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CEO or Council Briefing Document: Hot Spots – Revitalizing Space and Communicating Appeal. Essay Example

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Revitalizing Space And Communicating Appeal 9

CEO or Council Briefing Document: Hot Spots – Revitalizing Space and Communicating Appeal.

CEO or Council Briefing Document: Hot Spots – Revitalizing Space and Communicating Appeal.


Cardinia Reservoir is one of Australia’s man made water supply reservoirs that is located south east Melbourne, Victoria. This dam provides water to locals in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne and it is under the management of Melbourne water (Viggers et al, 2013, p. 22). This reservoir is surrounded by an expansive land that majorly used by different teams for picnics, family outsides and field studies as in the case of academic institutions. The main objective of this paper is to provide the best possible way by which the reservoir can be improved into to a recreational park.

Reasons for improving Cardinia reservoir into Cardinia Recreation Park

Recreation parks are essential for the wellbeing of any community. An improvement of Cardinia reservoir into a recreation park can be a medium through which members of the Melbourne society can change their self-image and gain personal satisfaction of life (Hone, 2012, p. 34). Improved quality of life that such a recreational park can provide include an enhancement of self esteem that will improve feelings about their self worth and personal confidence. This enhances an individual’s personal growth. The creation of a recreation park will also enhance life satisfaction in the sense that members of this community will be satisfied by the life decisions they make (Roberts, 2009, p.76). Active living through participation in recreation activities are considered as aspects essential for the body and mind. This is because the involving nature of outside activities keeps an individual physically active.

A recreation park also brings with it economic benefits. Currently the Cardinia reservoir is a deserted land that is used for geographical studies, picnics and family outings. There are no business entities that are thriving in this area. However, the improvement of this reservoir into a recreation park will help boost property values (Roberts, 2009, p. 86). This is because the area will attract more people who are potential markets for different goods and services. The major market that will be thriving in this region is the food and hospitality market. Other than the food industry other businesses will find the need to create demand for their products and services. A recreation park will also enhance the expansion of businesses such as real estate business. This will be due to the panoramic view that parks provides for any neighborhood. With the attraction and retention of businesses coupled by the large population that is envisioned to visit the park, it has a potential of increasing the local tax base of Victoria State (Review procedures for water resources project planning, 2002).

A recreation park in Melbourne, Victoria will play an essential role in promoting social integration among members of the community. Australia is increasingly becoming a multicultural community. Such a park can help in uniting neighbors, enhance cleaner neighborhoods and improve the society’s image. In addition, a recreation park will also enhance desirability of Melbourne. For example, when people retire their desire is always to look for a community that can accommodate their dynamic and special needs.

Health and environmental benefits are important reasons why a Cardinia recreation park should be created. It is a fact that a place that enhances the life and health of a community. A recreation park will provide members of this society with a platform upon which they can exercise (Hone, 2012, p. 21). Constant physical exercises help in lowering stress levels, low blood pressure as it ensure the improvement of the overall health of an individual. Environmentally, a recreation park can help improve the quality of air and the quality of water in the reservoir. This is because such a park requires vegetation coverage which will be ensured by playing of more tress to enhance forest coverage. It also provides an opportunity for the public to interact with the natural environment (Getz, Carlsen & Morrison, 2004, p. 80).

How to improve Cardinia reservoir to Cardinia Recreation Park

Formulation of project committee

This is essential in ensuring that qualified and passionate individual are selected to spearhead all the necessary steps involved from the conception of the idea to the implementation, completion and sustenance of the idea (Berndtsson, 2002, p. 23). This committee will include individuals drawn from different areas which include architect, design, survey, engineering, monitoring and evaluation, project management, building and construction. This group will be in charge developing a design of the park while considering the possible interests of different members of the population such as the children, teenagers, youth adults and the old (Berndtsson, 2002, p. 24).

Visit the reservoir

This will be essential in the planning purposes. To be able to develop a proper architectural design for the envisioned park, it would be important for the designers and architects to visit the proposed site (Robertson & Long, 2008, p. 57). Other than the architects and designers, it would be essential to ensure a proper survey of the proposed site to ensure that it is validated as potential recreation park. The ability of the site to accommodate a recreation park is highly dependent on its accessibility, cost implications, space for expansion, security levels and the potential customers. The climatic patterns of this location will also be indispensable in determining its ability to accommodate a recreation park (Getz, Carlsen & Morrison, 2004, p. 80)

Consulting the relevant authority

The Cardinia reservoir is currently under the management of Victoria State. Any desire to improve the reservoir into a recreation park requires that the local authority is informed as their permission will be essential in legalizing the proposed plan. The authorities can only be visited with a proposed plan on how to develop the reservoir. The local authority has the responsibility of approving the plan while considering its viability and sustainability (Wiid & Diggines, 2009, p. 123). Sustainability revolves around the protection of the water reservoir and environmental consequences that may accompany the creation of a recreation park. Upon approval of the plan and a proposed budget the local authorities will provide a license to enable the process of implementing the plan and design of the recreation park (Roberts, 2009, p. 96).

Research on potential market

A recreation park is considered as a vital facility for the creation and expansion of the business sector in Melbourne. The potential market will help the business in determining key aspects that they would want to be included in the recreation park (Wiid & Diggines, 2009, p. 123). Satisfaction of the market will play an essential role in determining the recreational park’s success. This study will also involve understanding market forces and segmentation and its growth potential. In addition, the business will be able to devise a market entry strategy that can be used to penetrate the market (Hague, 2003, p. 44). The ability of the business to meet customer needs will be based on the ability of the market research to bring out the status of the market and the opportunities that exist in the stability and the sustainability of the business. Upon completion of the analysis of the market research, it would be crucial to make any necessary adjustments to the proposed plan, design and budget of the proposed plan (Hague, 2003, p. 45).

Implement the approved plan

This will involve the purchase of all the necessary material for the improvement of the site. It will also entail hiring human labor and technological assistance that is considered necessary for the completion of the project. The main focus of this project will be to ensure that the final outlook is according to the proposed plan and design (Webster, 1999, p. 134). In addition, the plan must ensure that the interests of the population, as provided by the market research, are implemented. This will be a way of ensuring that the park meets the expectations of potential clients (Hurd & Anderson, 2010, p. 67).

Adequate and proper use of land forms an integral part in the development of a recreation park. In the implementation process the needs of the children must be considered. This will include the setting aside space for children plays. This space will include the construction of a mini theme based park that will include swings, play grounds, swimming pool. These are meant to capture the attention and inspire creativity among children (Robertson & Long, 2008, p. 28).

It is important to note that the youth would need to share facilities such as the swimming pools with children. There is however need for the creation of a beer zone, boat ridding, and bicycle riding. These will be also available for adults whose desires are to engage in physical activities (Robertson & Long, 2008, p. 39). There will also be a race track upon which different racing activities can be conducted. Other than field activities, the implementation of the plan will require the creation of a camping site, which will be beneficial not only for the youth buts also other groups such as scouts, families, and religious groups among other groups. The campsites can also be used for bonding activities among other group activities.

Vegetation such as tress need to be planted in and the existing ones protected. This will be made possible by involving the community in the tree planting process. Such an involvement will ensure that a culture of ownership among community members is enhanced. Such ownership encourages community protection of vegetation and the environment. Vegetation will also improve the image of the park as it will provide areas of exclusion for the old, children, adults and the youth. Vegetation will also play an essential role in purifying water for community consumption (Robertson & Long, 2008, p. 45).

The implementation of the plan also has to focus on the position of business premises. The recreation park is meant to attract different business initiatives. This is attributable to the fact that all the activities in the park will require certain facilities that are essential in camping, racing, fields and water activities. These facilities include tents, tour guides, swimming costumes, boats and bicycles for hire. The food industry is envisioned to be one of the most successful in the recreation park.


Cardinia reservoir is one of the man-made dams in Australia. The water reservoir is located in Melbourne, Victoria and it is the major source of water for domestic use (Viggers et al, 2013, p. 22). With the consideration that the business is located in a relatively rural and forested area, it would be important to use the vast land around it in the creation of a recreational park. This park would not only provide a meeting point; leisure and physical activities platform, it will also help in sustaining the environment and creating more business opportunities.


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