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BWC Ethics

Ethical Approval Panel for Research, Enterprise and Engagement V 2015/16 College Research Ethical Approval FILTER Form There are a number of routes for obtaining ethical approval depending on the potential participants and type of study involved – please complete the checklists below to determine which is the most appropriate route

Case study in International law

MEMORANDUM Ygritte Giantsbane-Snow } Case No. 8/24/15 v. } Federal District Court The Republic of Southeros, and } Southern District of Cersei Lannister, former Head of State } New York MEMORANDUM Introduction This memorandum will analyse the legal issues and sub-issues that are raised by the Plaintiff’s Complaint and Defendant’s

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For purpose of this assignment, you are to assume that you are the judicial clerk to Judge Paul Williams of the Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York. The judge has asked you to submit an 8-page memorandum

Legal Memorandum To: Judge Paul Williams Re:Legal issues and sub-issues arising from the Plaintiff’s complaint and the defendant’s reply Date:October 19, 2015 Ygritte Giantsbane-Snow v The Republic of Westeros and Cersei Lannister, former Head of state Issues for determination The case before the court concerns a claim for compensation as

Demonstration of Leadership potential statement of 250 words regarding your desire to join the National Society Leadership, and what makes you standout as a candidate for membership.

Sometimes the most meaningful and robust things are realised from the words that touch people’s heart and lead them forward to their potential. I am an individual who desires to see other people grow, discover themselves and attain their goals. I believe I am a good candidate for National Society

Separation of Powers in the United Kingdom

Separation of Powers in the United Kingdom The Appellant Committee of the House of Lords, until its replacement by the new Supreme Court, served the most roles in the government. While the government’s powers are split into three main roles, judiciary functions, legislative functions, and executive functions, it would seem

Criminal law scenario

MANSLAUGHTER Introduction Manslaughter is a crime under the law, which is held in the same degree as murder, with the only distinction being that manslaughter does not involve premeditation, deliberation, or malice1, Oxford, 2015, p. 131. 1 J Child & D Ormerod, Smith & Hogan’s Essentials of Criminal Law, Oxford

Enforcement of pharmaceutical patent in Pakistan

Pharmaceutical Patents in Pakistan 3 Еnfоrсеmеnt оf Рhаrmасеutiсаl Раtеnts in Раkistаn Introduction A significant amount of controversy is generated in the developing countries, with respect to patent enforcement, specifically when the patent relates to a life-saving drug. The registration of patents in Pakistan is under the Patents & Designs Act

Public Law

Public Law Infringement to right to privacy Rhys has commenced proceedings in the High Court. He alleges that Cowbridge Echo has infringed his right to privacy. The central legal issue is whether there is a ‘breach of the right to his confidence’ as well as whether there is ‘misuse of

Critical Thinking Essay

3CRIMINOLOGY American laws and the law making process Introduction Laws have been used in the democratic America to advance order in society and guarantee rights of freedom to its citizens. While the judicial system at federal and state level has been tasked with interpretation and application of the common and

Research paper that requires SPSS statistics softwre

Introduction In a country like America it has been reported that even on matters that are considered to be controversial as gun control, that there is support for common sense gun measures with a small fraction of the population being reported to have an intense feeling on the issue (Fiorina

Organic Silicon Corporation Case Study

Organic Silicon Corporation Case Study The issue is whether organic silicon should form a joint venture, partnership or simply team with crystal chip in some manner. This was after Carla Carbon came up with the idea aimed at ensuring that materials developed by the company can be successfully made into

As a potential Contract Manager in a reputable UK construction firm, you are to critically evaluate the pros and cons of the case between Multiplex Constructions (UK) Ltd v Cleveland Bridge [(No 6) [2006] EWHC 2220 (TCC)] and [(No 2) (2007) 111 Con

Introduction Founded in 1877, Cleveland Bridge UK Ltd is an English company based in Darlington renowned in the world over. The company is in the business of building bridges and structural engineering. Some of the famous bridges they are responsible for building include the Humber Bridge and the Victoria Falls

Letter Of Advice

Letter of Advice Confidential: Attorney-client communication Organic Silicon Corporation Attention: Carla Carbon, CEO Re: Crystal chip Asia Ltd. – Potential Transaction Dear Ms. Carbon, You have asked us to represent you with respect to potential transaction with Crystal Chip. We understand that your company has developed silicon-based components. You would

Legal position of ‘Blue Rocket Garages’

Employment Law 4 Employment Law Paul Clark In this problem, Blue Rocket Garages, a motor trade company had been experiencing some legal problems from its employees regarding their employment rights. For advising the parties involved in these situations, the following issues need to be discussed. As the owner of the


Legal advice Advice to CD The case between AB Construction Company and CD is based on terms governing payment of consideration under the law of contract. The specific condition applicable is that part debt payment cannot be used to fulfill a promise to settle the debt in full. This may

European Law

European Law Lecturer European Law The principle of Direct Effect The direct effect principal of EU law was created in the Case 26/62 Van Gend by the ECJ, where in, it was held that EU law enforces duties on individuals and intended to deliberate rights that national courts have to

Public Laws on Privacy and Infringement of Rights

PUBLIC LAWS ON PRIVACY AND INFRINGEMENT OF RIGHTS 8 Public Laws on Privacy and Infringement of Rights Public Laws on Privacy and Infringement of Rights Privacy is one of the most important human rights recognized in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, international and regional treaties, and International Covenant on

European Law

7European Law European Law The principles of direct, indirect and incidental effect of European Union Directives and member state liability Introduction Directives are among the EU legislative instruments that serve in regulating member states. Directives in the EU law have a direct, indirect or an incidental effect. This assignment aims

Constitutional Interpretation

Constitutional Interpretation Submitted by Names Introduction There is an endless debate on whether the constitution should narrowly or broadly interpreted. The proponents of narrow interpretation believe that what is written in the constitution should be final, and that the words in the constitution cannot mean any other thing rather than

Copyright in Saudi Arabia

Copyright Misappropriation Saudi Arabia INTRODUCTION In 2014, 22 websites were blocked by the Saudi Arabia’s culture and information ministry for copyright as well as piracy infringement. This is after the concerned parties complained to the ministry about the websites, especially movie-swapping sites (Toumi). In the last few years, Saudi Arabia