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Criminal Justice System Criminal Justice System Risk Principle The risk principlestipulates that higher intensity services should be reserved for higher risk cases. This is predicated on observations that higher risk cases respond better to more intensive services than to less intensive services, while lower risk offenders fare as well or


CORPORATE LAW: CASE STUDY Corporate Law: Case Study Question ONE Issue Are Alan, Ben and Fred at risk of liability or other suctions concerning the issues that are going on between Wealth and Boss? Law In a company, directors, shareholders, and management, amongst other employees, have certain obligations that purport

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Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law Question 1 The constitution plays a significance role in determining whether an Administrative Security Protection Board is valid or not. This is because any program has to be supported by legislation for it to be valid in accordance to section 51. However, some sections of the federal constitution

Insurance Law: Australian Financial Services Reform

16INSURANCE LAW INSURANCE LAW: AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL SERVICES REFORM Insurance Law: Australian Financial services Reform Introduction ‘s Regulatory Guide 146 that brought forth ASIC minimum expectations in terms of the education, skill and knowledge levels. Previously, the financial advisers were supposed to have at least a ‘Certificate III’ or ‘Diploma’ level

Law- Health Care and Professional Liability

 Health Care and Professional Liability 1.Assume Alice has been diagnosed with late stage breast cancer. Can she bring a claim in negligence against Vijay for not advising her to get tested? (assume that Vijay had the power to do so under Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (NSW) The

Overview of Queensland Police Drug Unit, Australia

Criminology 11 Queensland Police Drug Unit Introduction Drugs have become a disaster in the society and particularly in the life of young people. Therefore, studying it as a career within criminology will be a great step towards assisting those affected and even reducing the instances of others becoming addicted. A

Supplementary assessment – Commercial law (BULAW1503)

Introduction The scenario that Brad finds himself in is an unfortunate one. There are several legal issues that can be deduced from the set of facts as presented with regards to the unmanageable situation in which Brad has found himself in. The first issue is that Brad wants the process

Australian Constitutional Law

Lecturer’s Name Course Name and Number Background of the case: Australian Communist Party v Commonwealth (1951) The Communist Party of Australia was deemed as the greatest threat to the ruling party known as Liberal-Country Party. The latter party formed the government following the Australian elections that were held in December

Welfare Law Australia

Australia Welfare Law Surname Australia Welfare Law The generation in Australia has grown with no recession experiences. For the last 26 years, the country has experienced a positive economic growth. However, in the recent years, the country’s economic growth has not been realized. This is because not all the Australian


QUESTION 1 According to Sale of Goods Act 1896 (Qld) a contract of sale of goods is a contract by which the seller agrees to transfer or transfers the possessions in goods to the buyer for a money consideration, known as price. In the contract of sales of goods as


Question 1: An Australian individual who is a resident with a taxable income of $15,000 According to tax rates-resident table for 2015-2016, taxable income between 0 – $18,200 attracts nil tax. Therefore, $15,000 is below the $18,200. There will be not tax payable. An Australian individual who is a non-resident

Evidence law

Despite The Introduction of the Evidence Act 2008 (Vic), the Common Law Still Has a Role to Play in the Law of Evidence Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) has continuously improved the legal framework in Australia since 1979 with the aim of creating uniformity including uniform evidence legislation. Rules of

Which part of the Constitution deals with the Legislature? How is the Legislature constituted?

Which part of the Constitution deals with the Legislature? How is the Legislature constituted? The Constitution of Australia is presumed to have a special status, hence cannot easily be amended in similar way other laws are changed since it’s a supreme law, which overrides other existing laws. The legislature section

Legal Theory

Why should the law compel these explorers as murderers? This is a fictitious case of the Speluncean Explorers which looks to me as a reality and the subsequent events make me consider the opinion of Justice Foster. Let us take a break for a second, the law of our land,

IRAC method essay

6IRAC Method Essay IRAC Method Essay Student’s name Professor 29th April, 2012. Question 1: Legal Advice to Toan on the Auction’s success Step 1: Identification of the legal issues Owing to the fact that Toan had previously bought land, the bone of contention of the case will revolve around whether