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Corporation Law

Corporation Law Question 1: analysis and comparison of Mariyah and Kenji’s current business structure and the suggested structure. Anyone can set up a business any day. It is universally accepted that whatever is needed is a product that can meet the demand and the needs of the customers at a

Australian Taxation law—capital gain tax

AUSTRALIAN TAXATION LAW-CAPITAL GAIN TAX The article, Capital Gains Tax: The Obscure Provisions, written by Paul Tanti in 2011, highlights the important provisions and CGT events that have received little attention in capital gain tax literature and discussions. There are many CGT events, but Tanti’s focus is on those events

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Introduction Arresting, convicting or killing the wrong person is one of the worst professional errors one can make. Richard Ofshe (1995) likened it to a physician who amputates the wrong arm. The total number of people who get arrested, convicted, or killed by police wrongfully must be in millions. The


From: Defence attorney To: Love Consent RE: POSSIBLE LEGAL ACTION FROM VICTORIA’S SECRET Following the development of the new website and launch of the new product, Victoria’s Secret is likely to sue under section 32 of Lanham Act. This basically deals with trademark infringement. According to section 32, any person

Contract law and corporate law problem solving

СОNTRАСT LАW АND СОRРОRАTЕ LАW РRОBLЕM SОLVING Submission Date: Summary of Problem 1 Zenon enters into two long-term contracts: First, a five-year lease contract with a machinery manufacture maker, with him to make $3000 monthly installments, and government regulations is pushing Zenon out of the deal with the other partner.

Copyright law

Question 1 Section 102 of Title 17 of the United States Code (incorporates the Copyright Act 1976) provides the category of works authorship which forms the subject matter of copyright (Pallante 23). Among these works of authorship is musical works. In situations where a person produces original music and records

Contract Law (Exemption Clauses)

Exemption Clause The issue is whether Goliath Plc can be compelled settle the claims for the sum in excess of the hire charge. This is after Film Fun Plc owned by Fiona hired a film entitled the Bluest Blood from Goliath Plc. On the wall of the offices of Goliath

Perspectives on Policing

4Perspectives on Policing PERSPECTIVES ON POLICING Perspective on Policing Introduction The present global world necessitates for the inclusion of security and effective bodies to implement such protocol. An effective security body is described by the level of knowledge attainment and subsequent skill set in dispensing such duties. The college of

Perspectives on Policing

2Macpherson Report MACPHERSON REPORT Macpherson Report Introduction Macpherson Report led by Sir William Macpherson, was an investigation into the unsuccessful police examination of Stephen Lawrence murder and broader complains of marginal ethnic communities’ reliance in policing, (Gilroy, P, 2012). The murder of Stephen Lawrence is a saga that relates to

Enhancement and imaging of fingerprints

Fingerprint image enhancement Fingerprint image enhancement The Name of the School Table of Contents Introduction 3 1.0 Aluminum powder 4 2.0 Gentian Violet 5 3.0 Cyanoacrylate fuming and Basic Red wash 6 4.0 Fluorescent magnetic powders 7 5.0 Ninhydrin and DFO 8 6.0 Conclusion 8 7.0 10Reference 1.0 Introduction As