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Business law

7BUSINESS LAW Business law Question 1 The issue is whether there was an enforceable contract formed between Office Supply and CompHelp. A contract is an agreement which is enforceable at law. In order for an enforceable contract to be held to exist between parties, there must be an offer and

Parliamentary Sovereignty

Parliamentary Sovereignty Parliamentary sovereignty is employed by some parliamentary democracies, and a concept found in the constitutional law1. The concept states that the parliament or legislative body has the sovereign power and has supreme power over all other branches of government: judicial and executive bodies. The sovereignty of Parliament also

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Business law

7Business law Business law Business law Question 1 Batty, Chan & Co is a partnership. This is because the business falls under the definition of a partnership under section 1 of the Partnership Act 2001. The Act defines a partnership as a relationship that exists between people who are carrying

Assignment commercial law

6LAW OF NEGLIGENCE Law of Negligence Department Based on the present case, this analysis will intend to explore on several issues including; identifying whether there was any breach of the law of negligence by the management of Grampian Park. Secondly, the analysis will look into the issue of remedies available


Law of Contract Law of Contract Introduction A contract is defined as an agreement between two parties where one party makes a promise of doing something for a benefit called consideration. However, some elements must be present for a legal abiding agreement to be formed between the two parties. These

LAW Field writer wanted — Court Report

Court Report Introduction In the criminal court systems, the local courts are distinctive configuration but they are required to operate in compartmentalized models of legal justice. The uniqueness associated with local courts is the legal formalities that are premised on temporal space or amount of time. The temporal space can

Law of Business

Question One Robert Batty and Rosy Chan established the Batty, Chan & Co as an accounting practice following their graduation from Flinders University. In the initial agreement, the two players decided to make joint agreements in matters pertaining the running and management of the practice. The agreement also stated that

It is an exam questions.We have 3 questions.I need 1.5 page answer for each question.

Question 1 A treaty is a formal and written pact reached from negotiations between two sovereign nations or international organizations. The parties initially express their conditions of the agreement after which the formal agreement will bind them to those requirements (Evans 18). Examples of treaties include: The Kyoto Protocol: This


3CORPORATE GOVERNANCE OF THE PUBLIC COMPANIES IN AUSTRALIA Recommendations related to the public companies in Australia 22 September 2015 It is basically agreed that incompetence corporate governance in Australia has been the reason for failure in for some corporate in the country. In order to strength the corporate governance of

Law of investment and finance market, try to do option 1 and question 2 only

2INVESTMENT AND FINANCE INVESTMENT AND FINANCE LAW by (Name) The Name of the Class (Course) Professor (Tutor) The Name of the School (University) The City and State where it is located The Date Introduction The doctrine of corporate personality as envisioned in the locus clasicus case of Salmon v A

Analysis of the Dilemmas Faced by the Criminal Justice System in Balancing the Rights of the Victims with Those of Offenders

Criminal justice system is anticipated to be fair and just to both the offender and the victim. However, there are a number of aspects that create a controversy in this system, with regard to the victims and offenders treatment during the legal proceeding and after the judgment. Some of those

Australia Corporation Acts implementation

Name Subject Lecturer Date Preregistration contracts Section 131 of the Corporation Act 2001 deals with contract made by individuals on behalf of the still to be registered company. Subsection 1 of the Act asserts that a company is bound by contracts entered on its behalf and for its benefit prior

Please describe what is the protection of refugees.a)in general.b)in armed conflict situations.c)in natural disasters and climatic changes.

Students’ Name Refugee protection A refuge is an individual who is outside his or her country because he or she has been forced to flee due to persecution, violence or war (Saulnier et al. 315). A refugee fear persecution due to his race, nationality, and religion and is unable to

International Business Transactions Assessment-law

Table of Contents 2Introduction 1.0. 3Legal and Procedural Considerations in Australia’s Importations 2.0. 5Trade Remedies and Restrictions of Imports 3.0. 8Australian Regulatory Approach to Exporting 4.0. 10The Appellate Body and Public Morals in the US-Gambling DS285 5.0. 13Conclusion 6.0. Introduction International business transaction stretches beyond conceptualization of how businesses across

Explain the legal significance of S131 Corporation Acts 2001 (Australia)

Legal significance of Corporations act section 131 The Name of the School (University) The City and State where it is located Legal significance of Corporations act section 131 Introduction Corporations act section 131 is a piece of legislation in the Australian government. It is meant to provide a guideline on

International business law

International Business Law International Business Law International business law Introduction Trading activities have increased considerably in the 21st century due to competition and globalization. A part from competition, increase of international trade help country acquires what they lack and also to satisfy various needs (Haseeb & Wartini 2014, p.21). It

“Judicial Precedent should not be a source of law. The benefits of judge-made law are undermined by the lack of it’s democratic legitimacy.” Critically analyse this statement, and decide whether or not you agree with it.

Judicial Precedent Should not be a Source of Law Submitted by Names: 1,837 Words Judicial Precedent should not be Source of Law because it lacks Democratic Legitimacy There has been increased debate in the recent years among the legal scholars and society at large of whether judicial precedent should be

“Judicial Precedent should not be a source of law. The benefits of judge-made law are undermined by the lack of it’s democratic legitimacy.” Critically analyse this statement, and decide whether or not you agree with it.

Judge-made Law Introduction According to the statement provided, judicial precedent or judge-made law lacks democratic legitimacy. This arises from the fact that the law-making power is given to Parliament and not the Judiciary. The Judiciary interprets and applies the law. This means that every time the judges make law, they

Case study solving about employment law and tort of negligence & defamation

8PRINCIPLES OF LAW Principles of Law Students Name Principles of Law Assignment 1: Questions: One Lily condition is a condition that is symbolic of what many other women may be undergoing in their day to day lives in the workplace. Lily has for the past years served the organization that

Case note and commentary

Case Note and Commentary Case: The State of Western Australia –v Collard [2015] WASCA 86 – Case Note Court: The Court of Appeal (Western Australia) Judges: Buss JA, Newnes JA Murphy JA Appellant: The State of Western Australia (First Appellant), Community Development Ministerial Body (Second Appellant) Respondents: Parents and Children