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Probability assignment (with 4 questions)

Running head: РRОBАBILITY АSSIGNMЕNT Рrоbаbility Аssignmеnt Рrоbаbility Аssignmеnt conditional probability of generating Y given N And for which z is defined as; Probability of In which the values of z are; Thus, the value of E(Y) given U=X+Y and by assuming that Therefore, And the probability distribution function is given

Enginnering maths 01

Question 1 The expression Has 5 arbitrary constants that can be determined by identifying ideal reference points in figure 1 Shown below Figure 1: arbitrary constants The arbitrary constants obtained by identifying the ideal reference points as indicated in figure 1 are as given below: Question 2 The location of


Control Theory in Linear Algebra Control Theory in Linear Algebra Introduction Multidimensional system analysis (n-D) has received extensive importance over the past few decades. However, the modeling of a system of this kind is still among the underlying development to be completed. Generalizing 1-D state space concept is one approach

Optimization and Financial Mathematics

5Financial Mathematics Mathematics of Finance Name of the school Question 1 Minimize Z = 2X1 – X2 -X1 + X2> -2 -X1 — X2> -6 With X1, 2 > 0 2X1 – X2 = 0 -X1 + X2 = -2 -X1 — X2 = -6 Graphical presentation 0 0 0

Numerical reasoning test

Assignment is completed and screenshot is attached


5Probability Probability Introduction Probability is the measure of how likely an event is and it is quantified as a number between 0 and 1. In probability, the number 0 indicates impossibility while 1 indicates certainty. The higher the probability of an event, the more certain the event is likely to


MECHANICAL PRINCIPLES 3c . From the analysis it is clear that tensile force in any of the two axes working in conjunction with compressive force in the other axis my lead to reduction in volume depending on the compressive stress. There is a transitional stress in each of the axis

Strength of materials

TASK 1C, 2C, AND 3D The herin assignement focusses on the strength of material to sresses when subjected to various loading. As such, it is divided into three parts 1, 2, and 3. Regarding the first part, its objective is to determine the principle stresses as well as the matximu

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Owing that Then, from the equation Dividing both side, Take the natural logarithms of the equation Solving for t, Thus, the life of the radioactive carbon is;

Math question

Question Let a). The domain of f(x) is Domain of : Solution for b). Horizontal and vertical asymptotes There is no vertical or Horizontal Asymptotes c) Intercept When x= 0 and Let us divide In both sides = 0 therefore x = 0 The intercepts are (1,0) and (0,1) (d)