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Life Safety System Life Safety System According to Craighead (2009), life safety systems are the facilities which are installed with a primary purpose of enhancing security and safety of the people within the building. There is a number of life safety equipment which is mounted in the AISD systems. For

The 20th century Saudi Arabian buildings

THE 20TH CENTURY SAUDI ARABIAN BUILDINGS 10 The 20th century Saudi Arabian buildings The buildings HAJ TERMINAL AND SUPPORT COMPLEX. Located in Jeddah city. It is an airport terminal building that has tensile fabric roofs. It was designed by architect Gordon Wildermuth under the architecture firm of Skidmore Owings and

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Phd project

Sustainable Infrastructures through Micro-forests Integration: Using Architectural Innovation to Improve Performance Table of Contents 1ABSTRACT 21.0 INTRODUCTION 21.1 Problem Statement and Justification 31.2 Research Objectives, Questions, and Hypothesis 31.2.1 General Objective 31.2.2 Specific Objectives 31.2.3 Research Questions 31.2.4 Hypothesis 41.3 Limitation 42.0 LITERATURE REVIEW 73.0 METHODOLOGY 73.1 Research Design 73.2


Flехiblе Pаvеmеnts Introduction Flexible pavements contain some wearing surface that is created over the background course and places on the compressed subgrade. Due to persistent climate change, there have been cases of unexpected rainfall leading to the need for construction of the pavements. The thickness of the pavement influences its

Literature Review on effects of moisture on flexible pavements

Literature Review on effects of moisture on flexible pavements Introduction The state of flexible pavement systems can considerably be affected by seasonal changes in environmental factors such as moisture content. Besides the destructive effect of heavy loads on the pavements, moisture from rain water can significantly make flexible pavements to


Alvaro Siza: Expo98 Portuguese National Pavilion Introduction Alvaro Siza is a Portuguese architect and an architectural educator. He completed his first design before graduating from the University and within the same period, started his private practice. In 1992, Siza won the Pritzker Prize because of the renovation and coordination of

Discuss methods of minimising cooling loads and energy consumption.

2MINIMISING СООLING LОАDS АND ЕNЕRGY СОNSUMРTIОN METHODS OF MINIMISING СООLING LОАDS АND ЕNЕRGY СОNSUMРTIОN Insulation A building with proper insulation enjoys reduced heating cost and increased comfort in the premises. Insulation provides heat flow resistance to buildings. Therefore, the more the insulation is efficient in providing heat flow resistance, the

Explaining a design

Major Design Considerations The major design considerations were convenience and efficiency. For convenience reasons, the design of the house was done in such a way that the outdoor swimming pool is in the same side, South East, as the sewer of the house. This was mean to ensure that the


16- 18 Epsom Road Building Design Site description The subject site for the project in hand is 16 – 18 Epsom Road Building Design. The site is located in Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia. It constitutes three properties, two of those (16 and 18) directly facing the Epsom road and the

Planning provision for building design

Running head INCREASING PRODUCTIVITY IN CONSTRCTION Рlаnning рrоvisiоn fоr building dеsign Lecturer Table of Contents 0cover page Introduction 2 Improving site productively 2 Analyzing the entire construction process in detail 3 Improve planning 3 crew and supervisors training 4 Communicate that everyone contribution increase productivity 4 Employ new technologies 5