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3D printer in medicine

3D printer in medicine 3D printer in Medicine Introduction 3D printing has revolutionalized the field of medicine in various ways. Its increasing usefulness has seen it being embraced in the field of medicine for printing body parts including teeth, jaw bones, dental implants and producing personalized prosthetics (WainWright, 2015). The

Amoxicillin SR formulation

8Amoxicillin SR Formulation Submission Date: Within the bacta lactam family is a semisynthetic antibiotic; Amoxycillin (alpha-amino-hydroxybezypenicillin, is a broad spectrum used in the treatment of infection caused by gram-ve and gram+ve pathogen sensitive to amoxicillin. Amoxicillin occurs in the form of injections, oral suspension for infants, capsules, and satchets products

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Relating Class Scenario to Practical Clinical Situation

5RELATING CLASS SCENARIO TO PRACTICAL CLINICAL SITUATION Relating Class Scenario to Practical Clinical Situation Relating Class Scenario to Practical Clinical Situation Two minutes after the professor walked out, Daisy slithered her way to the adjoining desk. A cold and rather motionless expression was on her face. She picked a sketch


Healthcare Operations Healthcare Operations The dispensation of quality services within the hospital is imperative. Whereas delivery system proves to be more effective, the purpose of such a system is to ensure the accountability from the hospital providers and patients purposeful for acquiring best results. As such, the system embraces the

Endometrial cancer (Uteri cancer)

5.0 CORPUS UTERI CANCER (ENDOMETRIAL CANCER) 5.1 Introduction This section will provide a discussion and analysis on cancer that affects the body of the uterus, also referred to as uterine corpus cancer or endometrial cancer. The terms ‘endometrial’ cancer and ‘uterine corpus’ cancer stem from the fact that the cancer

Healthcare Operations

Healthcare Operations Session 1: Inpatient Care Dashboards Structural measures are part of strong measures that are put in place to ensure efficiency in the management and operation and it involves materials, organizational context and human resource (Kitson, etal., 2013). Structural measures create the conditions required for making patient-care effective. It

Review the role of IFN-gamma in asthma

11Literature Review Articles Rеviеw thе rоlе оf IFN-gаmmа in аsthmа Abstract IFN-gamma has been identified to play a major role in asthma. Subjects with asthma have been identified to have low production of IFN-gamma. Many researchers have done studies in relation to the role of IFN-gamma in asthma. The main

The association of oral habits and malocclusion in primary dentition for healthy children.

Pedriatric Dentistry 8 Pedriatric Dentistry Pediatric dentistry re the relevant oral health offered specifically for the children al the way to the teenage (Cameron & Widmer, 2013). The pediatric dentists are qualified for the duty to take proper care of the children teeth. The mouth parts that the pediatric dentists


MEDICINE: MEDICATION ERRORS IN HEALTHCARE CENTRES IN SAUDI ARRABIAN 6 MEDICINE: MEDICATION ERRORS IN HEALTHCARE CENTRES IN SAUDI ARRABIAN Medication errors in healthcare centers in Saudi Arabian Introduction Medication errors pose a very serious threat to the patient safety and are considered as one of the very serious problem to

Breast cancer

Chapter of Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendations 8.1 Introduction This chapter is about a detailed discussion of the findings of the study to determine whether early marriage and sex is a new risk factor for breast cancer among women in the Eastern region of Saudi Arabia. The findings were based on


The Case Study of Phyllis Dawson 6. In your role as ward pharmacist, what non-drug recommendations could you give Phyllis regarding the management of osteoarthritis? There exist no cure for osteoarthritis so far but that does not mean the condition necessarily get any worse over time. However, there are various

Endocrinology Case Study: Osteoporosis

8ENDOCRINOLOGY CASE STUDY: OSTEOPOROSIS Endocrinology Case Study: Osteoporosis Endocrinology Case Study: Osteoporosis How Osteoporosis Is Characterised and Defined In fact, the literal meaning of Osteoporosis is porous bone, which has a meaning of that the bone density are small and the bones turn to be thin (Bartl & Frisch, 2004).

Vаginаl Drug Delivery

VАGINАL DRUG DЕLIVЕRY5 Vаginаl Drug Delivery Vaginal anatomy and physiology that influence systemic drug absorption Vagina is a fibromuscular tube with three distinct layers namely the outer adventitial layer, middle muscularis layer, and innermost mucosal layer. Moreover, it has rugae and microridges on its epithelial cell surface that permits expansion,

Rectal Drug Delivery

5RECTAL DRUG DELIVERY Rectal Drug Delivery 1. The step of drug absorption via the rectal route (e.g. suppository) Absorption of drugs via the rectal epithelium entails two routes. They include the paracellular route and the transcellular route. The steps in transcellular route are dependent on lipophilicity. Here, the paracellular route

Intermountain Healthcare case study

Intermountain Healthcare case study Why the efforts failed twice James was not successful in his first attempt to implement the quality improvement measures as it died down on its own. This can be attributed to the lack of support from the physicians despite the advantages that it had. The second

Cardiac and Respiratory Disease

Case study II 7 Pharmacy Practice: Саrdiас and Rеsрirаtоry Disеаsе Mrs. Smith’s asthma is not well controlled because she has not used the inhaler as prescribed or recommended by the doctor. In addition, she has been smoking for many years and does not want to cease smoking despite her health

Protein drug delivery

Protein drug delivery Question 1 Formulation of protein peptides and macromolecules is challenging as it involves elaborate organic and synthetic chemistry. Molecular size of proteins is larger compared to the traditional pharmaceuticals making them susceptible to physical and chemical degradation. Agitation and heat have the potential of denaturing the proteins


Research Study Children’s Hospital Case Has Julie Morath’s Program Been Successful? Indeed, there has been a success in Morath’s program for instance; the blameless reporting that encourages nurses and doctors to communicate anonymously about medical accidents without being punished. Therefore, surfacing problems and determine underlying causes of the accidents. The


7HERZOG MEMORIAL HOSPITAL PATIENT SATISFACTION CASE HERZOG MEMORIAL HOSPITAL PATIENT SATISFACTION CASE Herzog Memorial Hospital Patient Satisfaction Case Affinity and Pareto diagrams are very effective tools. This is because they as used in hospitals and healthcare facilities to meet the objectives by separating the few major problems from the many