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21How Robert Venturi does influenced postmodernism «How Robert Venturi does influenced postmodernism» Location of Institution Abstract The argument of postmodernism movement in the field of architectural design have been cited by many scholars across the globe. Many literature have numerated many scholars against and for the postmodernism with in depth


Weekly Response Logs WEEKLY RESPONSE LOGS Baudelaire, C 2010, The painter of modern life, UK, Penguin Adult. Baudelaire (2010) explores fashion, dandyism, beauty and the role and purpose of the artist, and defines a painter. The reading addresses problematic and affirmative features of modernism besides promoting modernist aesthetic. Baudelaire defines


Quality Living Аrеа3 Quality Living Аrеа Quality living аrеа Quality of life is a concept that have been around for a considerable amount of time now and it can be viewed from an environmental or psychological, or geographical view point as people tried to study the various spatial differences in

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6WEEKLY READING Wееkly Rеsроnsе Lоgs, Discussion Questions & Dеbаtеs Оbjесtives Lecturer: Week 7 Summary The summarised reading of the week illuminates the modern architecture in organization of repetition context. In this case, various definitions and architectural work are put into perspective. One issue pertaining to architecture is the steps in

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20 Fenchurch Street Introduction Architectural designs have in the recent past faced criticism from the public, fellow architecture, city planners as well as neighbors of the proposed buildings. In most cases the buildings face criticism because of some reasons that include unorthodox shapes, poor working conditions, safety of the tenants

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INTRODUCTION The aim of any human dwelling is to offer shelter that provides human with protection and use of environmental variables such as water, air, and the sun. Glenn Murcutt designs numerous houses such as the Marika-Alderton, which provides a good example in which a house interacts with air conditions

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Reservoir geology I read the book on 13th to 16th of September this year. First World War increased the demand of oil; the oil industry during that time was dominated by 7 major corporations that are British Petroleum (BP), Shell, Exxon, Gulf, Texaco, Mobil, and Socal, the companies was termed


5Weekly Response Logs Weekly Response Logs Site specificity is termed as the spatial-cultural or urban aesthetic discourse which tends to combine various ideas about art urban design and architecture with the theories of social space, city and public space. A great number of artists and critics have coined some terms


Gaudi had an inborn feeling of volume which most likely originated from his practice as a coppersmith in his adolescence or from his mindful perception of nature, which he considered a wellspring of motivation. His bent dividers and rooftops, his explanatory curves, his wound sections, his winding smokestacks are geometrical

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Casa Battlo Josep Batllo intended to build a new house on site by the beginning of the 20th century prompting his mind to destroy the old building to acquire a new one. The rich industrialist; Josep needed a new design for the house. Therefore, he contacted Antonio Gaudi who accepted