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The Emerging Contagiousness in the Global age

4THE EMERGING CONTAGIOUSNESS IN THE GLOBAL AGE The Emerging Contagiousness in the Global age Why are we so afraid of global epidemics? The global epidemics are majorly caused by the very factors that affect humanity such as demographic behaviors, ecological changes, transportation, industrial technologies, politics, and war, among many others.

Anth 150 Tutorial Discussion Guide wk 10

Lecture Summary Week Number: Tutor’s Name:________________________ Tutorial Time:_______________ What is Structure? Structure is usually used in narrating a story or a presentation. It is a literary element that is usually used to describe a framework that is considered and makes the order and manner that narrative can be presented to

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Anth 15o and Anth 220

Tutorial Discussion Guide To be turned in at the end of the tutorial. No emailed copies will be accepted. Name: ______________________________________ Date& Time: _________________ Student ID:___________________________________ According to Bestor, I was able to learn that globalization does not homogenize cultural difference or eliminate the salience of cultural identity. According to


6SUMMARY SUMMARY The Slametan Communal Feast as a Core Ritual — Summary Geertz (1976) seeks to highlight how a slametan may be offered to celebrate nearly all occurrences, which includes death, marriage, birth, shifting to a new house, and all that. Relying on the intention, Geertz posits that the emphasis

Anthropology article assessment and review

Anthropology Article Review Nugent, D. (1982) ‘Closed Systems and Contradiction: The Kachin in and out of History’, in Man 17, 3, pp. 502-527. This article “Closed systems as well as contradiction- the Kachin in and out of the history”, this article indicates that there are more obstacles involved in a

Defining ‘Violence’

Defining Violence Introduction Violence has been in existence and is essentially linked and described as a human social element. In this case, human beings’ activities and social interactions as often characterised by different forms of violence. Thus, the concept of violence has been a key concern for the social scientists.


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Tribal Societies and Non-coercive power

TRIBAL SOCIETIES AND NON-COERCIVE POWER Tribal Societies and Non-coercive power Tribal Societies and Non-coercive power Tribal societies are defined as those societies that organized mostly on the basis of social and particularly on basis of group descent. It is evident that Clastres pays attention on the communist invariant that is

Review of Justin B. Richland’s Arguing with Tradition: The Language of Law in Hopi Tribal Court

Title : Book Review Book Review: Justin B. Richland’s “Arguing with Tradition: The Language of Law in Hopi Tribal Court In this book, Richland employs three distinct theoretical literatures, legal semiosis, legal discourse and linguistic anthropology, whereas at the same time creating a record and document which can be helpful

Small Farm Central

Small Farm Central ( is arguably a globally reckoned blog that has essentially helped various parties exchange ideas about the aspects of the modern farming. This particular agricultural blog of interest has managed to win the hearts of the farming groups in various parts of the world simply due to