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Annotated Bibliography on How to Stop Poaching Artist Robert Chew Kerby Rosanes. Artist Supports Anti-poaching Campaign through a Series of Animal Inspired Robot Illustrations 2014 Retrieved on 22 April 2016 from http://www.ucreative.com/articles/artist-supports-anti-poaching-campaign-through-a-series-of-animal-inspired-robot-illustrations/ The works of the Californian-based digital artist Robert Chew was inspired by the system used by the International

Examine and compare the impact go digital media techniques on two aspects of the online entertainment industry.

DIGITAL MEDIA TECHNIQUES AND THEORETICAL APPLICATION 7 Impact of Digital Media Techniques and Theoretical Application Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation The Impact of Digital Media Techniques and Theoretical Application Introduction Communication is one of the key aspects that drive the world around. One cannot imagine how the world would be without

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Photo assignment

Research on Photography—Dorothea Lange Introduction Dorothea Lange is regarded as one of the successful photographers. She was at the top of her career in mid 1930s after she managed beautiful shots that has been used to remind the world of the hardships encountered during the Great Depression. Lange is still


An Overview of Grаffiti оf Gеntrifiсаtiоn аnd Rеvоlutiоn Introduction Battock (2014) identifies the Berlin zombification and gentrification as one which is in full swing. He prefers demolishing the county’s streets art than letting it contribute to continued restoration and zombification. However, when assessing the current art and its corresponding technological

Women in Australian Art

Women in Australian Art The Modern Australian Women Art Pioneers According to the article of “Modern Australian Women”, women are the biggest influencers of art. It is evident enough that in the mid -1920’s when art in Australia began to atrophy into landscape conservatives which were clichéd; women came out

Media — reviewing a movie

The Godfather Mise-en-scene (Kindly find the video on this link: http://vodlocker.com/kxipo9hlc9rq) Wide Shot The completion scene of «The Godfather» is another scene made out of fascinating mise-en-scene components. The completion scene begins with a profound center shot, introducing Kay in the front and Michael in the back. The wide shot


Influence of 3d Technology on Online Technology Three-dimensional technology refers to an illustration that provides the insight of depth. This technology started way back to the beginning of photography where a stereoscope could take 3D photographic images. In the coming years, further improvements came about with the invention of a


220 (1): 111- 133. 2014 doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10479-011-0982-4. http://search.proquest.com/docview/1553045244?accountid=35812.Annals of Operations ResearchEl Ouardighi, Fouad, Hassan Benchekroun, and Dieter Grass. «Controlling Pollution and Environmental Absorption Capacity.» The writers describe a model they term as pollution accumulation model. This model has made it clear that the level of pollution depends primarily on the economic


5CASE STUDY: PUBLIC RELATIONS CAMPAIGN UING DRAMA Case Study: РubliсRеlаtiоnsСаmраign Using Drаmа (Thеаtеrs, Mоviеs Аnd Sеriеs) Department Case Study: РubliсRеlаtiоnsСаmраign Using Drаmа (Thеаtеrs, MоviеsАndSеriеs) There are some ways through which the public relations department benefits from drama, theater, movies as well as series especially when delivering their message. For instance,

Women in Australia Art

Women in Australia Art The diverse qualities of expression in the art of Indigenous women artists in Australia, from the Kimberley district in the north through to Perth and the south-west, uncovers a rich differences of society communicated in a variety of media. Painting and other works of art permit