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Collecting crime information gathering is still wanting, especially in diverse society, it is still a major part of a persistent problem in a growing society (Van Gelde et al., 2013). Securing the community causes one to surrender some of his individual rights for standard social activities (Braga, Welsh & Schnell, 2015). Police organizations still need to settle on appropriate choices to fulfill their mandate in serving citizens even in the most complicated circumstances. The crime management the paper explains does not necessarily means new tools to police but it emphasis on the strategy to be used to curb the increase crime rate. The paper describes the Compstat as one of the new management strategy which is used to improve the management approach by police force across the globe. It concluded by giving the general aim of this paper and the general objective the paper aims to capture. The paper plans to research on difficulties of vital police administration for successful Crime prevention in Australia police force and proposed ways through crime deterrence can be enhanced within police force.

Objective and Aim

In order to achieve the general objective of this study, the following are the two specific objectives to guide the study.

  1. To establish how police administration style help in crime deterrent

  2. To establish how Compstat can be used to reduce crime rate within and without Australia

Research question

In order to achieve the research objectives, the following specific questions which are formulated in line with the study objectives

  1. How does police administration style and strategy help in reducing the crime rate?

  2. How can Compstat strategy be used to reduce the crime rate in Australia?

The variables in the study are

  1. Leadership and management

  2. Use of Compstat model

  3. Crime deterrence

The paper will expound on how the leadership and use of Compstat influence the crime deterrence by police.

Literature review

Active police leadership gets to be capable of responding to challenge. Like different associations, police officers must adjust steadiness and predictability with adjustment and change. Indeed, even as they endeavor to institutionalize operations, most police leadership perceive the fluid setting in which their organizations work. They have likewise to comprehend that there are forces to which police associations must adjust and advance so as to stay compelling in an evolving world. It is those forces that drive authoritative change and make new models for leading the matter of policing. Compstat is such one technology which many scholars and practitioners have proposed.

The Compstat technology is one of the most recent correspondence to officers and gives a quick probability of recovering data precisely. In this way, police divisions utilize data frameworks to expand cops ‘scholarly ability to take care of social issues and to respond productively to Crime. With continuous increase in crime rate, modern technology is required and this is one way to go. Compstat is an information driven affiliation model; it depends on upon definite and flawless understanding concerning late representations.

Innovative Strategies in Policing, depicted the condition of New York Police Department before Compstat. Most zone executives did not see Crime decrease as their head obligation. Likewise, (COs) were in disconnection in doing battling Crime. Some welled; diverse did not. The workplace was not set up to encourage or push COs to strike Crime and turmoil issues. The home office was not taking after Crime traces in the regions or evaluating CO execution in doing engaging Crime. This connection should be there and it can only be achieved through proper administration and the concept of Compstat will help in addressing this issue (Ozdemir, 2011).

People need to search for after social exercises and make human relations without apprehension in a reasonable space. All things considered, the transformational biosphere structure has gone on increased hazards to prosperity and new case in current life. This condition changed the normal family structure and as prerequisites are society. The family and the overall population, the essential associations of the solicitation, got the chance to be incapable with a particular final objective to regulate individuals ‘conduct. Police is a unique organization that precludes law abusing individuals from pulverization of open request and security in any nation including Australia.

Policing the gathering, especially heterogeneous gatherings, is still a major part of a relentless and edified society. Securing the world causes one to surrender some individual rights for standard social activities. Then, police organizations still need to settle on fitting choices to fulfill their clients in serving nationals even in the most complicated circumstances. With this appreciation, police offices mainly need to utilize a balanced necessary leadership framework to encourage their employments and expansion their quality, information, and attitudes (Saunders et al., 23015

Rationale for the Research

Due to the rising crime rate in Western Australia, it is necessary to conduct a research into the strategies the police force can use to reduce the crime rate and at the same time establish the proper management and administration of police force.

Research design

This study intends to utilize systematic literature review where 12 articles was analyzed and a thorough investigation of the topic of the study which was stipulated within the study objectives. The study will limit itself within the police force and how the management system within police force has evolve. The design will investigate the main factors that hinders the effective management of police for in crime deterrence

Materials used in the study

This paper will used past materials in investigating the relationship between leadership management, the principle of Compstat in modern police to crime deterrence. The secondary data will be used to investigate relationship between the variable under the study.

Procedure followed in the study

First we will be find various articles which are about the topic under discussion. The available materials will be investigated against their relevancy to the topic of the study. A total of 50 articles were investigated and only 12 contained recent data and relevant for this study.

Expected outcome and Implications

  • After the study, the expected outcome include

  • Understand how good administration may contribute ton effective crime prevention

  • How Compstat can be used for quick data and evidence gathering

  • Ways to improve police administration

Challenges and conclusion

  • The main challenge encountered in this study is the availability of materials used for study.

  • The different cultural backgrounds of police officers in different countries making the research difficult to compare

  • Limited time frame to carry out the research.


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