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Statics assignment

Statics (chapter 2) Fall 2015/2016 esolve RF1 and F2into their x and y components using Cartesian vector notation. Determine the magnitude of the resultant force and its direction measured counterclockwise from the positive x axis. esolve each force acting on the gusset plate into its x and y components, and

Stat assignment

Statics (chapter 2) Fall 2015/2016 uestione one. Q Cos2α +cos2β+ cos2γ =1 This give β = a cos {1-cos (α) 2 – cos (γ) 2} Which is β = 90o Question II 0 = FR= 113.6N α 62 Question 3 uestion 3Q F1/cos 560 = 6/cos700 F2 /sin 560 =

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Stat propblems

Fall 2015/2016 Question 1 (a) 4.66 m (b) 55.6 s (c) 4560 N (d) 2770 kg Question 2 (a) = 0.000431 (10^3) = 0.431 g (b) = 0.00532 (10^3) = 5.32 m Question 3 (a) = 45.3 (10^6) N = 45.3 MN (b) = 5.63 (10^-6) g = 5.63 µg

Quantitative Methods for Business

Business report on Surpriseinstore1 BUSINESS REPORT ON SURPRISEINSTORE Presented to (Tutor’s Name) Table of Contents Indexes2 3-4Introduction: 4Report Body:-5 :RecommendationsConclusion and 6-7 Reference List:8 Introduction Surpriseinstore is an amazing investment idea that seeks to bring excitement back to peoples’ lives. I believe everyone benefits from the joy of gift giving

Signal and system and systems Pre-lab frequency response of systems

Your ID no. Unit code and name Lecturer name Assignment September 20, 2015 Lab report a. Kirchhoff’s voltage law to obtain a linear constant‐coefficient differential equation relating the output to the input It can therefore be seen that the resistor voltage V0 is given by the following equation: V0 =

Marsabi Force

1 Marsabi Force Marsabi Force Marsabi Force Reclitilinear Marsabi Follows that; = 0.06388 Whereas exponential of the angular factor Vx= subjugated under quatum approach 88 = α Considering that the Marsabi force acting perpendicular to the Ring is easily justified it can be assumed that Marsabi Force acting Downward disperses

Folio-linear programming

Linear programming Linear Programming Introduction Uniliver Company produces two products, which are Omo and Blue band. The production processes for the two products are similar in that both require a certain number of hours of production process and a number of labor hours in packaging each Omo takes 4 hours

Business maths

Business Math Solution The initial cost incurred is a relative cost hence; $1470- $1200 = $ 200 Exponential of the above = 145.78 Whereas the exponential focus and integration of the variables results to the actual numerator, the dysfunctional aspect results to $ 145. 78. In these respect, it would

Statistic questions

2Statistics Jansen Motor Company limited is greater than the number of observations. kAccording to the “2 to the k rule”, the smallest number of classes (k) is selected such that 2 From the calculations above, Class interval Frequency distribution Relative frequency distribution Histogram The table below is applicable when constructing

Statics assignment

Statics (chapter 2) Fall 2015/2016 ince particle D is in equilibrium, the net force at D is zero.S So FB + FC + FD = 0 S Fxi +S Fy j= 0 = 0 i + 0 j (a vector equation) 200 + 100 + FD = 0 300 +

Pool Fencing Statistical Assignment

Pool Fencing Statistical Assignment STATISTICS ASSIGNMENT An appropriate measure of the frequency is the incidence ratio. Which is given by: n = 1, 2, 3 … Where x: number of conflict & y: population = 77.41 per 100,000. The drowning frequency varies by 77 children per 100,000. All pools x:

Assignmet pat1

Mathematics 6 A Case Study on The Use of Social media Question one The investigators’ primary objective was to determine the relationship between individuals’ traits and their use of the internet. In particular, the study focused on some specific personality traits. The traits that were the subject of the study

Car Suspension System

DESIGN OF A CAR SUSPENSION SYSTEM 16 Report on design of a (Simplified) Car Suspension System Design of a (Simplified) Car Suspension System A car suspension system is basically aimed at providing a smooth movement as the car moves along the road. The design of a suspension system is more

Statics assignment

Statics Problem Solving Question 1: Determining the force of the The figure used in calculating force F Solution From the relation that clockwise moment is equal to anticlockwise moments; Question 4: Determining the magnitude of the moment of a force of the figure below about OA Solution Therefore, Since this

Mathematical models and methods

Separation of variable methods 1). the method of separation of variables Ut=uxx+5u, 0 U(0,t)=0, u((l,t)=0 t>0, U(x,0)=x. =0 =0 = = = Thus 2). initial boundary value problem given below. Ut=kuxx, 0 < x < , t >0, U(0,t)=1, ux(, t)=0 t >0, U(x,0)=x. Xn-^x=0, x(0)=0, hx()+x’(=0. u(x; 0) =

DATE: xxxxxxxxxx

Introduction Poor, below par quality in hospitals got highlighted by the numerous malpractice cases documented in recent times. Cheryl Clark (2015) identifies the six quality issues that warrant attention in the medical profession in the USA as misdiagnoses, star ratings, socioeconomic adjustment for readmissions, end of Partnerships for inpatients initiatives,

Practical Finite Element Analysis

Practical Finite Element Analysis Students Name Finite Elements model Executive Summary The purpose of the report is to provide inside analysis of effects of changes in natural frequency and introduction of mass to cantilever beam. The report has analyzed simulated results of vertical depression and von mises stress. The result

Practical Finite Element Analysis

Practical Finite Element Analysis Students Name Finite Elements model Abstract This report has carried out modal analysis of a cantilever beam in terms of natural frequency, von Misses stress and vertical displacement. Solid Works has been used to design the cantilever beam where the natural frequency has been calculated and

Practical Finite Element Analysis

Practical Finite Element Analysis Students Name Finite Elements model Abstract This report is about a project involving finite element analysis of a cantilever beam carrying a mass of 500g with I beam of 500mm welded to a joint of a beam of 1000mm with encastre. The analysis will involve determination

Probabilistic risk analysis

Probabilistic risk analysis (Date of admission) Question one The Flamey-Wamey Company (FWC) produces extinguishers and heat detectors. Each extinguisher takes three hours of labor from the materials department and four hours of labor from the construction department. Each heat detector requires three hours of materials and two hours of construction.