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Assignment (1)Statistics and Research Methods [MTH50101]

Problem 1 Compare the salaries of inspectors, managers, quality engineers, and Master Black belts Sample size Standard deviation Inspector Quality engineers Master Black belts From the table above, it is evident that the salaries for inspect depict a mean of 45949 and a standard deviation of 17197, while for mangers,

Group Report Reviewing Results if Mystery Shopper Observation Research for Three Companies

Tutor’s Name Student’s Number Module Code Module Code: Module Title: Assessment Title: Assignment Title: Introduction This paper is a report of primary observation research, conducted in three mobile phone companies located in the United Kingdom. The three selected companies include Vodafone, O2, and 3Three, which are all involved in offering

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Fertility rate statistics

Fertility Rate Statistics Customer inserts His/Her name Customer inserts Grade/Course Customer inserts Tutor’s name (12 July 2016) Question 1 Classification of the Data Geographical Region Fertility Index(1960) Fertility Index(2014) East Asia and Pacific Europe and Central Asia Latin America and Caribbean Middle East and North Africa North America South Asia


Paper Airplane Experiment Paper Airplane Experiment Response Variable Normally dependent or response variable is the variables in an experiment that are observed or measured. On the contrary, the other variables in an experiment that usually affect a response and can be assessed by the person conducting the experiment are known

Bach5068 ass2

Assignment 2: Probability, Hypotheses, Sampling Distribution And Standard Error Module Code: Part 1 According to the above equation, it is apparent that the probability for the woman to carry the genes of a disease would be as follows: Apart from the above, we also get the probability that a man


Statistics 6 Normal distribution In a research by Anderson (250), a normal distribution is a continuous, symmetric, and bell-shaped distribution of a variable. Moreover, it has the same mean, median, and mode located at the center of the distribution. The distribution is also unimodal and continuous without gaps. By looking

Data analysis

Average number of people that local businesses employ in our region From sample size of the estimate populating, it is evident that the average number of people employed in the local business in the region is approximately 81 people which depict 70% of the population percentage. This population is based

Foodborne Illness Caused by Food Establishments

5(Last_Name) Method: Retrospective Cross-Sectional Approach Justification of the Method In Texas, all restaurants with permits for preparing and serving food must be subjected to semiannual inspections in accordance with the existing policy guidelines. . The inspection process has an established criterion that comprises of 40 scored items with a possible

Assignment using SPSS

13RESEARCH METHODS Quantitative data analysis Table of contents 1.0 Introduction 4 2.0 Research Methodology and analysis 4 2.1 Descriptive statistics 4 2.2 Test of normality of data 5 2.3 Correlations 7 2.4 Regression 8 References 12 Appendices 13 Research Data 13 List of tables Table 1: Descriptive statistics of economic

BORA analysis

BRAND ORIGIN RECOGNITION ACCURACY 1. SUMMARY AND DESCRIPTION OF THE DISTRIBUTION OF VARIABLES. The purpose of this report is to analyze and review the research on Brand Origin Recognition Accuracy (BORA). According to Mohammed (2011) this is used in marketing literature and consumer perception. Analyze UK residents on the actual