlined;

  • The engineering department shall organize open days within the campus and scheduled locations to communicate the establishment of CADET and other changes within the engineering department.

  • The department has also posted information on its website and other affiliated institutions such as Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre ( in communicating the new engineering course changes. These website have contact persons to answer to queries and questions from prospective students.

  • The Deakin university engineering department has however deployed the use of social media sites in propagating information on the changes at the department. They have posted links, videos, photos, documents and information concerning CADET and changes within the engineering department. Consequently, this has the potential to reach a global wide audience within a short period.