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Travel Diary In the Arabian, Peninsula people lived as communities rather than as nomads as seen in other states. The Yemen people lived in communities. In the Arabian Peninsula, the highlands of the Yemen were fertile and well-watered because of the monsoon perceived during spring[ CITATION Liu10 l 1033 ].


Colonization of Taiwan by the Dutch Colonization of Taiwan by the Dutch Question: Why did the Dutch colonize Taiwan? Did they have a significant effect on Taiwan, or were they merely a conduit for the expansion of Chinese influence? Introduction The previous research shows that the Dutch were among the

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Persian History

Persian History Islamic Era: Question 11. Discuss the political and social causes of the 1979 Revolution Persian History Islamic Era: Question 11. Discuss the political and social causes of the 1979 Revolution Introduction The 1979 revolution, also known as Islamic Revolution or Iranian revolution, refers to the occurrences entailing the

African American Studies

THE MURDER OF EMMETT TILL The Murder of Emmett Till is one of the most popular cases that shaped the American civil rights evolution, more so that of the African Americans. Over the years, the African Americas have continuously fought for their civil rights. In the course of these fights

History essay

The Extent to which America was Ripe for Revolution during the Great Depression Introduction This research work deals with issues relating to the implications of the Great Depression. This work argues that “America was ripe for revolution during the great depression”. The following discussion shows that although the people had

What is history

Digital History Lecturer What is Digital History? Different forms of history will always be of importance in offering unique historic understanding depending primarily on the motive of the text including interpretations compiled by various individuals. According to research, history is a continuous process of interaction which is standard between the


ADVANTAGES OF DIGITAL HIDTORY OVER OTHER HISTORY PRESENTATIONS INTRODUCTION Technology has significantly changed the way history is told in the modern world and one does not need to a historian to tell a story about past historical events. Digital history can generally be viewed as digitizing the past, as it

BUSINESS HISTORY: The role of ‘macro’ and  ‘micro’ innovations in the First Industrial Revolution.

Business Нistоry: 2 Business Нistоry: The role of ‘mасrо’ and ‘micro’ innоvаtiоns in the First Industrial Rеvоlutiоn Introduction The Macro and Micro innovations took place in the industrial economy through the use of technical improvements that were applied in the application of the industrial revolution. The particular inventions led to


Culture of Modern Greece Greece is one of the countries possessing diverse cultures which are significantly influenced by its location. Religion, language, music, traditions, wines and foods are the primary composites of the Greek culture. The following provides brief information on the main aspects present in Greek culture. First, Greek


The Young Turk Revolution of 1908 The Young Turk Revolution of 1908 Beginning from late 1200s and stretching through multiple centuries, and through 36 generations with no breaks until 1918, the Ottoman dynasty constitutes the longest dynasty in the history among all dynasties that whose reign occurred before, in the