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Abstract of the article

Student’s Name Abstract of John M. Gingerich’s Article, “Unfinished Considerations: Schubert’s “Unfinished” Symphony of His Beethoven Project” The B-Minor Symphony has over the years prompted a reevaluation of Schubert’s body of works in an attempt to demystify its “Unfinished” status. Some hitherto missing historical context for the “facts” regarding Schubert’s

The expendables movie scene

The Expendables Name of the Movie: The Expendables Director: Sylvester Stallone Composer: David Callaham Brief description of the scene The scene starts with Sylvester being held captive by the enemy. He refused to give in to the enemies demand for more information. However, he is beaten up and almost hanged

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Need for speed movie scene

Need For Speed Movies Scene The Need for Speed is a movie made in 2014 in the category of American action thriller produced by DreamWorks pictures and directed by Scott Waugh. George Gatins and John Gatins wrote the plot of the story told by the film while Nathan Furst contributed

Music 107

Music has always played a crucial role in human social interactions since the older days, and it still holds a large sway of influence in modern life. From church functions to political events, to wedding ceremonies, life cannot be the same without music. However, the choice of music in every

Essay of Henry Cowell’s “New Musical Resources

Student’s Name The Essay of “Henry Conwell’s New Musical Resources” ”. (Cowell 153 – 174)New Musical Resources can best be described as a classic text whose focus is directed towards contemporary music, featuring notes and an accompanying essay by a different author. The explanatory notes and essay are written by

Music 0

JAZZ Performances As a youth, listening to jazz is somewhat unusual to fellow peers who are evolving on a different genre of music, notably hip-hop. This was what I face every time I told my pals that I somewhat love it, and an idea of attending a live jazz show

Music 1

Jazz Music It’s one of the encouraging books I have ever read; it made easier for me to know the problem the first musician faced as they try to make their music to be recognized and make people accept back their music. People for long failed to appreciate jazz music,


Greek Wedding Ceremony On Saturday, I attended a wedding that a friend invited me. It was held in the Saint Sophia Cathedral. The theme of the wedding depicted traditional and modern fashion. Three hundred guests attended the ceremony to witness the matrimony between Mary Stephens and John Stewart. Also, the

Analysis of your favorite song

Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding Song Analysis My favorite song is “Love Me like You Do” by Ellie Goulding. The song was recorded mainly as a soundtrack for the fifty shades of grey. Savan Kotecha, Max Martin, Salmanzadeh Ilya and Tove Lo composed it. The «Love Me

Concert Etiquette and Report

Topic: Music Соnсеrt Еtiquеttе and Rероrt Gilden (44) illustrates that the Philadelphia Orchestra is an American based symphony orchestra. The Philadelphia Orchestra was launched in the year 2001 in Pennsylvania. Just like it has always organized music concerts yearly, the one that took place in 2015-16 at the at the


Types of Music Genre2 TYPES OF MUSIC GENRE Types of music genre Music is believed to have been in existence for long since the existence of humans. Natural objects were then used to construct musical instruments. The advancement in technology has facilitated the development of different types of music genre.

Quеsтiоns on Мusiс Тоdаy

QUЕSТIОNS ON МUSIС ТОDАY 3 Quеsтiоns on Мusiс Тоdаy #1 QUESTION Lip sync is a short form of Lip synchronization. It is a technical term meaning matching the lip movements with pre-recorded spoken or sung vocals that the listeners hear over speakers (Escrivan Rincón, 2012). This technology is a misrepresentation

Program notes of Saint Saens’ introduction and rondo capriccioso

The Introduction and Rondo capriccioso, Op. 28 One of the best showpieces that was done by Saint-Saëns is “The Introduction and Rondo capriccioso, Op. 28” that was done in the year 1863. The peace was composed for a friend called virtuoso violinist Pablo de Sarasate during the period of between

Chopin Concerto #1 in e-minor

Introduction Concerto refers to a work which displays two different possibilities of instruments, both individually as well as together. Piano Concerto No. 1 in E minor was written by Frederic Chopin in 1830. He created his musical output with piano at the core of his musical thoughts. There was a

Musical/Style analysis of a selected recording (Velvet Underground — Heroin)

Student Name and Number (Double click to edit) Page 8 of 8 Subject: Performance Studies 1 Subject code: P2PS1 Assessment: 1 – Musical / Style Analysis Introduction Music is usually understood in accordance to its specific genre or style that has been composed. During recording process the musician together with


Unit Name and Number: Lecturer/Tutor: Title of Assignment: Historical development of Afropop One of the popular non-western musical style in which guitar has been instrumental is the Afropop. Afropop, just like any other African traditional music has a rich history. Though this style of music can be said to have

Does Elvis Presley Deserve His Title King Of Rock?

Does Elvis Presley Deserve His Title «King Of Rock»? Does Elvis Presley Deserve His Title «King Of Rock»? The late Elvis Presley is one of the most celebrated rock artistes in the rock and roll music genre (Nichopoulos 2009, .x). Elvis is regarded to as the pioneer of the modern

Program one authentic music experience

4MUSIC EXPEREINCE Рrоgrаm оnе аuthеntiс musiс ехреriеnсе This paper designs a program on music experience that is authentic in engaging a 4 years old child in the investigation and exploration of one of the element of music called duration. Duration, as one of the elements of music refers to the

Classical Pianos

7Classical Pianos CLASSICAL PIANOS The History of Classical Pianos Classical music performances trace back to the 18th century. Hinson (2003) asserts that the advent of classical performances in music was symbolized with elegance, simplicity, clarity as well as balance (Hinson 2003, p.4). The classical piano is one of the major

Islands Records

Popular Music 7 POPULAR MUSIC Atlantic Records Introduction Atlantic Records is a record label in the United States that is famous for promoting jazz, rock and roll and hip-hop music. Ahmet Ertegun and herb Abramson started the record label in 1947. After it was started, Atlantic Records built a reputation