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2International Trade INTERNATIONAL TRADE The development of international trade is a crucial aspect in any country, and the open sector is critical to the functioning of any economy. However, some countries face problems in their quest to gain a foothold in the international sector. Some of these problems are structural

Crime Prevention: Public Goods

3 Crime Prevention Crime Prevention: Public Goods Public Goods A public good is defined as a good which is indivisible and unlimited in supply such that all people can use it exclusively and the use by one individual does not in any way affect accessibility of the same good to

Economy and society

4 Oligopolistic Market Power Oligopolistic Market Power Oligopolistic Market Power Market power can be defined as the ability of a business or an organization to influence market prices of product through manipulation of supply tactics. Market power exists in monopolistic and oligopolistic markets (Chioveanu, 2005). Firms that have the ability


Question one; DOL =% Change IN EBIT)/%change in sales (180*9000) $ 1,620,000.00 $ 1,782,000.00 Variable cost (95*9000) $ (855,000.00) $ (940,500.00) Fixed cost $ (550,000.00) $ (550,000.00) $ 215,000.00 $ 291,500.00 % change in Ebit $ 76,500.00 %change in sales $162,000.00 DFL= (% Change in net income/% change in EBIT

Report answering 4 questions on microeconomic problems including diagrams

Demand is the amount of tobacco that the buyer can be willing and able to buy at a given prices. On the other hand, supply can be defined and the amount of tobacco that the supplier can be able and willing to supply into the market at a given price.

Supply and demand

Economics 3 Student Name: QUESTION ONE: Demand curve On the vertical axis is the price of the commodities. On the horizontal axis is the quantities of the commodities that are demanded. In case the tobacco is sold on a purely competitive market, the demand of the products will be as

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Economics for Business Submitted by Names Scarce Resource: Oil Industry Introduction The soaring price of oil in the international market is a clear indication that crucial natural resource has reached a period of acute scarcity (Deming, 2003). The IMF analysis that was carried out in 2012 in the oil industry

Production function

Question 3: Income Inequality Hypothesis Income inequality hypothesis is based on the premise that there exists a parity in the distribution of wealth among the members of the population. Income inequality leads to the classification of the population into high income earners and low income earners. The higher the extent


“Are humans responsible for climate change?” What is the evidence for this? Yes, humans are responsible for climate change being witnessed around the globe. This is evident from the constant increase in the emission of greenhouse gases caused by human activities such as burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and cement


Assignment Question 1 Any production process require the use of resources such as land, labor and capital, which more often than not are limited in their availability, to satisfy human wants which are often unlimited. The society is therefore faced with a scarcity problem satisfying these wants with the limited