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Herbal Medicine

A single case study: Treating post-viral fatigue syndrome with Herbal Plants Introduction Fatigue can be described as a subjective feeling of lack of energy or reduced physical function due to physical or mental stress syndrome (Warrell, Cox & Firth, 2015). Fatigue is caused by several different factors such as infections

Writ up as per frawley and finnley — pain

A case report on management and treatment of chronic pain with herbal medicine Introduction Pain is one of the most common reasons for people to present to healthcare providers. Clinically, pain is divided into acute, cancer and chronic non-cancer pain (Kraal, 2007). This report will center on chronic non-cancer pain.

Case Study

Case Study Question 1 Fire burn management Assessment Management Approach A-Airway For the sake of ensuring that the airway is clear, it is important to apply suction or laryngeal mask. This can be enhanced by applying triple airway technique to ensure the airway is secured and open. Endotracheal tube usage

Investigation of Early Mortality in Piglets

Investigation of Early Mortality in Piglets Introduction The high rate of neonatal deaths in piglets remains a key concern for pig producers across the world (1, 2). Consequently, many studies have been conducted to determine the cause of mortality in piglets in their early stages (3, 4). Various conclusions have

Investigation the early death in piglets

14Investigating Early Death in Piglets Investigating Early Death in Piglets (2505 words) Introduction Death of piglets has enormous economic significance not only to farmer but to countries and pig products consumers. Food production is critical due to the growing human population worldwide. Many places are increasing experiencing food shortage and

Chiropractic Research Assignment

CHIROPRACTIC IDENTITY Chiropractic Identity The European- South African- Australian Education Collaboration, in 2014, gave a press release detailing a position statement on chiropractic training and education. It stresses the basic principles of chiropractic, being that the patients’ welfare is paramount. As a chiropractor, my practice will be founded on the

Student’s Name

Саsе Study Аssignmеnt Case study 1: Placenta Previa Call to: a 38-year-old woman 32+4 weeks gestation complaining of significant vaginal bleeding over the past hour. PMx: No previous history of illnesses, G3P2, two previous vaginal births. No antenatal care. Nil complications. Nil PMx. Family Hx: Nil Vital Signs: Respiratory Rate

Treating cancer by using Gold nanoparticle and photo thermal

7Gold Nanoparticles and Photo Thermal Therapy in Treading Cancer Gold Nanoparticles and Photo Thermal Therapy in Treading Cancer Gold Nanoparticles and Photo Thermal Therapy in Treading Cancer Introduction One of the popular subjects in today’s field of Nano-medicine is possibility of using gold nanoparticles in detecting and treating cancer. Although


Introduction Stoke is one of the clinical conditions which has resulted in many deaths in several parts of the world. This condition results when sufficient oxygen fails to reach the brain. Normally, the brain requires sufficient and constant oxygen supply to enable the coordination of various parts of the body


1.South Western Ambulance Services Introduction Acute Coronary Syndrome is a condition that causes the coronary artery to rupture or undergo erosion or coronary dissection as a result of the formation of the intra-coronary thrombus. On the other hand, STEMI is referred to as the myocardial infraction that has an elevated