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EXERCISE 1 (Synthesis experiment) Electrophilic Addition

Electrophilic addition Presented to Introduction An electrophilic reaction occurs when a molecule is attacked by an electrophile (Prentice-Hall Media, 1979). Bromination is one of alkene-halide addition reaction, which involves a reaction of an alkene an electron with electron deficient end of the polarized bromine end. This experiment involves addition of


СОFFЕЕ (СОFFЕА АRАBIСА) Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 I. Introduction: 3 II. Discussion 3 a. Chemical composition 3 b. Functions 4 c. Benefits 4 d. Possible toxicological issues on human health 5 III. Conclusion 6 Reference List: 7 Introduction: Coffee is a widely consumed beverage around the world.

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Organic reaction An organic reaction goes through predictable reactions. The chemical reactions has particulars mechanism, such that it is possible to predict the likely product by studying the mechanisms for a specific type of reaction, before using the mechanisms for any initial materials with the correct functional group. The reaction

Grignard Reaction: Synthesis of Tertiary Alcohol

Synthesis of a Tertiary Alcohol via a Grignard Reagent Laboratory 4Experiment number: Unit name: Organic Chemistry Aim of the experiment To synthesis a tertiary alcohol via a Grignard reagent Introduction In this experiment, we are preparing a Grignard reagent or organomagnesium reagent in better terms of explanation. The reagent being

Marshall and Warren’s scientific breakthrough

7Marshall and Warren’s Scientific Breakthrough Marshall and Warren’s scientific breakthrough Marshall and Warren’s scientific breakthrough Scientific breakthroughs are not normal events that occur more occasionally. Scientific breakthroughs happen rarely after personal sacrifice and dedication towards solving a particular scientifically significant problem. Barry Marshall and Robin Warren came to the global

Research assignment- chemical science

Insulin is a peptide hormone produced by particular cells in the pancreas of mammals. It regulates the way in which the body makes use of carbohydrates and fats. It does this by stimulating the absorption of glucose from the blood by body tissues, and allows fat to be stored, rather

Why is carbon dioxide considered pollution and how do scientists know that humans are responsible for climate change?

Why is саrbоn diохidе соnsidеrеd роllutiоn and how do scientists know that humans are rеsроnsiblе for сlimаtе сhаngе? Discuss PROFFESOR Introduction Air pollution, is mainly caused by the emission of harmful gases to the environment as well as the mixture of gases in the atmosphere. Some of the gases which

Quality policy, objectives and action plans

A report on the chemical residue testing of food and wine The chemical residue that is food during the processing of food and wine is mainly harmful to human beings when consumed. The chemical analysis of food states enlightens us that there is a lot of need for the knowledge

Disadvantages of nuclear energy

5Disadvantage of Nuclear Energy Disadvantage of Nuclear Energy Disadvantages of nuclear energy 5.1 Waste A major disadvantage of nuclear waste relates to the how to dispose the radioactive waste. The waste that is emitted by the nuclear reactors should always be disposed off safely and mostly to people who have