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Matterial science

Material science Explain the flowing statements including , where appropriate , mechanisms and labeled diagrams showing clear structures Metals can fail either by brittle or ductile failure, whereas ceramics fail exclusively by a brittle mechanism. The word failure when used on materials refers to the lack of the ability of


АРРLIЕD ЕLЕСТRОСНЕМISТRY Explain the factors that affect the power output and efficiency of a fuel cell The efficient performance of the fuel cell is influenced by various factors that include cell polarization, cell operating temperature, the pressure, and the relative humidity, rate of flow of feeder gases, the geometry in

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Photochemistry of photosynthesis When visible or ultraviolet light is absorbed by a molecule, it introduces energy that is enough to break or reorganizes covalent bonds. There are two important principles of photochemistry. The first law states that a compound must absorb light first before any photochemical reaction take place. The


Molecular Spectroscopy Assessment Question 1 Solution: The width of transition is calculated from the equation: – represents the minimum width t – represents lifetime – Energy emitted The energy emitted is given by E = , where h is the Plank;s constant and v is the frequency of the spectra.

Investigate the gold nanoparticles on titanium dioxide by a Photodeposition

Investigation of Photodeposition of Gold on Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles Contents 31.0 Proposal Summary 31.2 Impact Statement 31.3 Aims and Background 41.4 Research Project 41.4.1 Scope 41.4.2 Design and Methods 51.4.3 Significance of the Project and How It Addresses the Problem 51.4.3 Feasibility of the project 61.4.4 Proposed Timelines 61.5 Role

Determining the enthalphy change of reaction

Enthalpy Change Enthalpy Change Calculations Question 1 Question 2 Enthalpy change = mc∆T = 25g x 4.18Jg-1K-1x 10.5K = 1097.25J = 1.09725KJ Question 3 0.5Mol  1000cm3 ?  25cm3 0.5×25/1000 = 0.0125moles 0.0125moles  1.09725 KJ 1 mole? 1×1.09725 KJ/0.0125 = — 87.78KJ/mol Question 4 Zn(s) + CuSO4(aq) 

Chemistry transitional metals / Redox reaction / Balancing equation / Period 3 chlorides

Chemistry Questions Redox Reactions: Ionic equations for the reactions of zinc, copper and silver with solutions of their metal ions Cu2+ (aq) + Zn(s) → Cu(s) + Zn2+ (Net Equation) Zn → Zn2+ + 2 e (oxidation half reaction) Cu2+ + 2 e− → Cu (reduction half reaction) Zinc metal

Respond report for CBRN accident

Rеsроnd rероrt fоr СBRN aссidеnt rеsроnd rероrt fоr СBRN ассidеnt Abstract This report evaluates the current status of the community emergency response plan ability to engage the four phases of response for emergencies. The four phases include; discovery, initial response, sustained and termination phase. The report outlines the command team

Lab Report……On topic: Extraction of eugenol from clove oil and identification by TLC

Research Proposal Assessment 1 LАB RЕРОRT Clove Oil Do not worry I will be uploading the final paper to you in the next 12 hrs. It will be emailed to you immediately I am through. I am working on it right now.

Advanced physical chemistry

Chemistry Question Chemistry Question Q3 (a). Sketch current voltage I-E curves for cyclic voltammetry responses of electroactive processes in which both redox partners are in solution and both redoxes are bound to the electrode surface in a monolayer structure Redox partners NB: Remember, E is scanned linearly to higher values