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Microbial Identification- Classical Vs Molecular Techniques Abstract Microbial identification is considered a breakthrough towards addressing the clinical needs of the society. The emergence of molecular techniques of microbial identification, classification and characterization in the 21st century has resulted into the shift of classical techniques to new methods that are based

OpenNote Project

Stakeholder Analysis and Governance Capstone ACO’s main stakeholders are the providers, payers, and patients. First, the network of providers is mainly the physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals. Furthermore, other providers include the health departments, social security departments, safety net clinics, and home care services. The providers within the Capstone

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Open notes

OpenNotes OpenNotes Program Training Planning The purpose of this essay is to provide guidance into OpenNotes Program training planning as well as describing the practice overview, best practices, requirements, and activities. An OpenNotes training plan is defined by the department of Health and Human Services as the overall learning objectives,

Executive Summary

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Background Chicago-based Capstone ACO leads the way in health improvements, as it has established a reputation for improving quality and personalization of patient care. However, optimal healthcare benefits are yet to be realized through the Medicare Shared Savings Plans. Currently, ACO members use EMR systems, which make sharing

Executive Summary

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Background Capstone ACO has been recognized as Chicago’s “largest Accountable Care Organization, with the main stakeholders as the providers, payers, and patients. It has contributed to improved quality of care through the integration of all the stakeholders or participants. The system guarantees each of the participants’ voice in


Interdependency of the Renal and Cardiovascular Systems in Controlling Blood Pressure Interdependency of the Renal and Cardiovascular Systems in Controlling Blood Pressure The cardiovascular and renal urinary system works together to control blood pressure. The renal system purifies the blood by removing waste materials and excess sodium ions, and ensures

Fully detailed pharmacology around AlZheimer’s disease and what genetics involved ?

Medicine Fully Dеtаilеd Рhаrmасоlоgy arоund Аlzhеimеr’s Disеаsе and the Gеnеtiсs invоlvеd Pharmacology around Alzheimer’s disease Researchers have not identified a drug treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. However, there are various medicines that are developed to momentarily lighten the disease symptoms, or slow the progression of the disease (Sassy et al., 2016).

Point of Care Patient Testing (POCT) — ONPS 2425/6 Assignment — Introduction of a new POCT device

Lecturer POCT Report For most commonly ordered tests, point of care testing (POCT) provide rapid results. In actual facts, the provider is able to gain objective information at the site rather than waiting for samples to be sent to the lab for results (hygesen, Alpert & Jaffev). Since laboratory data


8MEDICINE Elective Training in Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences-UAE University Submitted to Dr. Sulaiman Bharwani Paediatric Department-FMHS Aims and Objectives Having gained substantial interest in internal medicine, I chose to pursue the area of study during my elective training course. Tawam Hospital turned out to be the


Abstract The paper addresses two similar forms of orbital infections, periorbital, also known as preseptal infections and orbital infections. The two infections have several similar symptoms and signs making it challenging for practitioners to differentiate them. Periorbital is less dangerous whereas orbital cellulitis is vision damaging thus more attention is