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Quantitative method and data analysis

Question 1 Relationship is Strong and positive Vehicle Age Maintenance cost Regression line prediction is given by Cost = 450.69+89.15xAge Question 2 13, 13, 14, 15, 16, 16, 17, 17, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 2323 Determine the mean and the median of the data Mean =17. 73 Median =

Probability and Statistics for Engineers 1

Probability and Statistics for Engineers Unit Code Numerical Summary of Data Table 1: Selected Summary Statistics 0.744793 3.633463 5.953992 Standard Deviation 0.035738 Standard Deviation 0.023697 Standard Deviation 0.008102 Standard Deviation 0.472349 Sample Variance 0.001277 Sample Variance 0.000562 Sample Variance 6.56E-05 Sample Variance 0.223114 The data above indicates some selected numerical

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Calculations Questions of MOLECULAR BASIS OF DISEASE

19 February 2021 Chemistry questions How many grams of KOH (MW 56.11) would you need to weigh out to make up 5 L of a 100 mM solution of KOH in water? How many grams of KOH (MW 56.11) would you need to weigh out to make up 5 L

Assignment 2

5Insert Surname College: Question 1 Given: y” + ay’ + by = 0 Using ʎ, show how the general solution is found. Describe all three possibilities. This equation is has a right hand side function that is zero hence a homogeneous equation. Let r signify the root of this equation


Image sharpening and softening application using singular value decomposition Institution Affiliated Image sharpening and softening application using singular value decomposition Introduction The paper will be a guide to an algebraic approach to two dimensional image filtering. The paper will focus on the extension of the Wiener Solution to a two

Academic Year Period:

3Image Processing Image Processing Student’s Name: Semester: Academic Year Period: The nature of the “Convolution (Linear Filters) Since the introduction of information theory and computing in the past century, various image sharpening and softening applications have emerged. One of these applications is the Convolution (Linear Filters) application. This application has

Weekly reflective journal entries

10REFLECTIVE ESSAY Reflective Essay: You are required to present a reflective journal that represents your learning, teaching and engagement of mathematics in early learning environments and primary schools. Mathematical computation would be a complex process for the children, especially those below six years (Greenes et al., 2004). The child’s mind

Reliability, probability and Statistics

3Reliability, probability and Statistics Reliability, probability and Statistics 1.2 Determine the reliability of the system in the following diagram using the following reliabilities: R (A) = 0.64, R (B) = 0.68, R(C) =0.76, R (D) = 0.67, R(E) = 0.9 and R(F) = 0.6. (Answer to 2 decimal places) S(R)

Course work 4

Question 13 Based on descriptive statistics obtained from excel, the mean, standard deviation, and variance for the ungrouped data is tabulated below Mean, standard deviation and variance for the grouped data Frequency distribution for the grouped data Variance Standard deviation The mean for ungrouped data is higher than the mean

Answering questions

Assignment 3 – MAST90072 Why do survival data need special treatment? It is because of their distribution, normally appears skewed in the sense that the survival data is more at the begging as compared to that at the end. (a.) Explain why the logistic regression model is used to model