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CV and Covering Letter

Dear Hiring Manager, Re: Supply Chain Management Position A visionary supply chain management professional with expertise in logistics modelling, operation management, international business development, strategic logistics, and cross-functional team leadership, I wish to apply for a related position at your firm. As a supply chain management professional with demonstrated experience,


Significant Information and Possible Conclusion Significant Information and Possible Conclusion Goodyear (2016) analyzes whether high speed internet is a necessity or a luxury. In the article, Goodyear points out a number of reasons why high speed internet access has grown in terms of importance. However, not everyone has equal access

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To what extent do you agree that tourism protects traditional communities and their local cultures.

Tourism and Local Communities Cultures Protection Introduction The global market tourism industry has increased over the last two decades. In this case, over the last decades, globalisation and technology development have eased tourism industry transportation, by facilitating convenience and times of travel. However, as the industry develops, a number of

Mediation 3

Mediation Affiliation: Mediation Two Co-workers who do not want to work with each other. Talk to each worker separately to understand why they dislike their co-worker. Ask them what they would want from their partner. Make each understand the value of their partner in accomplishing the task. Get them together


Blockchain Technology Abstract Microsoft’s move to incorporate the blockchain technology in its operations has opened the discussion for other sectors to gain insight into the ways in which the technology can assist in improving businesses. In the banking sector, there is a general skepticism with the regards to the technology.

The advantages of bi-lingual instructors in the educational field..

The Advantages of bi-lingual instructors in the educational field Тhе аdvаntаgеs оf bi-linguаl instruсtоrs in thе еduсаtiоnаl fiеld Within the Arab Gulf places of higher education language causes problems for students. This is because in many classes English is used, and it is therefore necessary to have English at a


Constructing Sexual Subjects Conservative Sex Education Historically, sex education is supposed be an assortment of activities that attempt to pass sex knowledge to different audiences. However, implications for sexuality and gender issues are a trick subject especially in schools today. In as much as sex education appears as a logical

SIT101 Assignment 1”

Running head: 1SIT101 Assignment 1” FORENSIC ANIMATION Introduction Forensic Animation is the process that uses full-motion computer pictures to reinvent events such as a vehicle accident, physical attack, the collapse of construction, or automated workings device from a diversity of perceptions. The forensic animators are provided with data from criminal

A comparison between Plato’s allegory of the cave and the movie The Matrix, how a person can,t see reality.

A Comparison between Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and the Movie The Matrix, How a Person can’t see Reality Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and The Matrix have significant similarities, particularly in trying to address the questions of what reality means in life, and whether the world we are living

Report writing and critical evaluation skills

SUSTAINABILITY AND ETHICAL ISSUES IN ENGINEERING SUSTAINABILITY AND ETHICAL ISSUES IN ENGINEERING Abstract Sustainability and ethics are very important in any engineering project. Concepts relating to sustainability and engineering ethics are meant to protect both the engineers themselves and the society at large. Ethical theories help understand the reasoning behind

Referencing details

References Allen E. and Iano J (1989), The Architects Studio Companion, Technical Guidelines for Preliminary Design, John Wiley & Sons, Inc, USA. Type of source: Book Author: Edward Allen and Joseph Iano Title: The Architects Studio Companion, Technical Guidelines for Preliminary Design Year: 1989 City: Hoboken, New Jersey Publisher: John

Hear impered with education

3EDUCATION MAKING THE CLASSROOM ACCESSIBLE FOR STUDENTS WITH HEARING IMPAIRMENTS Name of the Class Name of School Making the Classroom Accessible For Students with Hearing Impairments One of the most challenging aspects of teaching is the ability to accommodate and satisfy the needs of the entire class as a group

Should woman be a leader on an Arab country?

WOMEN LEADERSHIP IN THE ARAB COUNTRIES Proffesor’s name Introduction The status of women has been diminished in the past couple of decades in the Arab countries. Despite the Quran emphasizing on the principle of gender equality, the Islam has never embraced the virtual that women should have a place in

Use of Mother Tongue in the Classroom Vs English-Only

USE OF MOTHER TONGUE IN THE CLASSROOM VS ENGLISH-ONLY 5 Use of Mother Tongue in the Classroom Vs English-Only The debate, on whether mother tongue has any benefits as an auxiliary to learning English as a foreign language is still ongoing. English is embraced as an international and more so

Plagiarism and collusion

Plagiarism & Collusion Your ID no. Unit code and name Lecturer name Assignment Barret and Cox (2005) claim that both collusion and plagiarism are the same in that both involve copying of someone’s ideas and thoughts hence when it comes to disciplinary action, both have to be treated equally. It


Literacy Assessment and Teaching Affiliate Institution: Literacy Assessment and Teaching Case Study An assessment In the reading and writing process, there are several components that every learner has to understand to make them understand the language. These basic concepts are very essential for the children as they learn their second

Langauge learning project

Part 1: Literature review The behaviourist perspective is an approach that tries to develop an understanding of how people learn from the environment. According to [ CITATION Doe02 l 2057 ] the behaviourist perspective is divided into two major categories namely the operant conditioning where the individual learns from the

Zhang Yimou Case Study Analysis

ZHANG YIMOU CASE STUDY ANALYSIS 11 Zhang Yimou Case Study Analysis Zhang Yimou Case Study Analysis Zhang Yimou Early Life Zhang Yimou was born on November 14, 1950 in Xi’an, Shaanxi province in China immediately after the communist armies led by Tse-tung defeated the country’s Nationalist government. Yimou often used

Improving CV letter.

Ahmad Mahmoud Home Address: Melting apartment, Huddersfield Mobile: 07477011900 Email: [email protected] I am a hardworking, friendly, focused, sociable, team player and a committed student studying Economics at University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom. I am a resilient person with the ability to work under pressure and handle and


Analysis of Albrecht Durer and his Rhinoceros Art Work Introduction The modern literature and artistic works passed through doldrums of amendments to evolve into what we see today. The world dramatically witnessed several developmental periods including the Baroque, Romantic, Renaissance as well as the Enlightenment period. The Renaissance period in