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Employment Law

Employment Law 14 Employment Law Question 1: Enterprise Agreements Procedural Steps under the Fair Work Act Macquarie TAFE should be aware that the trade union is a proper bargaining representative for its employees that seek to obtain a 10% pay rise (Fair Work Ombudsman 2017). The fact that the University

Contract Law in Electronic Transactions

2Contract Law in Electronic Transactions CONTRACT LAW IN ELECTRONIC TRANSACTIONS Contract Law in Electronic Transactions Over a decade, the internet has emerged as a prerequisite aspect of conducting business for consumers and business alike (Da Costa, 2016). Undertaking such business in the offline world necessitates that the partiers participating in

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Commercial Law

3Commercial Law COMMERCIAL LAW Clover’s Claim Clover’s case is serious that warrants a litigation to compensate her of the damages that she has suffered. Her case is strong and by all accounts, she qualifies for claims for compensation for not only the injuries she has suffered, but also her inability


Reflection and Annotated Bibliography Reflection Multinational companies have to consider their role in supporting the communities and society where the business is located. However, multinational organizations such as Shell have been associated with environmental degradation and negating the social framework. From analyzing the available materials, Shell has engaged in numerous

Topic: Taxation Law

Lecturer: Topic: Taxation Law For an expense to be classified as outgoing, there must be some payments being made. To qualify to be in the positive part, the outgoing must be incurred in generating the assessable income of the taxpayer, or it is necessarily incurred on business for the purpose

Commercial Law. Lawsuit

Location Accidents involuntarily happen and definitely results in injuries which may either be minor or severe. However, some accidents happen that are beyond human control and in this case, it becomes difficult for the casualty to hold the concerned individuals ransom through legal procedures. Therefore if the litigant decides that


Shell Nigeria Introduction Organizations and companies operate in different environments. Globalization and internationalization of businesses have resulted in multinationals opening outlets in different countries. These outlets create benefits and challenges to the community and the multinationals. Such companies face numerous risks ranging from environmental to legal risks, and imperativeness of

Моdbury Тriаnglе Shоррing Сеntrе v Аnzil (2000)

Summary of the Case The case is an appeal from the judgment of the Full Court of the Supreme Court of South Australia which had upheld the decision of the trial court. The respondents in the appeal had sued the appellant in tort seeking damages for personal injuries suffered. The

Income Tax Law

Income Tax Law 2 If the child care expenses are incurred by an employee accountant, the amount will not be deductible under s8-1, when computing the taxable amount. However, the employee can apply for child tax offset, in which he/she is given tax refund for the amount spent on the

Company and Commercial Law Case Study

Question 1a The issue is determining the business structure in which Mary, Fred and Chris are running the café. Section 5(1) of the Partnership Act 1958 (Vic) defines a partnership as a relationship between people who are carrying on a business with the aim of making profit. Application The definition

Income taxation Law

Question 1 Allowable expenses are those which are incurred wholly and exclusively in generating income for the business; tenants are not deductible for the tax purposes. This is because the expenses are not wholly and exclusively incurred for the purpose of obtaining rental income. The landlord should seek compensations from

Company Law

Company Law Events that may result in Breach of duty is where a person or either a company fails to take up the responsibility for a company or another person. In breach of duty, a number of questions are asked if the defendant had a duty to the plaintiff and


АUSTRАLIАN INTЕLLЕСTUАL РRОРЕRTY LАW — САSЕ STUDY INTRODUCTION According to Davison, Monotti, and Wiseman, a trademark is an Intellectual property right designed to promote innovation and protect enterprises that develop unique IP so as to have a competitive edge. Trademarks are used as marketing tools and they distinguish between products

Employment Law

Employment Law TARDY WARNING LETTER NOT BULLYING, SAYS FWC Introduction Bullying entails the inappropriate conduct that weakens an employee’s right to dignity in the workplace. Bullying can be physical bullying, cyber bullying or verbal bullying. Bullying intimidates people, leads to social isolation or exclusion and damages someone’s reputation. The Fair

Community corrections

Community corrections Risk principle The risk principle stipulates that higher intensity services should be reserved for higher risk cases. This is predicated on observations that higher risk cases respond better to more intensive services than to less intensive services, while lower risk offenders fare as well or better with minimal

1. The Telecommunciations (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Act 2015 Cth established a new approach to accessing ‘metadata’. Was this amendment a necessary adjustment to Australia’s counter-terrorism law framework? Give reasons for yo

Contents 21.0 Introduction 22.0 Criticism and Justification 52.1 Possible Risks 62.2 Implications of the Amendment 73.0 Looking Forward 93.1 Implementation 103.2 Conclusion 11Works Cited The Telecommunications Act 2015 (cth) 1.0 Introduction Nearly two years ago, an amendment of the antiterrorism law was done to help intelligence and law enforcement agencies

Property Law

Property Law Property rights are of two types namely legal and equitable rights. The competing interests of the parties involved arise from these rights such that there will be legal interests and equitable interests. Legal interests always have priority over equitable interests. In the scenario provided, the parties with competing

Native Title

The History, Nature and Significance of the Decision in Akiba v Commonwealth Introduction On 23rd November 2001, a native title claim was filed for the Torres Strait Sea claim group by Leo Akiba with regard to the Torres Strait’s waters. Basically, the claim covered roughly 37,800 km2 of sea between

Legal Services in Japan – A Critical Analysis from the Perspectives of Foreign Enterprises

Introduction The Japanese employment and labour laws would impose severe obligations as well as restrictions on companies that seek to set up their business in Japan. All the human resource related activity should be conducted in compliance with the laws. Non-compliance with the laws could lead to criminal penalties against

Criminal Law

3CRIMINAL LAW CRIMINAL LAW CRIMINAL LAW Question 1 From when the crime was reported to the police, the process of prosecution started (Bronitt & McSherry, 2001; Redfern Legal Centre, 1986). A decision to charge in the case of Oscar is based on if the evidence collected from the case is