Causes and Effects of Homelessness Essay Example

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Causes and Effects of Homelessness 4

Causes and Effects of Homelessness

Causes and Effects of Homelessness

Homelessness is caused by structural factors. These are both economic and societal factors that affect the ability of the individuals to have shelters. Some of these include lack of adequate income, access to cheap and affordable shelter and discrimination from the authority (McNamara, 2008).

System failure plays a critical role in increasing the level of homelessness. This mainly happens when system of care fails to support the poor and the vulnerable in the society. Some of the system failures include poor planning and lack of support for groups such as refugees and immigrants (McNamara, 2008).

Individual and relational factors cause homelessness. These are mainly the personal circumstances that cause homelessness in a person. Some of these issues might include loss of a job or fire accident. On the other hand, personal issues might include break-ups in the family and domestic violence (McNamara, 2008). In addition, mental illness and drug addiction are other major factors that might cause the level of homelessness.

Homelessness has a major effect on people’s health. The reason is that such people are exposed to extreme weather conditions, an aspect that affects their health. Furthermore, they feel neglected and abandoned an aspect that brings stress and stress-related diseases (McNamara, 2008).

Homelessness has a major effect on self esteem. Homeless people feel worthless, an aspect that forces them to engage in drug abuse and prostitution as a way of gaining societal attention. This exposes them to sexual-related diseases (McNamara, 2008).

Homelessness has a major effect on the development of the child. Children that are brought up in homeless families lack the necessary attention from their parents and close family members. Furthermore, they lack the necessary necessities. Therefore, they end up engaging in crime in order to seek for attention and compassion from their peers (McNamara, 2008).


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