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Human impact Wineglass bay

3HUMAN IMPACT WINEGLASS BAY HUMAN IMPACT WINEGLASS BAY Human Impact Wineglass Bay It is saddening to note that people living around the Wineglass bay are negatively impacting the environment through pollution as well as over exploitation. Basically, the increasing population around Wineglass bay has resulted in growing demands on natural

Whitsunday Island

3Whitsunday Island ANIMALS IN WHITSUNDAY ISLAND Students name: Animals in Whitsunday Island The Whitsunday Island is one of the largest Island among the over ninety Islands in Australia. Naturally proven, Whitsunday is among the Cumberland islands in this country. Essentially, a Cumberland island is a term used to refer to

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Human imapct and tourism in burleigh heads beach

Human Impact and tourism in Burleigh Head Beach Human Impact and tourism in Burleigh Head Beach Introduction Tourism plays a critical part in the development of the Queensland state. The state is blessed with abundant natural and man-made scenic features, including forests, parks, beaches and wildlife that attract both domestic


7BUSINESS USE IN BURLEIGH HEADS BUSINESS USE IN BURLEIGH HEADS Business Use in Burleigh Heads Introduction  West Burleigh and Burleigh Heads are conjointly identified as a Sub Regional Activity Centre in the Activity Centre’s Gold Coast City system. Both commercial nodes carry out a corresponding function and jointly have numerous

Wildlife in Burleigh Heads

Wildlife in Burleigh Heads 3 WILDLIFE IN BURLEIGH HEADS Location: Wildlife in Burleigh Heads Introduction Burleigh Head National Park is a small park located in South Eastern area of Queensland, Australia. Covering approximately 27 hectares of land near the coast, the area is rich in natural diversity. It also contains

Compressional tectonics

Compressional Tectonics There exist both interior and exterior forces within the earth’s crust that influence the formation of the different landforms found on the surface of the earth. The exterior forces include the forces that contribute to the changes in the structures of the earth such as the weathering of

Your Response to Climate Change

RЕSРОNSЕ TО СLIMАTЕ СHАNGЕ 6 RЕSРОNSЕ TО СLIMАTЕ СHАNGЕ Introduction Household Carbon Footprint refers to the amount of carbon that a household releases per month. It becomes imperative in environmental management since it is the only a household can know the extent to which they are polluting the environment. Carbon

3000 July St

Lecturer’s Name Course Name and Number Environmental Justice can be defined as the common belief that all the citizens of a nation despite the difference in their socioeconomic class or different ethnicity should have an equal share in the benefits of the environmental amenities as well as equal sharing of

Enviromental Justic

Environmental Justice 1. Introduction Environmental Justice can be defined as the sum total of processes that involve fair treatment and meaningful involvement of people regardless of their origin, race, colour or income with respect to the enforcement of environmental policies, laws and regulations (Ejatlas, 2013). In this context, fair treatment

Research method

O HS Keyboard Assessment Checklist OHS Keyboard Assessment Checklist, 2016, Semester 1 Student No.: Program: [Honours, Masters by Coursework, HDR] Discipline: Supervisor: Define the following terms: 5 marks Risk- This is the probability to exposure to a situation containing danger. It is the likelihood of a person getting harmed or

About climate change

5CLIMATE CHANGE Climate Change Climate Change The atmosphere has warmed, the sea levels have risen and polar ice has melted. Carbon dioxide gas emission has increased which has been attributed to economic and population growth. The effects of carbon dioxide have been detected in the climate system which has been

Building an index of human development

Building an Index of Human Development What is ‘human development’ and why is it important that we measure it? Human development targets expanding human life richness rather than focusing on the richness of the economy (Gerring, Thacker, and Alfaro, 2012). It measures the access in which population has to safety,

Human Geography

HUMAN GEOGRAPHY 4 Essay Plan Title/question: There is contentious debate that ‘globalization’ has the potential to increase or decrease economic inequality in the developing world. Main arguments This essay will look into the meaning of globalization and its influence on economic inequality in developing countries The basis of argument is


Essay Outline: Lecture; Topic/Question Climate change is likely to affect countries and people disproportionately. Select a region or country and discuss: How is the climate predicted to change and what are the likely impacts? Will climate change affect people equally? What can be done to reduce the potential impacts? Main


GLENELG BEACH DATA ANALYSIS Introduction Data is a collected factual material commonly accepted in science as necessary to validate research findings. Data collection involves a logical approach of assembling and evaluating information collected on a variable of research to answer questions, test null and alternative hypotheses and appraise effects. There

Climate Change

4Climate Change Climate Change Introduction The climate system is defined as an interactive system which consists of five main aspects that the hydrosphere, atmosphere, land surface, cryosphere as well as the biosphere influenced or forced by a number of external forcing mechanisms with the most important one being the sun.


Globalization GLОBАLISАTIОN Introduction Globalization is a process through which the world becomes connected as a result of cultural exchange and trade through technology (Martell 2010). It has been caused by more communication as well as technological advancement. It has both positive and negative impacts to the concerned parties in matters


GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT CHANGE What are the major global environmental changes and what is causing them? Environmental change can be defined as a disturbance of the environment which in most case occurs as a result of human influences. The major global environment changes are biodiversity loss and climate change. Biodiversity refers


Human impact on the natural environment Soil erosion is a huge and grave aspect caused by humans thus affecting the environment. The major causes of soil erosion are agriculture and deforestation. In addition to this, human activities also affect geomorphological processes like reactivation of sand suns, mass movement, river erosion


Olena Pysina Home Address: Engelsa str. 241 app 28 Cherkassy, Ukraine Tel. (+380) 93 879 30 20 Email: [email protected] EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATIONS 2011-2015 Cherkassy State University of B.Khmelnitsky, faculty of English language and litaerature, BA. 2008-2009 Paideia- Eoropean Institute for Jewish Studies in Stockholm. One year rogram studying Jewish history, philosophy