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Explain the basic Physics governing star formation.

3Physics Of Stars THЕ BАSIС РHYSIСS GОVЕRNING STАR FОRMАTIОN Astronomy is a branch of science that deals with the study of celestial bodies. Examples of such celestial bodies include; galaxies, moons, planets, comets, asteroids, nebulae and stars. It is also involved in the study of another process like gamma-ray bursts,


Ability of planet Mars to inhabit human life Mars being the next planet nearing earth, assumptions have been raised that it can inhabit human life. Several kinds of research have been done to gain information on the availability of oxygen and water in planet Mars that could determine the survival

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Create a picture book for stage 1. Tittle of the book is Giraffe ate the sun.

The Phases of the Moon What makes the moon have 8 phases? The movement of the moon round the earth is what makes it have 8 phases. This movement has a number of effects on the sun and the earth and this is as explained below: The moon is only


How to Write an Effective Research Proposal What is a research proposal? A research proposal usually refers to a document that proposes a certain project that needs research mostly in sciences or academia and it constitutes a request for sponsorship. What is the main purpose of the research proposal? Research

Black Holes and Dead Stars

The Remains of Stellar Evolution The Remains of Stellar Evolution Black holes, neutron stars, white dwarfs, supernova remnants and planetary nebulae are the remnants of the earliest days of stellar evolution. Image 1 : Stellar Evolution,, 2014 Black holes Black holes are stars which are compressed as far as

Atmosphere Evolution on Rocky Planets

Atmosphere Evolution on Rocky Planets Customer’s Name: Lecturer’s Name: Introduction Atmosphere has been evolving through the years with the improvement or deterioration attributed to factors that are both natural and anthropogenic. In the first atmosphere there was many gases basically the nitrogen gas found in the solar nebula. Alongside the

The Mars Exploration Rover Mission (Spirit and Opportunity Rovers)

1Introduction The Mars Exploration Rover program, which included the Spirit and Opportunity rovers is arguably the most prosperous mission ever sent to Mars. In 2003, the two rovers were separately launched to Mars and landed securely a number of months afterwards. Interestingly, they were deduced to last almost three months


Astronomy Sunspots are regions are darker spots that often appear on the solar surface. Compared to the rest of the surrounding atmosphere, they are much cooler in temperature. Although the origin of sunspots is quite unknown, they are often created through intense magnetic activity that often erupts into intensive energetic


DARK MATTER AND DARK ENERGY In 1930 astronomers, observations convinced them that the universe had some forces that were holding things together. Otherwise, the movement around galaxies would cause them to spin apart. The normal matter known on the universe comprising of protons, electrons, and neutrons consist of 5% of