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{Students Name} Green Alpha Capital Local College The primary key must be as unique as possible (Hunt, 2006). Reference Hunt, J. (2006). Guide to the Unified Process featuring UML, Java and Design Patterns. Berlin: Springer.

Security Attacks and their Solutions

Security Attacks and their Solutions With contemporary increase in cyber rime attacks, understanding IT related attacks and the possible intervention measures is very critical. Security attacks that are computer related can be very devastating for both individuals and organizations. Such attacks can result is loss of data or delay in

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Programming corsework assignment

11Programming and coding Table of Contents Introduction 3 1.0 Objective of the study 3 2.0 Methodology 4 3.0 Results and discussion 6 4.0 Conclusion 9 5.0 Bibliography 10 Appendices: Coding 11 1.0 Introduction There is extraordinary requirement for building reasonable yet hearty project that is prepared to do consequently react

Cloud Computing and Virtualisation

4Cloud Соmрuting and Virtuаlisаtiоn Cloud Соmрuting and Virtuаlisаtiоn Introduction Cloud computing paradigm, which the latest technological development in information technology, provide means for government organization and private companies to address the issues of agility of service and to budget issues. Concurrently, new business models based on cloud computing defined debated

Car-to-car Communication

Emerging Technologies Car-2-Car Communication Abstract Car-to-Car communication also known as V2V communication is a technology that allows wireless transmission of data between motor vehicles and roadside units to provide each other with information such as traffic and safety warnings information. This technology is meant to help reduce the number of

Apple Pay

Emerging Technologies Apple Pay Abstract This paper will present a critical overview on the present progress of in Apple payment system. After that, it will systematically reveal the features of the technology, the potential areas where it may be applied and risk that the system hosts. Apple payment is a

Security Assignment

Impact of Data Security on Enterprise Information Security Planning Executive Summary Advancement in technology affects each and every sector of life including information security of a given business firm. Technology influences the way organization store, process, use and transmit information from one person to another. Today, organizational managers have a

Business Process Modelling

BUSINESS PROCESS AUTOMATION 6 Business process modeling Queation one (a) ChemicalsTapzeem Business process model for fulfling a drug order in Question one (b) Ways of improving order fulfillment Chemicals can implement to speed up the order fulfillment process are;Tapzeem Chemicals must undergo from the time they receive the order from

Information system audit

Information system audit Risk + Implication Objective Procedure Question Evidence Control Rec Unauthorized access of data regarding personal issues (Lord, 2015). This leads to shame among those who were exposed Forcing the website to shutdown due to allegations of promoting immorality. How safe is the data of the users in

Dashboard project

Syria Refugee Dashboard — Power BI… SYRIA REFUGEE DASHBOARD 1 of 1 05 /29/2016 03:19 PM