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The histogram of the male wage rates is as illustrated in Figure 1below. The distribution of the wage rates of male employees is right-skewed with a median of 6.38 and mean wage rate of 6.95. The sample standard deviation of the male wage rate is 2.75. The histogram of the


1.2×3-x2-5x+3=0. q= (1, 2) p= (1,3) 2×2-x-5 +3 X= X=1.81 or 1.31 (a) 1= (x+4) (2x+3) = X= -1.3 or -4.2 The term is: (b) 1=3x (2x+3) 6×2 +9x=1 x=0.1 or -1.6 (c) = =0 =0 = X= 3.5+1.32i or -3.5-1.32i (a)7 7(4x-5) 26x < (b) 3×2-10x+6 -4.71 (c) <

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The causes and prevention of math Anxiety.

Math Critique Supervisor Introduction Causes and prevention of math anxiety is an article by Marylyn Curtain Phillips that explores causes and prevention of math anxiety. The article targets mathematics teachers. It is based on research that found that traditional teaching methods are the main cause of math anxiety due to

Math`s Anxiety

The Effects of Math Anxiety on Post-Secondary Developmental Students as Related to Achievement, Gender, and Age (1) By Teresa Woodard From Inquiry, Volume 9, Number 1, spring 2004 © Copyright 2004 Virginia Community College System (2) Teresa explains that math`s anxiety can be defined as the state of a student

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Geographic Statistics College: Students ID: Unit Code: Question 1 Maternal mortality ratio refers to the number of maternal deaths over the number of live births in a given year, multiplied by 100,000. This is an important indicator that can be used in planning as well as in monitoring and evaluation

Geographic Statistics Assignment

Geographic Statistics College: Students ID: Unit Code: Maternal mortality Reference


Mathematics iii Personal Reflection Course Information Professor Information What I know about algebra I know that algebra is concerned with the concept of unknowns otherwise called variables. The relationship between these unknowns is defined by terms such as multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division. It is through algebra that I am

What I know about Geometry 1

“What I know about Geometry.” Insert your name here Insert name of your professor here Insert course title here Inset submission date here Geometry as a concept I understand Geometry as a mathematical concept that relates to different shapes, for example, lines, circles and triangles. The term Geometry originated from

Personal Views

PERSONAL VIEWS 4 Personal Views Personal Views Counting and placing value Counting and placing value gave me an opportunity to learn how to practically count the objects. Through the use of physical objects, I was able to understand how to add and subtract. However, during the activity, I would suggest

What I know about Place Value in mathematics

PLACE VALUE What are the concepts related to this area of mathematics? Examples of these activities that would use this area of mathematics What other area of mathematics related to place value? Place value is a mathematics concepts that uses values to refer to the digit based on its position