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Event Background

Our events company provides excellent event organizing services to a wide range of clients. The business consists of four members who work in different specialties. The team is composed of a Dj, the event’s organizer and designer, the caterer and an individual in charge of security.

We intend to host an 18th Birthday Party for Millie who is about to finish her A level. The family lives in Cornwall. As noted, the parents have a budget £2,000.00 to cater for the event that will be held on 21st August 2017.

Millie wants to celebrate with friends from school and the National Youth Orchestra (she’s been a member for a few years). Some of her extended family, including younger cousins, are also invited to the party. Millie expects to have around 70 guests for the party on Saturday night.


1.1 A Vision and Concept of the Event

Turning eighteen is a fascinating occasion in teenager’s life. Our vision is to offer a captivating party that is toiled to meet the preferences of Millie who turns eighteen very soon. We also intend to develop a memorable event that Millis’s family and friends will enjoy. Also, a key consideration is to provide a birthday party that will meet the outlined the budget.

The company also intends to present an occasion that has relevant themes that will meet the entertainment needs of the young adult and her friends.

1.2 Concept of the Event

birthday to a teenager. Accordingly, we will personally work with the parents and the Millie to ensure that they give the guests and the birthday girl an event to remember. The event will also include a beautiful patio that will offer adequate space for serving food and drinks. The patio will be decorated according to the theme of the day. thThe intent is to come up with a party that will accommodate the close to seventy guests. We anticipate to develop a night Disco event that will captivate Millie and her friends. In order to host all the invitees, the experience will involve setting up a moveable Disco at the venue which is the family’s backyard. We will also offer exclusive DJ services that will comprehensively entertain the crowd. Our Dj has a work experience of over 20 years, consequently, he is aware of the significance of an 18

1.3 How the Proposal Addresses the Client’s Needs

The event proposal will definitely meet the needs of the client. As argued by Berridge (2007), addressing the needs of the client is essential in understanding the experiences that we wish to develop. In fact, the event experience that we intend to offer should correlate to the experience that the customer wants. Our company will, therefore, design an event that will satisfy the needs of Millie’s parents and their daughter.

A principle factor of consideration is that Millie is going to attain the young adult status. As a result, she still needs parental mentoring and guidance. It is the prerogative of the parents to ensure that she and her friends are safe during the event. Consequently, setting up the party at the family backyard is evidently very suitable as opposed to a location such as a night club or restaurant. This is because as parents they will not have to worry about the safety of their daughter and the other guests.

Also, a party setup at the backyard offers a sense of restriction for the guests not to act inappropriately in other people’s property. Our services include the provision of a security agent who will ascertain that those who behave in unwarranted ways are cautioned and in the event that they fail to adhere to the stipulated rules, they can be thrown out of the venue. Also, as proposed by Silvers (2012 ) in an event where there are few security risks such as a backyard birthday party, invisible security mechanisms such surveillance equipment and a plain clothed personnel may also be integrated as part of the security system.

The proposal will also meet the parent’s budget of a budget of £2,000.00. We intend to provide the services at the stated budget. The selection of an outdoor disco event will adequately be met by the agreed budget.

birthday. Based on the fact that the parents want their daughter to host a party during the night, the most suitable entertainment for the event is a disco or club event. This will give their daughter and her friend’s a good time as they interact, dance and enjoy themselves. thThe night disco event will also meet the needs of Millie’s parents which is to make their daughter happy during her 18

1.4 Legal and Ethical Considerations that will impact on the delivery of the Event

It is imperative to follow the legal and ethical considerations when hosting the party. One of the legal requirements that we intend to uphold is to get special permission that is required for hosting the occasion. Consequently, as stipulated by the Licensing Act 2003, we intend to advise the parents to get a permit that will be used for hosting the disco event. They will, therefore, submit an application for the license 12 weeks prior to the date of the event.

Another significant ethical and legal consideration is to ascertain the health and safety of the guests and the workplace at the party. As highlighted by the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, it is important to conduct a risk assessment of the location of the event to ascertain that there are no security threats. Also, the Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM 2015) requires that safety is ascertained when putting up temporary and demountable structures for example stages, seating, and marquees. We also intend to carry a First Aid kit that will be used in case of any medical emergency.

A primary ethical consideration that we will uphold is to ensure that alcohol is not served to the guests below the legal age. As noted earlier, Millie will invite her friends from school and her younger cousins. We will, therefore, work to ensure that the correct drinks are served to all guests. Adult guests in the event will be treated to a glass of wine. However, the wine will only be provided inside the house.


2.1 A Plan of How the Event Will Utilize the Space

The garden event will integrate several key areas which include

  • A mobile night Disco

The disco will be set up using the high-quality lighting effects, sound systems, and moving head lighting. A team of Dj’s will use the venue as the main area for transmitting an array of musical hits that will entertain the guests. The front section of the movable disco will host the Dj’s and instrumentalists. The lower section will have the dance floor. Figure 1.0 demonstrates a sample of the mobile disco.



  • An outdoor chill area

The section will act a relaxation spot for the guests. It will also be used to serve drinks, snacks, and food for those who want to eat. The chill area will mainly consist of a marquee structure as displayed in figure 2.0 below


  • A mobile Cocktail section

The bar will serve an assortment of drinks to the guests. Considerations will be made to ensure that the drinks provided are age appropriate. Figure 3.0 demonstrates the cocktail area.

Figure 3.0 Cocktail area


  • A Photo Booth

birthday because one takes the step to be an adult once. As a result, the photo booth will be useful in keeping those memories. thIt is important to have memories of the 18


  • Security Staff Section

The event will require staff such as bouncers who are essential for security and waitresses and waiters that will serve the guests.

2.2 A Sample of the Menu


Millie’s Birthday






Appetizers and food

Fried Calamari, pizza

Salmon Salad

Beef & Brown Sugar Kielbasa

Lemon Scented Blueberry Cupcakes

Glass of Orange/Glass of Pineapple/ orange and mango juice , wine for the existing adults

Each unit item costs $8.00.

In general, participants in the birthday party will eat the appetizers, salad, pizza, snacks, and drinks. In general, each of the 70 participants in the party will eat at least 5 menu items on the day. The budget cost for each guest will be £
8.00. The amount will enable the party to yield a gross profit of 70% on the function. The calculations are as shown below:

Budget = £

Achieving 70% gross profit entails ensuring that the revenue generated from the event is (170/100*2000) = 3400

On average, a participant would consume six menu items. The amount collected from one participant multiplied by the total number of participants equals 8*70*6=3,360. This is approximately equal to a 70% gross profit.

2.3 Justification of the Drinks

For easy computation, the drinks form part of the menu items. A single drink is equivalent to one menu item. Using the average unit cost of a menu item of $8, it is evident that an individual would consume at least two drinks. Young individuals would consume either a single glass of orange and pineapple or two glasses of each variant. Older individuals could opt to consume a glass of orange or pineapple juice plus an additional bottle of wine for drinkers. Non-drinkers would also consume two glasses of orange or pineapple juice. Attaching the price tag of $8 per glass of fruit juice or bottle of wine implies that the function would still generate at least 68% gross profit to its organizers.

2. 4 Identification of Appropriate Entertainment and a Justification of Its Inclusion

According to Silvers (2012), entertainment must support the purpose and objective of the event. Turning eighteen is one of the most significant steps of an individual’s life. A primary objective of the entertainment will be to make Millie cheerful and contented with her birthday. It is essential to create excitement among the guests which include Millie’s friends and some of her young cousins. The selected entertainment for the event will, therefore, be age appropriate. Some of the entertainment applicable for the birthday party include;

The entertainment will involve entertainment from our DJ who will play cool music during the event. The venue will have a lot of space for dancing. The lighting technician will convert the venue into a club with all sorts of disco lights. The event will also entail the creation of a cocktail bar. In order to acknowledge Millie, the guest of honor at the event, all drinks will have the name, Millie. At the end of the event will be the crowning of the guest of honor accompanied by applause from the participants.

Hiring a tribute act is another exciting entertainment that is applicable for the occasion. In the event that Millie has a favorite solo singer, her parents can invite the artist to present a song that is preferred by the birthday girl. The parents will be in charge of the cost of hiring the singer.

At the end of the party, once the birthday girl and her friends have completed the drinking and dancing, fire performances can also be introduced as a climax entertainment. The artists are well trained and can perform acts such as eating and breathing fire. They can also perform stunts like juggling with fire batons. The teenagers will definitely like the fire performance.

2.4 Justification of the Selected Service Method and its Appropriateness to the Event Design.

birthday, is suitable in relations to design of the event. thAccording to Berridge (2007), event design is a planned process and one that results to a pre-conceived outcome from an original idea. In this case, it can be stated that the selected service method which involves having a backyard outdoor party with a disco session and an assortment of entertainment and snacks are appropriate for marking Millie’s 18

The selected service method that will be applied for the event is appropriate in accordance with the event design. Foremost, like a birthday party that involves teenagers, it is important to design a layout that will encourage interaction. As a result, the chairs will be arranged facing each other in a manner to promote communication among the guests. According to Silvers (2012), it is essential to encourage interaction during an occasion. Consequently, the event designer will ensure that the table arrangements are in proximity to each other.

In terms of the colours to be used, we intend to integrate Millie’s favorite colours for the event. For instance, if Millie prefers green, the colours can be used as the theme of the party. The decorations will, therefore, be all green, the cake and the drinks. It is also essential to use bright colours for the birthday occasion to make it more blissful, however, in the event that the teenager prefers a dull color, the designer should ensure that they will incorporate bright colours (Fife, 1998). The bright colours can be integrated into sections of the chill area through aspects such as lighting and the flowers.

Several entertainment services will also be provided at the event. This services will be offered at the disco area where the guests will dance. The invited performing artist will also present their song in the disco area. Fire performances will be incorporated at the end of the occasion. Consequently, the design of the event will incorporate separate sections to host the various activities. This will include the disco area, an open space for the fire performances and a chill area where the guests can sit as they get entertained.

Section 3

3.1 The Work Breakdown Structure


Planning will be the first activity under the WBS for Mellie’s birthday event. It would identify all aspects of the party including all the inputs required. Second in the structure is food provision that would entail the allocation of food and drinks to the participants. Supplies cover all equipment and other inputs required in the event. The setup includes the games and entertainment, the arrangement of furniture for the event, and the final cleanup process following the completion of the event.

3.1 Logistics, Responsibilities and Events Activities

The event organizer and caterer will arrive at the event at 4.p m to start the preparations for the party. The Dj will then come in and organize the mobile disco section with all the installations including lighting and instruments. The security section will also be outlined to ensure proper entrance at the event area.

Guests begin to arrive at the party at six p.m. As the Dj goes through the motions and music blares through the system, drinks are served to all invitees ready to partake in the joyous event. The ambiance and flavor will point out to a well-planned occasion as excitement rents through the air.

The partygoers will indulge deep into the ensuring atmosphere with a number frequenting the buffet area characterized by sumptuous delicacies ranging in both color and aroma. The meals to be served will be simple snacks and meals with some prepared to accommodate the various needs of the visitors

As the visitants settle in, they will participate in friendly games aimed at getting to know each other better and thereby attempting to break the ice that exists in the room. The party will then move from one point to the next as more games are suggested by the guests as they also attempt at socialization.

With the passage of time, the guests will hit the dance floor and begin to sway their bodies to the music that is on offer. In the beginning, only a small number will be visible on the floor, but as the evening moves on, a larger crowd frequents the ball area, getting enthralled and carried away by the occasion. The group on the floor can also split into bigger groups and couples, evidence of getting to know each other concerning thawing of relations and easing up of the atmosphere. An announcement will be made that a famous musician who doubles up as the hosts’ favorite artist is set to grace the scene. This pronouncement sends pandemonium into the crowd.

As the party rolls on, more and more of the seventy guests get pumped up as they attempt their famous dance moves on the floor. This step is characterized by amusement and dynamism leading to even more exhilaration. The awaited guest will finally make her way into the crowd bringing about an air of expectation and enthrallment. The musician will then get on stage and churns out hit after hit of his most popular and well-known songs, raising the delight of the crowd a notch higher. Part of those that were still perched on their seats will be invited to the dance area.

Finally, the party will be branded by the crowd singing of happy birthday with the aid of the much-loved artist. The fire performance will then be invited. The event will then mellow in time with the host giving a speech and thanking all that took their time to attend this occasion.

3.2 A Headline Budget That Outlines and Justifies Provisional Costs

Age on birthday

Party Duration

No of children

No of adults

Pineapple juice

Cost of hiring decor

Fried Calamari

Salmon salad


 Beef & Brown Sugar Kielbasa, pizzaa


Lemon Scented Blueberry Cupcakes

Thank you notes








Items needed for games/activities

Theme Party Accessories

Birthday Child’s Cake



Cup Cakes



Table Cloth

Orange juice

Total cost


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Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM 2015)

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Kates, R. (2012) Art of the Event: Complete Guide to Designing and Decorating Special Events. Wile.

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