Free Religion and Theology Essays and Research Papers

Comment on Mary Midley’s philosophical plumbing chapter 1

Philosophical Plumbing In her book Utopias, ‘’Dolphins and Computers’’ Mary Midgley begins by looking at philosophical plumbing. In this chapter, she argues on the aspect of whether philosophy and plumbing are similar. She notes that just like plumbing, philosophy is an activity that arises from elaborate cultures just like human

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality Spirituality is a comprehensive concept, which can have countless perceptions. Spirituality is more of a personal practice, which has to do with having a sense of persistence and peace of mind. Moreover, spirituality interlinks with the processes and procedure of coming up with norms and beliefs around the meaning

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Professional ethics

8FREE SPEECH AT WORKPLACE Free Speech at Workplace Abstract This essay explores the importance of free speech in workplace. It starts with overview of free speech at workplace and moves on to support the freedom of free speech by ethical theories and principles. The discussion goes on to explore some

What are your thoughts on the video interview and one or more things that you found particularly interesting

Rev. Nadia Boltz-Weber interview is an interesting one. Her interview brings various thoughts on how to view Christianity and an individual’s faith. Pastor Nadia Bolt-Weber appears to be a Lutheran rock star. From her interview, she tries to explain what her church is attempting to do in a simple way.

Everybody must consider their lives as no panic, believe in spirituality is the foundation of religion. Individuals must separate disbelief in religion and devotion to God, who brought every being into existence. Rebellion from a religion because of misleading interpretation of how God works is built from the middle ground between the touchdown theologists and the shallowness of self-made spirituality.

Spiritual but Not Religious Rev. Lillian Daniel gives a good rejoinder to restoring the falling faith in religions and Christianity. Her recitations show the level of discontent she gets from people who claim they are spiritual but not religious. In the recent past, many groups have erupted out of dissatisfaction


ESSAY ON ETHICS Value of safety from a Kantian Perspective Introduction Many a times the tenets put forward by Immanuel Kant on ethics have been dismissed as being real only in the idealized form yet in most discussions on ethics, Kant’s philosophical views on ethics pop up (Altman 1). This

Value of safety from a Kantian perspective

5(Insert surname) Value of safety from a Kantian pеrsресtivе Safety is an area that requires great specific attention from both companies and individuals. The questions, however, remain to be; the motivating factor that can make one strive to maintain safety at all levels. These reasons could probably be professional, legal,


Religion According to the bible, Jesus said he is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14, 6-7). All the people that want to see God have to go through Christ. In Mark 16, 14-18 there is a claim that those that do not believe will be condemned. The

Spiritual Leader

Spiritual Leader The spiritual leader is that individual who knows where God wants people to be and uses godly methods to lead people there. Bill Wilson is an example of a spiritual leader. Wilson, who was a former alcoholic, transforms his friend Dr. Bob Smith and the two later founders

Ethics in Organisations

Ethics in Organisations ETHICS IN ORGANISATIONS 2.1 Self Reflection Getting my first internship job is the best thing that could happen to university or college students because one would learn and get some money for maintenance. I landed my first internship job in an ice-cream firm. I joined the organisation

Look at the ‘EVERYTHING ABOUT THE ESSAY’ document.

Introduction The word human refers to the way God created man. According to Christians, the human body lives and is human because there is a spiritual soul that animates it. Marriage signifies the passage of love from one generation to the other. All the above views on human person indicate

Answering questions from the criteria box

4STORIES FROM THE BOOK WELCOME TO THE WISDOM OF THE WORLD Stories from the Book Welcome to the Wisdom of the World The story “The Merchant and The Genie” has moral lessons that touch on taking responsibility for our actions, doing good to the society and the virtue of forgiveness.

Answering the questions from the criteria box

Essays on Buddhism In the story “Is it Possible to Make Up for Past Mistakes?” the good lesson is any time one stumbles the only obligation one must appreciate is to get up and start over (Chittister, 67). Chittister refers to the lives of the saints in bringing up the

Answering the following questions in the assignment criteria box

A number of practices have been traditionally associated with certain world religions. Reiki and yoga, for example, are associated with Buddhism. There is nothing wrong with taking practices from other religions to use in and inspire our Catholic practices if one has an abundance of religious literacy as pointed out

Blog entries based on weekly study of ethics

Weekly Blog Post Weekly Blog Post Week Three This week’s lesson on ethics and self-control has certainly been an eye opener to me. The lesson has highlighted a number of things that I did not know or taken for granted. The Marshmallow -experiment on the importance of self-control, in particular,


HOW CAN THE TRUTH BE PROTECTED AND/OR SUPPORTED ON THE INTERNET? How can the truth be protected and/or supported on the Internet? Introduction posit that trust is closely associated with high level of confidence or certainty in the security as well as reliability of the Internet. Therefore, truthful information enhances

Prescriptive approaches

<Essay Title> <Lecturer’s Name and Course Number> PRESCRIPTIVE APPROACHES In valuing various properties, various theories have emerged that tend to provide a justification on the same. For instance, in philosophy, egoism relates to the concept of one’s self being the motivation and goal of their own actions. Considering the descriptive