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MCK Test

Overview of MCK Test 1. calculate in the equation ½ +1/5 a. 2/7 (adds without LCM of denominators) b. 7/10 (correct answer) c. 1/2 (Student never understood concept) d. 1/5 (Student never understood concept) CurriculumModelling unit fractions and their multiples (ACMNA058) Rationale This question determines a child understands of the


Conceptual Change in Science The teaching of science has evolved a great deal within the past several decades. It has gone from passive learning where the students passively receive knowledge from the teachers, to discovery learning to the current meaningful learning that is based on the alternative conceptions (Wenning, 2008).

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Learning for future career 3

Learning For future careerIntroduction Everyone wants to thrive in a market especially after several years of struggling in school. While this is the case, not many people realise the importance of having a career action plan. And as it is popularly said, failing to plan for your future career is

Academic English Writing a Position Paper

7THE INTERNET The Internet The Internet and Censorship: My position Introduction The Internet has become a critical source of information and entertainment since its inception. As more people familiarize themselves with the web, its content grows rapidly and at an even larger scale. The Internet contains an infinite amount of

Promoting Conceptual Change

4PROMOTING CONCEPTUAL CHANGE Promoting Conceptual Change Alternative Conception 1 The first alternative conception is that heat and energy are the same. Although related, heat and temperature are not the same. Heat is energy while temperature is not energy. Heat refers to energy that is transferred from one substance to the

Addressing the Criteria

My approach to Classroom Management Research based classroom management is essential and must be integrated in classroom situations to help teacher deliver effective. As postulated by Jones and Jones (2012) effective teaching and learning cannot happen in a poorly managed classroom. Effective classroom management strategies support and are instrumental in

Geography — site inquiry and lesson plan

Assignment Number: Geographical Inquiry and Lesson Sequence Plan Introduction In Australia, geography is a subject closely tied to sustainability. The link between geography and history is so strong because when history tells us about how things have survived to the present; through sustainability; geography tells us on how to protect


Introduction The session will look on the micro teach which was carried out as a compulsory part of the APST training in January 2017. It will discuss my teaching session in relation to the ‘core knowledge’ of the Professional Standards Framework. It will analyze the reasons for professional teaching and


СRITIСАL АРРRАISАL ОF WОRKРLАСЕ АSSЕSSMЕNT РRАСTIСЕS Introduction Nursing assessment In the society, medical practitioners are expected to be competent enough in their work. However, the students face a lot of challenges as they are taught how to be competent practitioners. Students, as they join the nursing causes, will tend to

Writing some sections

Adoption of Learning Management Systems in the Saudi Universities by Female Academic Staff 1. Introduction 1.1 Background Universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), like their counterparts elsewhere in the world, are increasingly considering electronic learning (elearning) as a viable teaching, learning and assessment tool. Although it is a

Assignment 2: Data processing.

Assignment 2: Data processing. Question 1.1 Plot Figure 1.1: Plot of the data. Question 1.2: Best Way to calculate correlation. The Chi-Square test can be used to check the independence of two categorical variables. If we assume the two variables (Personality and music preferences) to be independent, the values of

Develop a Lagrange interpolation polynomial that passes through the points (0, 0), (0.005, 110) and (0.01, 0).

Develop a Lagrange interpolation polynomial that passes through the points (0, 0), (0.005, 110) and (0.01, 0). a Hence y0 = 0, y1 = 110, y2 = 0, x0 = 0, x1 = 0.005, x2 = 0.01,By denoting0==0 a1== a0==0 y=(x-0)(x-0.01)=-4.4*106x(x-0.01) y=f(x)=-44000000 x(x-0.01) Develop a quadratic interpolation formula for the


Graph Analysis: b). The best way to calculate the correlation between two variables is to use the scatterplot. The purpose of using a scatterplot is to determine how well a straight line is developed to be approximate to the data presented. The correlation coefficient tells how data in a scatterplot


4Plagiarism Among University Students PLAGIARISM AMONG UNIVERSITY STUDENTS Plagiarism Among University Students Introduction According to Curtis and Popal (2011), there are various reasons behind plagiarism cases among the university students, which vary and may include lack of experience, immaturity, cultural practices, and differences in personality. Also, the pressure from academic


Quantitative Research Article Critique Introduction This essay critiques a peer-reviewed journal titled: «Parental influences on primary school children’s mathematics achievement: Insights from the longitudinal study of Australian children.» The journal was published online on 17th July 2014. The Journal is an influential peer-reviewed piece of academic research work that seeks


Plagiarism has been frequently found in academic writing produced university students, including in Australia. It has been claimed that plagiarism is motivated by the pressure to achieve high grades. Research show that students’ knowledge on the concept of plagiarism was very poor. Therefore, it is advised that academic writing courses

Data Analysis

Data Analysis Question 1.a Plot Figure 1.1: Bar Graph of Music Preferences by Personality. Question 1.b: How to calculate correlation The best method to calculate correlation between two variables depend on the type of the variable. For categorical variables, the Chi-Square test is the best method to test if the

Research-based Assignment-Research Project- Contemporary Issues Report 2000 WORDS

RЕSЕАRСH-BАSЕD АSSIGNMЕNT-RЕSЕАRСH РRОJЕСT- СОNTЕMРОRАRY RЕSЕАRСH-BАSЕD АSSIGNMЕNT-RЕSЕАRСH РRОJЕСT- СОNTЕMРОRАRY Effects of the increased use of internet services among children and the youth Introduction In the today’s world, there has been increased use of the internet services among children and the youth (Guan and Subrahmanyam, 2017). This has been due to the

Educational Artifact Evaluation

16EDUCATIONAL ARTIFACTS EVALUATION Educational Artifacts Evaluation: Public versus Private School Teacher Table of Contents Introduction 3 1 Theoretical Background 4 1.1 Teacher Evaluation (Danielson Framework) 5 2 Historical Background 6 3 Definition of Terms 8 4 Description of the Artifacts 9 4.1 ADEC Teacher Evaluation Process 10 5 Standards of

Engineering Marvels report

Success of SpaceX reusable launch system development program Introduction There has been a need to successfully land a rocket or at least part of it back to earth after its launching. This is because the usual practice has been all the orbital rockets were not reusable at all, meaning that