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Summary of the Chicken Anemia Virus

SUMMARY OF THE CHICKEN ANEMIA VIRUS Summary of the Chicken Anemia Virus Chicken anaemia virus resistance to the environment The Chicken anaemia is resistant to the environment. The virus is often resistant to ether, chloroform, pH 2, heat and several disinfectants (Schat, 2009). A study conducted by Urlings et al.


Ferritin protein-Iron ligand interactions2 FERRITIN PROTEIN AND IRON LIGAND INTERACTION Ferritin protein and iron ligand interaction Organisms’ cells support numerous independent but coordinated reactions. Various macromolecules enable the cells to carry out its functions including the protein that plays many roles. The structure of protein dictates the specific functions it

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Lap report

Student’s Name Lab Report Complete the following tables based on your observations for the bacterial metabolism practical, list the tests you performed in column 1 (Oxidase, catalase, etc.) and your observations in the columns 2 and 3: ORGANISM A1 or A2 ORGANISM B1 or B2 Colonial morphology HBA Entirely creamy

Lap Report

SLE234 Microbiology Laboratory Report 4 2016 .(Clewell) A phage is a kind of a virus that is capable of infecting bacteriaTransduction occurs through the transfer of a bacterial DNA to another bacteria with the use bacteriophages. Transduction: which may happen as a time-limited response to existing environmental conditions i.e. through

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing INTERNET MARKETING Introduction The Coal Shed restaurant is a small business in Brighton. The restaurant is located at 8 Boyce’s Street, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1AN, UK ( Coal Shed 2015). The restaurant was established in 2011 as ‘the special occasion’ restaurant by Razak Helalat. The Coal Shed

Social Media and Vaccination

The effect of social media on vaccination and anti-vaccination Social media has become a big part of everyday life. In many ways it influences some of the decisions we make. This is especially because of the proliferation of forums discussing this or that emerging issue in social media. One of

Homeostasis ans microbiology

Bacteria They are unicellular microbes. Bacteria cell structure is very as compared to that of other organisms. They have no membrane-bound organelles or nucleus. Their genetic information is enclosed in a single loop of DNA. Others have a plasmid, an additional circle of genetic material. This additional structure gives them

Corn dedector

CHEMICAL WARFARE AGENTS 11 Chemical Warfare Agents Abstract Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) is a new and sensitive front in terror activities owing to the nature of products that can help access this medium. In this report, the need to transition to portable CWA detectors will be exploited in detail. The

DNA Extraction and PCR of bird DNA for sex identification

DNA Extraction and PCR of bird DNA for sex identification Introduction Nowadays, there are different ways of collection and storage DNA. However, avoiding the nucleus impurities should be taken when handling DNA because it is may effects the DNA conservation. Heterogametic term has been used in a study for determination


ARE VIRUSES ALIVE? The term virus was derived from the Latin word for ‘poison’. According to Villarreal (2004) the initial interest on virus stemmed from its association with several diseases such as rabies. Whereas some school of thoughts classified Viruses as poison, there is another school of thought that posits