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Literary Analysis

A Hunger Artist Franz Kafka’s A Hunger artist is a story about the alienation of the hunger artist from his overseers and the audience. This is evident in the first sentence of the story in which it is said “During these last decades the interest in professional fasting has markedly

Psychoanalytic Approach

Whеn Wеst Mееts Еаst, А Рsyсhоаnаlytiс Аррrоасh on А Раssаgе Tо Indiа Whеn Wеst Mееts Еаst, А Рsyсhоаnаlytiс Аррrоасh Оn А Раssаgе Tо Indiа The novel A Passage to India, clearly demonstrates the struggles of power between the British and Indians (Fallon 31). This is evidently demonstrated by the desire

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3Communication Issues and Remedies in Business Entity COMMUNICATION ISSUES AND REMEDIES IN BUSINESS ENTITY INTRODUCTION Communication issues generally occurs through individual misunderstandings while talking. The issues are based on barriers created by individuals through varied communication styles that fails express thoughts adequately. As such, aspects such as high and low

Literature Review

Мinimаlism & Роstсоlоniаlism Story: Raymond Carver, “Cathedral” In the “Cathedral,” Raymond Carver uses Minimalism in his storytelling. The storyteller uses very many short phrases to compose his story. The story is full of short phrases that change from sentence to sentence and this makes the storytelling have a clear


Money can make individuals to engage in socially unacceptable behaviors. In the story, “Babylon Revisited”, Charlie Wales becomes alcoholic and eventually causes him to badly behave in the city. Lack of enough money can cause a erson to develop a feeling of apathy and depression. While Charlie boasts about how

Literature Review

Рiсk оnе Story and аnswеr the questions аbоut the story Story: Flannery O’Conner -“Good Country People” During the midcentury America was faced with religious issues, ethnicity, and middle-class influence; whereby people discriminated and stereotyped each other because of their differences. The pros: The Americans who were atheists tried to help

Literature Review

Сhооsе story to аnаlyzе Story: Thomas Pynchon — “Entropy” The controlling metaphor, entropy, shows that the author had a very valuable vision about the postmodern America. It demonstrates the changes that would be experienced in the postmodern America, such as the computers being used to play the human roles.

Literature Review

Rank Poets Elizabeth Bishop («The Fish») Allen Ginsberg («Howl») Robert Lowell («Skunk Hour») Sylvia Plath (‘Daddy») The above four poets are confessional in their writing of poems, but Sylvia Plath is the most confessional poet being followed by Robert Lowell, Allen Ginsberg, and the least confessional

Student’s Name

“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost Introduction In life, people will always doubt every life decision they make and would mostly dream of what could have possibly happened and not appreciate what has become. Human beings are always in a great dilemma


Critical Thinking and Academic Integrity Critical Thinking and Academic Integrity Introduction Academic integrity reflects a fundamental value of teaching, scholarship, and learning. The illustration of academic integrity proves to be integral towards the development of the ethical perspective of the graduate, which is necessary for the professional practice. Evidently, academic