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Project [Carbon nanotubes] applications in Transistors

Notes on how I found the information, and their references On 15th March 2015 at 2:30 p.m. I looked up the following papers from the University library: Dai, H., et al. Electrical Properties and Field-Effect Transistors of Carbon Nanotubes, Nano: Brief Reports and Reviews 1. London, 2006. The following information

Report lab

Introduction Quantum dots refers to nanoparticles which are zero-dimensional ranging in diameter from 1-10nm which remade of semiconducting materials and as a result of them being small in size they have some electronic and optical characteristics that is unusual that are not exhibited in bulk solids [1-4] . For understanding

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Ethical problems with respect to Uranium fuelled power plants The ethical problems can be divided into three main areas of ethical dilemma that may be faced the authorities; economic development, social equity and justice, and environmental factors. Economic Development The ethical viewpoints that arise under economic development include; high capital

Problem solving

1) Identify which of the following is a fact, hypothesis, law or theory, explaining why you have done so. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. –law b) Plate tectonics -Theory c) The sun rises in the East in the morning.-Fact d) Objects of different sizes when dropped from


8RADIO WAVES: ARE COMMUNICATION TOWERS DANGEROUS? Radio waves: are communication towers dangerous? Radio Waves: Are communication towers dangerous to human health? Introduction The use of communication towers is increasing because of the need to communicate and the growing population of the world. Growing scientific evidence is proving that the electromagnetic

Computational Physics ( fortran version )

Lecturer: Student No. Assignment: Error analysis exercise 1.1 In this assignment, Taylor series for the analysis will be used for all the differential levels. for example, fi = 1/h(f1-f-1) as the exact value for the first derivative From the FORTRAN results, the 4 point differencing is less accurate for the

Back up power supply for a 20-storey building

BACKUP POWER SUPPLY FOR A 20-STOREY BUILDING Lecturer Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) A UPS provides continuous and uninterrupted power supply especially to critical loads such as medical equipment and computers. It serves two main purposes in the electrical supply system. Firstly, it protects sensitive equipment from damage caused by under

Age of the rock

Dating Rocks Introduction Dating and determining how old rocks are is crucial in constructing the history of earth. Geologists depend on two major forms of dating: relative dating and absolute dating. Absolute dating determines the precise number of years that a certain event occurred. It establishes the precise age of


Nuclear Energy Report Abstract This report is a study of the particles involved in nuclear energy. The atomic and nuclear energy levels of the finite, discrete energy values of alpha particles and gamma photons involved in the decay of unstable elements have been discussed with regard to nuclear energy. The

Simple Pendulum

Experiment on Simple Pendulum Pendulum Abstract. Objects in free fall accelerate towards the centre of the earth under the influence of the force of gravity. However, it is difficult to measure directly the acceleration due to the force of gravity. The gravitational force can be measured indirectly using a pendulum.

The benefits and disadvantages of a dosimetry program for all first responders within an organisation.

Dosimetry Program for Radioactive Agents 14 Dosimetry Program for Radioactive Agents Introduction Direct/indirect measurement and evaluation of exposure to kerma can be done using a dosimeter. The dosimeter may further be used in determining of the time derivatives and the exposure rate of ionizing radiation. The dosimetry system is made

X-ray absorption – applications in medicine

X-ray absorption application in medicine Introduction X-ray is ionizing radiation which exhibit particle-like and wave-like properties. It has very small wavelength that can penetrate far through matter, which makes it both dangerous and useful. Its ionizing radiation can damage the living tissue, thus there is need for safety precaution when

Electrical Circuit Experiment

To Determine the EMF (Electromotive Force) of a Cell and its Internal Resistance Cells are made to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. The EMF (electromotive force) of a dry cell (battery) refers to the energy converted into electrical energy when unit charge passes through a source. Electromotive force is

Simple pendulum

Determining gravity acceleration using a simple pendulum Department Introduction In this experiment the time of 10 oscillations of different lengths of a string attached to the suspended mass was measured, the angle in which the pendulum was left to swing was kept constant. For different lengths and fixed angle, evidence

Laboratory investigation

Introduction In nature many things are found to make vibration motions and the pendulum is a good case. A mass suspended at the end of a string is a good way of coming up with a simple pendulum. The to and fro motion was applied in controlling motion in cuckoo

Lab investigation

THE SIMPLE PENDULUM A simple pendulum consists of a mass suspended from a mass less string and left to swing with an initial angle. A pendulum moves with a periodic motion and the time it takes to complete one oscillation is called a period (Young at el., 2000). For small

Vibrations Analysis of Mechanical Systems

Executive summary The main aim of the report was to calculate several factors of a MDOF system. In this these regard potential energy, kinetic energy, differential equation of motion in matrix format and modal matrix has been determined. We further determined natural frequencies when k is 1N/m and mass is


Cost Effective and Efficiency Energy Technically, organic solar cells tend to reduce the cost of solar energy production based on its fabrication and characterization in real world situation. The proposal tends to focus on the cost effectiveness and efficiency of fabrication and characterization of organic solar cells through two different

Molecular Dynamics

Simulation of Molecular Dynamics 6 SIMULATION OF MOLECULAR DYNAMICS Introduction Molecular dynamics was introduced by its inventors Alder and Wainwright (1959) with an intention of demonstrating the important insights that majorly emerged in the study of simple liquids such as liquid argon. These developments however took a different turn as

Preparation and Characterization of quantum dots for opto-electronics application

Рrераrаtiоn Аnd Сhаrасtеrizаtiоn Оf Quаntum Dоts Fоr Орtо-Еlесtrоniсs Аррliсаtiоn Quantum dots business sector is raising with high development rate because of a few good full scale monetary variables, for example, individuals’ developing interest towards new advances and their expanding expendable livelihoods. Rising urbanization have been giving constructive effect on hardware