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Google Art Project

Lecturer Principle of Design-Google Arts Principle of unity and or variety An artistic principle applied to have an influence on the eye of the person who will view the element or the artwork to move around the whole composition. This principle of design allows the use of different elements or

In your response detail at least one distinctly modernist tendency in the visual arts.

10Modernism Visual Art and Modernism Visual Art and Modernism Introduction The world of visual art has been used as a platform for artists to express their ideas and the values they hold towards the society. This, over the years necessitated the development of different theories that could be used in

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7PEER REVIEW PEER REVIEW Part One — Mini-Essay McKenzie Wark’s “a Hacker Manifesto” challenges the latest property relations regime with all the revolutionary gusto, conceptual innovation, and epigrammatic vivacity of the great manifestos. The main opposition of the hacker in developing a globe where there is free information is denoted

Mid term essay

Assignment: In The Second Sex, Beauvoir sees romantic love as integral to women’s subordination. Identify and critically discuss the main points of Beauvoir’s argument, considering how relevant her position is to romantic relationships in the twenty-first century Name of the unit: Unit Code: Unit coordinator: Introduction The concept of love

In the visual arts the concept of modernity pre-dated the twentieth century. However, modernism is a term that is very much of the twentieth century. What was it about the twentieth century that gave modernism its full meaning? In your response detail at

Modernism 2 MODERNISM IN VISUAL ARTS Modernism is philosophical movement that came into existence as a result of transformations that took place in the Western society in the late 19th and earlier 20th centuries. Modernism was shaped by factors such as industrialization, fast growth of cities and the emergence of

Indigenous Australia and Belonging

Indigenous Australia and Belonging In nations that have beed colonized, migration and dispossession often influence how communities configure belonging, home and place. In the context of Australia, non-indigenous people enjoy the sense of belonging, home and place based on the dispossession by the original land owners and the denial of

Don’t Drive Drunk

DON’T DRUNK DRIVE 2 Don’t Drive Drunk Don’t Drive Drunk The graphic is an imaginary vision of how a drunk driver views the road. The graphic indicates that a driver has a view of the road as one that is full of meanders. As a result, this imaginary vision makes

Arts Organization Analysis

ARTS ORGANIZATION ANALYSIS 11 Arts Organization Analysis Arts organization analysis Introduction and overview of the company Hospitality industry plays an important part in contribution towards a country’s GDP (Florida, 2002, p.15). Savage and Hanquinet (2012) claimed that some of competitive economies like the US, Australia, China, United Kingdom and France


Film Festival Case Study Film Festival Case Study Introduction Film festivals continue to become an increasingly popular approach towards generating economic benefit to communities. Film festivals operate as sites of exhibition, thus the opportunity to offer economic, political, cultural, and industrial implications. In addition, certain scholars tend to perceive film

The destructiveness of war furnishes proof that society has not been mature enough to incorporate technology as its organ, that technology has not been sufficiently developed to cope with the elemental forces of society.

Introduction War is normally perceived negatively by the highest percentage of human race, particularly due to its destructive nature. However, based on history, war played a great role in pushing people into coming up with different solutions for different problems, experienced during that time. New strategies were invented to counter

Descriptive essay about a natural setting in Qatar that is similar to the natural setting in

4Insert Surname Lecturer Nature in Qatar Qatar is blessed with several natural landmarks that attract tourists from all over the world. One of the most popular of these sites is the Singing Sand Dunes. The dunes are located on the way to Mesaieed, it is about 15 km from Salwa

Un Chien Andalou

Un Chien andalou It is important to understand that the film has no specific subject. This is because the specific is made up of numerous strange images making it impossible to come up with a specific subject of the film. The film persistently uses the images of nudity, absurdity and

TV Feature Story – storyboard for television current affairs feature story

4Parramatta Shooting Parramatta shooting Parramatta shooting On September 2, 2015, a young man shot a civilian police officer at the back of the head in Parramatta, Sydney. According to recent police investigations, the gunman has been identified as 15-year-old Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar. The shooter is believed to be an

Gallery assignment 2

REBRANDING AND GLOBAL ADVERTISEMENT OF CHINESE OWNED COMPANY The Jiē Company is one of the largest company in social media industry in china. Their services is consumed by approximately 200million customers within china. The company will adopt tripartite advertising structure due to the nature of the product and market. According

Critical thinking

3Bromance The emergence of bromance in romantic comedy films Before the 1970s, romantic comedies revolved around the sexual relationship between the man and the woman with the main objective being the sustenance of that relationship. These characters were often married. However in the sixties, women began demanding better pay and

Principles of animation

12 Principles of Animation Squash and stretch The principle is used effectively to show expansion and contraction of the character’s muscles shows that the mass of the object he is pulling at is overwhelming (Digitaltutors.com). Exaggeration The character’s broad chest compared to that of the other characters is exaggerated. The

A project brief and commissioning contract

Public Art Commission Project Brief Blue Spring Contemporary Art Sydney, Australia Project Overview In line with our mission, to serve the public by appreciation of culturally and linguistically diverse community, Blue Spring Contemporary Art Museum seeks to source a Chinese or Australian artist with aware of Chinese history and culture


Synopsis Nowadays, most museums have resulted to exhibit bigger and better blockbusters which create public expectations and push their revenues. It is obvious that museums are not merely judged on the basis of the quality of their exhibition or careful collections but others qualitative measures related to audience numbers and

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