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Travel Online System

Travel Online System Lecturer: INTRODUCTION This document provides an outline of the provisions and requirements for a Travel Online (TOL) System. The TOL espouses modules that hotel managers can use to market their rooms. The end-users may as well use the system to make reservations for a respective room. The

Vulnerabilities and Malware

Vulnerabilities and Malware A recent vulnerability from the National Cyber Awareness System is CVE-2015-5895 that was originally released on September 18, 2015 and revised on September 22, 2015. The vulnerability was observed on SQLite version 3.8.5. SQLite is an embedded database used in Apple iOS.(Apple Mailing List). Multiple vulnerabilities include

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Game report

Game report Course Title: Future Game Developments Date: 22/09/2015 Table of Contents Introduction 3 Background 3 Research Question: Mobile/tablet Video Games 4 Implications of mobile/tablets on video games 5 Conclusion 5 Introduction Mobile phones and tablets are the wave of the future in video game industry. Mobile and tablets are

Solution ES_Alpha

Payroll system solution Date: 22/09/2015 Table of Contents 3Option 1: Upgrade the Legacy Software & replace with proprietary Solution 3Option 2: Develop a custom solution specialized to the new needs of Generico 5Option 3: Move to a Cloud based Hosted Suite solution 6Summary 7References Option 1: Upgrade the Legacy Software

Analysis and Design of Order Processing System for Cohen’s Newsagency

Analysis and design of order processing system for Cohen’s Newsagency Student No: Unit Name: Introduction to System Analysis Submission date:20th sep 2015 Executive Summary The main aim of this project is to create an automated order processing system for the Cohen’s Newsagency. A research was done on the existing system

Decision Support Systems 1

DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS Introduction Effective decision making is a key factor in the successful operations of any organization. For this reason, there is the need for decision support systems. Decision supports systems are, therefore, a set of interactive computerized models that are used for analysis and decision making in organizations.

URGENT Network Services and Internet Applications

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Enterprise Systems Integration

Functional Requirements Recording the online conversations with clients Customers should access their application information and request changes online Support staff and customers should have access to SLAs System should create customer accounts automatically Non-functional Requirements Accuracy Availability Security Unified view of data Proposed Architecture: Multi-tier Architecture Technical Decisions Loan Application

Research paper (Ethical issues in computing technology)

Title: Ethical issues in Computing Introduction Ethics involves what is right to do in a certain situation, although what is unethical is not necessarily illegal. IT security professionals can obtain confidential information about IT security professionals can obtain access to confidential information about companies networks and individuals. It’s easy to

Network routing and switching report

Cloud-managed wireless networks Introduction. Cloud-managed wireless networks are cloud enabled management that controls, visibility, and centralize management with no complex controller appliances. The companies can easily deploy, configure and manage devices like wireless access point. The main idea behind cloud networking is that monitoring, network management, application and functionality is

EcoBot ii — the Future of Robotic

Есоbоt II — Thе Futurе of Rоbоtiс 3 Есоbоt II — Thе Futurе of Rоbоtiс The Ecobot II is a useful development that can do some repetitive work or tasks too dangerous for humans. The essay discusses its efficiency and effectiveness as a useful machine in the society. First, it

Solve the assignment by matlab program.

disp(rsum) end rsum=rsum+k; %find the sum of integers for k=1:1:n rsum=0; %defines the variable rsum and assign it a value n=100000; % assigns n with the value 100000 function h %define the function h%———PROGRAM THAT FIND THE SUM OF ALL INTEGER FROM 0 TO 100000—— 5.0001e+09 disp(rsum) %displays the value

WSDL and workflow design

Inventory System Workflow Design WSDL Design The WSDL described above exposes five methods available to the relevant players in the inventory life cycle. Clients interact with the Select product Method when placing orders and the Notify customer Method When receiving feedback on their orders. Store owners interact with CheckproductAtlocalStore ,CheckWarehouse,

Computer viruses

6COMPUTER VIRUS Computer Virus Introduction A computer virus is a program that hides within another computer program so that it can be able to replicate copies of itself and insert them into other files or programs. The virus is often attached to a document or software the computer user receives.

Information Security and Audit Control

3Information Security and Audit Control INFORMATION SECURITY AND AUDIT CONTROL Problems of Information Security Audit Management of Multiple Compliance Audits Quick technological changes contribute towards new rules that organizations, business and agencies that are expected to conform to new regulations. As such, challenges arising during the information security auditing is

EN Communication Skills

Associate of Science Degree in Business Administration (ASBA) Associate of Science Degree in Information Technology (ASIT) Fall2015 Communication Skills ENG 13201 : Communication Skills Lecturer Mr. Ahmad Khan Assignment Strategy 15 % of Total Marks Covered CLOs CLO1: Design lessons on writing skills and produce information on a range of

Security about the Medical Healthcare Service system

6System Security MEDICAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM Table of Contents MEDICAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM 3 System Security Overview 3 User Unique ID 3 Medical Database 3 Network Access 4 BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) 4 Entire System Security Solution 4 References 6 MEDICAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM System Security Overview An online Medical Healthcare System

Assessment on Tynker

4Assessment on Tynker Assessment on Tynker Introduction The programming languages involve the scripting language and non-scripting language. The two languages are used for different purposes depending on the run-time environment. The scripting language only works on specific environment and it includes Bash for the UNIX like operating system. Non-scripting languages

Implement knowledge management system and procedures

Implementing Knowledge Management Systems and Procedures Introduction Knowledge management is a strategy of harnessing and exploiting intellectual capital for the purpose of customer commitment through effective decision making, innovation, and efficiency and also to gain competitive advantage. Knowledge management is important for a business entity. A knowledge management system is

Theory and application

Programmable Logic Controllers 13 PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLERS Task 1: Advantage and Disadvantages of PLC styles Before the creation of the PLCs, most automobile industries used many relays to control their processes. Such relays were expensive and time consuming. General Motors first developed the PLCs in 1968 to replace these relays