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THE VOCAL HEALTH AND THE CONTEMPORARY SINGERS 6 THE VOCAL HEALTH AND THE CONTEMPORARY SINGERS A voice is very crucial especially to the artists because it is the medium to which they express themselves and their thoughts as well. Therefore, any singer who wishes to make the best out of

Internship Report

Insert Surname 2 Introduction Internship – Vivid Soundgardens @ the Conservatorium of Sydney The report below gives a description of the events and activities that were undertaken during a three month internship with Vivid Soundgardens at The Conservatorium of Sydney. This paper’s objective is to present experiences and events performed

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Sound and Aural Culture Introduction. An aural culture is the comprehensive collection of the sound done and analysed by certain artists in bids to understand the sound in general, in projects examining deeper sounds in an artistic ad a contemporary culture. Aural culture portrays all things about the recorded sound,


Introduction Music is an important art in the society that is a form of communication and entertainment. Words are combined to make a narrative meaning (Andreas 2015). The purpose of this paper is to discuss how a listener can identify when a new section begins or ends in music. Anaudience

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2Critical Analysis of Song and Cover Critical Analysis of Song and Cover Location of Institution Critical analysis and comparison of the original version of the song and the cover version of ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’ (U2, The Sensitive New Age Cowpersons) «I Still Haven’t Found What

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Performing John Cage 4’33’ The famous John Cage piece, the silent, is a form of non-tonal music that was sung while there is not music, that was performed while not performed. It has no harmonic center, and not organized hierarchically. There was no instrument that could guide a person to


3Choose one from the list to answer Choose one from the list to answer Question 8 Non-tonal music may at times appear to have some chord progressions, the individuals chords are usually chosen due to the overall sound as opposed to their resolutions. I believe and acknowledge the fact that

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POPULAR MUSIC Name of the Class Name of the School City and State Where it is Located UNDERSTANDING COVER MUSIC AS COMPARED TO THE ORIGINAL The music industry in the past two centuries has been filled by the singer-songwriter trend that has caused critique to grow towards the singer who

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KNOWLEDGE OF MUSIC 4 KNOWLEDGE OF MUSIC Introduction Music worldwide has dependably served a social capacity; music gives character and the chance to tell other people your identity. Music frequently gives a custom capacity, either with regards to religion, or in mainstream ceremonies like move gatherings. Some customary types of

Difficulties in Performance

Difficulties in Performance Introduction Presenting as a solo performer can sometimes be difficult. An individual may be very talented, nevertheless, when it comes to making their presentation on stage, they may struggle. It is therefore imperative to identify some of the difficulties that may emerge during the performance and ways