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Economics iv Assignment Questions, Semester 2 2014 Course Information Professor Information Question 1 Figure 1 below is pertinent in the discussion covering on the nature of various curves. Figure 1: Cost Curves Total Product The marginal cost curve: The marginal cost is the change in overall cost brought about by


Introduction Yield curve is used to describe the relationship that exists between the interest rates on government bonds with various maturities. The difference between the two interest rates is known as yield gap. The relationship can also be explained by other terms such as; structure of interest rate or spread

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ECONOMIC QUESTIONS Sketch the following curves and provide an explanation for their shape. Marginal Cost Curve The marginal cost curve U shaped because the increasing and decreasing marginal cost. As marginal cost increases for a relatively small product output, the marginal cost decreases. As the marginal product decreases in line


Introduction to Bio economics Introduction to Bio economics The spotted dwarf dolphin is present in several fishing grounds that are characteristic of fishers’ seine nets. On an annual basis, a significant number of spotted dolphins get killed as they get tangled in the seine nets thus cannot be able to

Introduction to Bioeconomic

Population Dynamics15 POPULATION DYNAMICS Student`s Name Model plan Based on the data given on this presentation the best model to protect the spotted black dwarf dolphin would be, focusing on the age group that make the largest composition of population of the dolphin and then considering the age group which


iMacroeconomics Answering Questions Course Information Professor Information Question 1 A market-based economic system relies on the interaction between forces of demand and supply hence government interference is minimum. Under a market-based system, individuals are free to make decisions on product ion and distribution. Their objectives are to make profits or


Answer the Questions 4 ANSWER THE QUESTIONS Question 1: Diagram to illustrate circular flow of income Fig 1: Two sector flow of income a) Relationship between households and firms The primary function of households provides the firm with factors of production such as labour, land, capital and enterprise. In return,

Economist Oral Summaries

Lecturer Summary of the article “emerging troubles” published on 5th September year 2015 Two banks take a central place in this article; that is the standard chartered and the HSBC. The dilemma that these financial institutions are encountering (of whether to relocate their headquarters or not) is discussed in details.

Business microeconomics

Cost Curves a) (i) Marginal cost curve The increase in the total cost which is usually the result of one unit increase in the output is basically described as the marginal cost (Atkinson, Anthony, and Joseph 2015). The marginal cost curve decreases sharply when there is minimum output of quantity

Write a summary for each report, separate write. no reference

Summary I: Return to Education for China’s Return Migrant Entrepreneurs by Feng Hu The paper is China-centric and mainly focused on entrepreneurs located in the rural side of the country. The paper deals with their return to education in the light of male dominance as is prevalent in the society


6ECONOMICS IN ONE LESSON ECONOMICS IN ONE LESSON Introduction After failing to get his car started, John decided to use his cousin’s car for the weekend. He had planned to take a fun walk in one of the game reserves in the city with his girlfriend, Laura. Fortunately enough, his

Introduction to Bioeconomics

9DYNAMICS OF POPULATION DYNAMICS OF POPULATION Student`s Name Submission Date Dynamics of Population In this case theleslie matrix model presents the best model to use if survival rate of the dolphins has to be established. This is because the model has three factors each of which are relevant in determining


SYSTEM EVALUATION Student`s Name Submission Date SYSTEM EVALUATION Looking at the current system it is evident that selling the animals during the January period is far much profitable than doing the sales when the normal buying are done. This is the way it is because during January it is likely


Macroeconomics Questions one Unlike command control economy, market-based economy are controlled by forces of supply and demand (Summers, 2008). Although the forces of demand and supply may be deemed enough to monitor the market-based economy, the forces are not always enough. Monitoring becomes important especially in a financial and economic

Economic of public policy

Assignment 2 3. The construction of a new Royal Adelaide Hospital There is no doubt that building new hospitals involves the expenditure of large amounts of money. There is no doubt that building new hospitals involves the expenditure of substantial amounts of money. Not only is capital needed to construct

Progressive Taxes

Progressive Taxes Progressive Taxes Introduction In a progressive tax regime, the tax rate increases as the amount of taxable income increases.In this taxation system, people in the lower quartile of income pay the least taxes while the taxation rate of high earners is higher. Progressive taxation rate are recognized as

Macroeconomics: using Aggregate Expenditure model & Aggregate Demand-Aggregate Supply model to analyse questions

Economics 3 Question 1 The wealth effect is the first item that establishes the link between stock prices and the economy. A decline is stock prices has the effect of reducing household wealth. Because of the reduced wealth, households will cut on their spending. In brief, the fall in stock

Economia AL

Short Answer Questions Question 1 The Australian supermarket in which Woolworths and Coles operate in is an oligopoly market structure. An oligopoly is a market structure where market dominance is between two large producers who account for a larger share of the entire market (Baldwin & Scott 2013). Therefore, Coles

Summary, analysis, and recommendation of FLINDER VALVES AND CONTROLS INC case

2Summary ANALYSIS OF FLINDER VALVES AND CONTROLS, INC Negotiations on the possibility of Flinder Valves Controls Inc. (FVC) by RSE International Corporation (RSE) were taking place, in early May 2008, between FVC president W.B Flinder and RSE chairman, and CEO, Tom Eliot (University of Virginia 1). The month of March,

Economic Analysis

Introduction Australia reports increasing number of unemployed youth since 2014. An article by Patrick Carvalho in the Business Spectator Website discusses the unemployment situation in Australia. He states that the current rates of unemployment at 19.5 percent are the highest unemployment rates since 1997. The article continues to recommend that