Catering facilities of Emirates Airline Essay Example

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Catering facilities of Emirates Airline

Catering facilities of Emirates Airline


Emirates airline has a catering facilities that are aimed at providing services to the people at the airport as well as preparing food for the in-flight passengers. The catering facility of the company is based in Dubai international airport and it is a subsidiary of the Emirates group (The Emirates group, 2015). The catering facility employs about 8,000 members of staff who are responsible for carrying out different activities. The paper is thus an analysis of the operations activities at the facility.

Critical analysis

The catering facility is highly effective in terms of its operational process. The main operation that takes place at the facility involves the preparation of meals. The facility prepares over 115,000 meals daily (Emirates Flight catering, 2015). This is an indication that the operations at the facility are efficient as all the activities are performed by only 8,000 members of staff. In 2007 alone, the facility was responsible for the production of 25.5 meals. The production is quite high as compared to most of the organizations that offer the same services to the customers. Currently the facility produces more than 30 million meals per year (Emirates Flight catering, 2015). The facility has a fleet of 100 high loader trucks that are aimed at enhancing the efficiency of the organization. Highly qualified personnel are responsible for managing the facility in order to ensure that the operations meet the needs of the customers. An international company from the United Kingdom is involved in the management of the facility as well as the production process. This has played an essential role in terms of ensuring that the operations of the facility are of high standards. Specialists from the company are also responsible for the production of the food and management of the activities.

The automation of the process is also an important aspect of carrying out different activities. The company has 2.55 kilometer long electric monorail system that is used for the transpiration of the meal carts (Emirates Flight catering, 2015). This has played an important role in terms of promoting efficiency through the eli8mination of manual activities which are costly. A bin conveyor system is also in place for the transportation of the clean items from the warewash areas to the production and operations department. This improves efficiency and it also saves time and hence ensuring that the operations of the company are carried out within a short period of time.

The use of such systems has also played an important role at the company in terms of eliminating the bottlenecks which have the potential of slowing down the activities of the company. The company has been successful in carrying out its operations due to the high levels of automation as well as use of modern technology (Emirates Flight catering, 2015). The operations at the company are also cost effective as a result of the measures that have been put in place. Continuous training of the staff members is usually carried out for the purposes of ensuring that the company is able to meet the demands of the customers. Continuous training of the staff members is also useful in terms of ensuring that the delivery of services is improved at the facility.

The passengers can, therefore, be given an allowance of placing their orders prior to travelling. This way the customers will be very satisfied. There are customers with special needs. Some have got allergic conditions and hence may require special meals. The company should have created an online system of communication with the passengers. When the passenger places their orders before the food is prepared, it is a two-way advantage. The customers get exactly what they need while the company also saves a lot of food because there is no food waste.

The solution to the bulk of work that the chefs attend to is to motivate them. The chefs must be enticed and motivated now and then so that they can do their best each day. They should be well paid and given proper allowances. Many chefs should be employed so that there is a constant rotation of the labour in the kitchen. For customer satisfaction, a system should be implemented that allows for the passengers to be able to place their orders prior to travel.


In conclusion, it is evident that the operations at the facility are of high quality. The level of automation as well as use of technology is also high at the organization. Continuous training improves on the skills of the employees.

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