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Bodgit Brother Company address: Sydney, New South Wales 2109, Australia Report to: Date: 02/06/2016 Report Number: Number of Pages: Report on:Determination of the Nitrite content in Waste water Scope: Determination of Nitrite content in waste water by Chromatographic Technique Background Nitrites are forms of inorganic nitrogen that exist in the


Introduction A galvanic cell can be defined gadget where a redox response occurs unexpectedly to create an electric current. All together for electrons to move in a redox response to deliver such a current as well as be valuable, they are enforced to go through an outside an electric wire


Glucose oxidase enzyme biosensor: Spectrophotometric approach for the analysis of glucose Introduction Determining the concentration of some species in complex mixtures such as foodstuffs and body fluids can be very challenging due to the presence of other species in the sample that are likely to cause interference. Traditionally, such samples


2NANO2 Kinetics of Au colloid Monolayer Self-Assembly The aim of this experiment was to investigate the kinetic factors associated with the construction of 2-Dimensional arrays of metal nanoparticles on derivitised glass surfaces using UV-Vis spectroscopy. After establishing the time-dependence of surface assembly, the equilibrium constant for adsorption of gold (Au)


UO 26 DOUBLE EFFECT FALLING FILM EVAPORATOR The overall aim of this experiment was to evaluate the performance of a double effect calorimeter. Mass balance equation in calculating the evaporation rates in the evaporators. It was established from the experiment that there is an inverse relationship between the two quantities


FLOW METERS TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 31.0 Introduction 4 Aims1.1 2.0 Methodology 5 52.1 Operating procedure 52.2 Experimental Operation 2.3 Theory 5 52.3.1 Orifice and Venturi Meters 62.3.1 Weirs 83.0 Results 83.1 Calculation for weir 3.2 Relationship between flow rate and 8 weir 1 3.3 Relationship between

Curve fitting via using Origin program

In this report, there is some real experimental data of a laser persuadedbreakdown spectrometry experiment. The spectrums were taken from a piece of glass. This report is showing the suitable procedures of curve fitting that have been used in the given raw data via using Origin program (Singh et al.,

Lithium batteries in Energy and Low Carbon Technologies

Lithium Batteries in Energy and Low Carbon Technologies Introduction This work deals with issues relating to the preference of Lithium batteries in energy and low carbon technologies. In this regard, their composition, usage and advantages have been discussed. Since, Lithium batteries are small, less in weight, with high working voltage,

Chemical Analysis

3Polarographic POLAROGRAPHIC Polarographic The drug Librium gives a polarograhic wave of E1/2 =-0.265 V (versus a saturated calomel reference electrode) in 0.05 mol L-1 H2SO4. A 50.0mL sample containing Librium gave a wave of 0.37 A. When 2.00mL of 3.00mmoL-1 Librium in 0.05 mol L-1 H2SO4 were added to the