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August 26, 2011.

The Smith Family’s Social Change Process

The Smith Family (Escare n.d) represents an institution that aims at transforming the lives of socially disadvantaged children through the provision of education. Education is meant to enhance the continued development of a country through the application of intellectual prowess gained at schools. In light of this, the Smith Family involves itself in the social change process in the society through the selection of children from poor backgrounds and offers them an opportunity to have education for the overall benefit of the community. According to the Smith Family (n.d) is enhanced through collective participation from other organizations in the country.

Challenges for social action in the current Australian social/political context

The Smith Family (Facebook n.d) is faced with financial challenges to meet the large number of children in need of educational help. Moreover, the social challenges include the lack of social cooperation with the society. This is because; the rising number of children should be addressed by the conduction of seminars to empower the individuals to seek alternative self employment techniques so as to curb rising poverty levels. For example, through family planning, the society will effectively be able to give birth to children that they can comfortably raise. On the other hand, political challenges (Twitter n.d) are nevertheless limiting the aspirations of the organization. In light of this, they should be more political cooperation in giving out funds for the noble gesture.

Competing interests

Finances versus productivity

The need to instill change in the society through provision of education is negated by productivity thus occasioning a competing interests scenario. For example, driven by the sheer determination to transform the society, the organization is met by competing interests as to first focus on finances then to other interests ( n.d).

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