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GLOBALISATION GLOBALISATION Introduction Gone are the days when the different parts of the world were distinct in terms of culture, governance and economy. Back in the day, the geographically secluded country of Australia had very little contact with the rest of the world in the Northern hemisphere. The advent of

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2Social Work Social Work Practice Question 1 The strengths theory in social work focuses on the strengths of the clients in bringing change. Based on the strengths theoretical perspective, I would understand the situation from the point of view that the reason Jen had to leave her husband was because


Sociologists’ view of crime Location Introduction Criminology as an art and a field of study has varied and competing perspectives. Crime is therefore socially defined. From a legal standpoint, crime refers to an act prohibited by an existing law of a given state which can attract a state sanction in

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Sociology 6 Sociology Affiliation: Introduction Sociology refers to the study of the social relationships and institutions of human beings. It is the study of social life, change, causes and consequences of human behavior (Persel, 1990). The subject revolves around studies of religion, state, race, classes and various beliefs that are

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2Neoliberal Risk Society Neoliberal Risk Society Social work is a profession that is practice-based whose goal is to promote social change and development through the empowerment of liberalization of the people. The neoliberal risk society context is an ideology which seeks to transform the welfare state such that the concepts


EGALITARIANISM IN AUSTRALIA 6 Egalitarianism in Australia Egalitarianism in Australia Introduction According to Argy (2013), “Egalitarianism” is the belief that all people are equal, and therefore there is the need to have equal opportunities and rights. In this way, an egalitarian society embraces non-discriminatory approaches where an individual is not


Deviance and Difference 9 DEVIANCE AND DIFFERENCE City and State Where Institution is Located Introduction In relation to sociology, deviance describes the act that infringes the formal and informal social norms in the society. Through this, one is able to describe a behaviour that defies the set out rules and

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3Practice Framework for Change Practice Framework for Change Section 1 Question 1 Practice frameworks for change refer to the principles, guidelines, concepts and assumptions that inform the social workers in the performance of their duties ((Chenoweth and McAuliffe 2014, 202). The frameworks for change provide guidance to social workers as


10QUALITATIVE RESEARCH METHODOLOGY QUALITATIVE RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Department Qualitative research methodology Introduction Qualitative research methodology revolves around the process of collecting information while concentrating on describing and explaining the research phenomenon in a very comprehensive manner (Smith, 2015 34). In most cases, this type of research work is conducted using open-ended

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CONCEPT MAPPING Concept Mapping Application of Virtual Reality in the Entertainment Industry Concept Map Critique Description of Concept Mapping Concept mapping can be defined an approach for visually demonstrating the structure of information. The process involves the use of concept maps, which are graphs that comprise of nodes with connecting