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BIO3309 Molecular Biology Problem Set #2 BIO3207 CELL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2 ASSIGNMENT TWO COURSE ASSESSMENT WEIGHTING = 20% : Thursday 10th October 2013 DUE (Failure to submit by due date may incur a late penalty as per course specifications) STUDENT NAME: ___________________________________ 100 = / 5= / MARK STUDENT


BIOLOGY: CARDIOVASCULAR 6 Cardiovascular Cardiovascular Introduction Some of the significant differences between smooth muscle and skeletal muscle occur during the excitation-contraction coupling (Weckström & Tavi, 2007). Additionally, one fundamental similarity between the two muscles is the existence of calcium which plays a significant starring role (Gurji, 2005). However smooth muscles

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Cane Toads

6CANE TOADS Cane Toads Cane Toads Cane Toads (Buffo marinus) are native species in Australia (Koike, 2006). They are very hardy and voracious predators of small prey such as insects. Because of this reason, they were introduced into Australia from their original land of Hawaii in order to control pest

The role of amino acid nanoparticles in Arthritis

The role of amino acids nanoparticles in Arthritis Role of amino acids in arthritis Arthritis is a medical condition that affects the bones and the joints. Arthritics causes the cartilage of a person’s joint to wear out which leads to thinning of the cartilage and in turn causes friction, inflammation,


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Part 3: (i)

According to the figure, the single stranded loops present in the double stranded nucleic acid represent the introns. The loop structures are formed following splicing in the post-transcription stage. Basing on this information, there are eight introns in the gene. From available literature, the universally conserved nucleotides in the 5′

Fermentation Practical Report

STAGE 2 BIOLOGY FERMENTATION PRACTICAL Stage 2 Biology Investigations Folio (Practical) : Fermentation (R*) SACE Number: ______________________________ Instructions for school supervisor: Please note – this practical report must be submitted to the OAC supervisor within 5 days of completing the practical. at the level of achievement for each skill.. Please

Visual summary

VISUAL SUMMARY 9 Visual Summary. Visual Summary. Materials and method. Cornmeal-molasses-malt-yeast medium (plus anti-fungal propionic acid) was used d to culture flies at 23 degrees Celsius. The fly stock of Canton-S (CS) flies was used as the wild-type. BloomingtonJ3 188 were used as mutants, the serotonin-lacking variants. Source: Brandmeir (Schematic

Involvement of a human gene related to the Drosophila spen gene in the recurrent t(1;22) translocation of acute megakaryocytic leukemia.

Involvement of a human gene related to the Drosophila spen gene in the recurrent t(1;22) translocation of acute megakaryocytic leukemia. Conclusion of the Journal Strengths There are several strengths that the journal has. The authors did an in-depth research concerning the human genetics and leukemia. The article specializes on identifying

URGENT!! Scholarly vs. Popular Articles: Compare and Contrast Paper

Endangered Species The biology topic I have chosen for contrasting and the comparison is the endangered species. This is a very interesting and commonly debated topic in biology. The scholarly article selected for endangered species is “Habitat Management Series for Unique or Endangered Species: Burrowing Owl”. The author of the

2 Questions in Biology

BIO3207 Cell and Molecular Biology II ASSIGNMENT TWO COURSE ASSESSMENT WEIGHTING = 20% October 2015th: Thursday 15DUE Via the course Study Desk STUDENT NAME: ___________________________________ 100 = / 20= / MARK STUDENT NUMBER: ____________________ Please write your answers in the spaces provided on this question sheet. You may attach additional

Summary of Article: How cells know the size of their organs

Summary Of Article University affiliation Reasons as to why Cells are cautious regarding the size of their organelles. Mostly, the cells occupy fixed volumes. The reactions within the cells, as well as the pathways, are subdivided within the distinct cytoplasm and organelles, which have a definite size. Therefore, at least

Lab Report

Lecturer’s Name Course Name and Number Osmosis effect on Potato Cubes Introduction The cell membrane always serves several purposes like controlling the movement of materials inside and outside of the cell. However, not all macromolecules can enter the cell through this manner. Different solutes always dissolve in various solutions and

Ecosystem Test

Submission Date: Section B 11. a). Grasses, acacia bush, brakish seedlings and eucalyptus tree ). Grasses Grasshopper spotted-tail quailb 11. a). Ecological succession B). presence of wildfires cleared the community leaving the soil intact. Secondary succession follows with pioneer community coming up with increase in biomass, although there is biomass

Organisms Test

SECTION A: Multiple Choice Questions Questions Questions SECTION B: Short Answer Questions 11. (a). One of the important functions of sensory receptor (photoreceptors) is to sense light. The photoreceptors have a part known as rhodopsin that is greatly sensitive to light. The light leads to conformational change of retina that

Cells Test

Cells Test Unit Code Image A would be found at point V. This is the point at which the cell starts to divide Carcinogens are cancer causing agents. Carcinogens lead to faster cell division that may well result into genetic mutations. These genetic mutations can then lead to abnormal growth

MPC+ Short Answers + Extended RQ

SECTION A: 4). When placed in different solutions, the cells react differently due to osmosis. In distilled water, the animal cell would absorb water and explode. This is similar to the plant cell. However, the plant cell does not explode due to the nature of its cell cover. Therefore, the


Discuss sepsis in humans due to infection with Gram negative bacteria such as Escherichia coli? The outer cell wall of Gram negative bacteria is made up of endotoxins occupying at least three quarters of the cell wall membrane. Endotoxins are glycolipid lipopolysacharide (LPS) molecules capable of causing lethal shock. The

Effects of UV light on skin and intestinal Bacteria

UV sENSITIVITY OF SKIN AND INTESTINAL FLORA 14 UVV Sensitivity Of Skin And Intestinal Flora Nicolasa M. Husing Community College of Rhode Island Dr. Bruno Soffientino Abstract Bacteria from skin and intestinal microbial flora were collected and exposed for resistance to UV light. Contrary to the hypothesis that intestinalgut bacteria

Biоstаtistiсs Quаntitаtivе Critique

Biоstаtistiсs Quаntitаtivе Critique8 Biоstаtistiсs Quаntitаtivе Critique Full citation for study: Forjuoh, S. N., Bolin, J. N., Huber Jr, J. C., Vuong, A. M., Adepoju, O. E., Helduser, J. W., … & Ory, M. G. (2014). Behavioral and technological interventions targeting glycemic control in a racially/ethnically diverse population: a randomized controlled