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Case study of Accommodation Operations Management: The customers are always right; Or are they? Essay Example

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Case study of Accommodation Operations Management: The Customers are always Right; Or are they?

Case study of Accommodation Operations Management: The Customers are always Right; or are they?


The hospitality industry is one whose performance is based on the quality of services offered to clients. Competition between various service providers is stiff, and the competitive advantage is gained through service delivery. Various clients have various needs and various satisfaction levels. As has been the norm, the Bella Vista Hotel has for years worked through and attained a balance that has ensured satisfaction across various clients. Even so, not all clients may be happy with the type of service offered, especially in an industry where a variety of services are offered across the world. This paper shall present the possible reactions to the complaints launched by one of the clients of the Bella Vista Hotel.

Having received the complaints from the client, it is vital that the hotel reacts appropriately. As the rooms’ division manager, the first step is to investigate the allegations laid against the hotel with respect to the department. It is the duty of the rooms’ division manager to ensure that clients inside the rooms are well served and the services match up to the goals of the company which is to provide the clients with everything they need. Best service is what clients need. For clients who have traveled the world, and for this case, clients who have travelled the world for thirty years, their experience with the hotel industry is versed. Even so, the rooms’ division manager has dealt with a number of clients and upon routine audits of the feedback given, the manager is aware of the type of responses obtained from various clients.

The hotel’s reputation is that of great service quality. The rooms’ division manager should therefore check through these allegations by the customer. To begin with, an audit of the mentioned Asian maid shall be done so as to check how many times there have been complaints about the same maid. In addition, the feedback raised by clients during the maid’s service time shall be checked so as to review both the positive and negative feedback, if there is any. This shall aid in understanding the truth behind these allegations. All information with respect to the conduct of the mentioned maid shall be used in affirming the client’s remarks.

Next, it is important for the rooms’ division manager to understand what was being done during the clients’ stay, as compared to other clients. While it is easy to state that the client could have been the only one who complained, it is prudent to ensure that there is nothing cropping up from the type of service offered by the company. The rooms’ division manager should be sure about this: that the hotel’s services are not deteriorating. This can be done by confirming all the allegations raised by the client.

For the executive housekeeper, the complaints launched by the client provide an opportunity to stop, look back at what the hotel has been doing in terms of service delivery and look around to see what other rival hotels around the world are doing. In this industry, a company’s reputation plays a very big role, especially when the company has a chain of hotels across the world. This is because there are some tourists that seek residence with the hotel due to referrals. Therefore, the executive housekeeper should look at the allegations made in relation to the performance of the hotel. While the hotel might realize no fault from its side, it is an opportunity to compare the services offered with other top hotels across the world. Therefore, the executive housekeeper should look at the specific services that the client has complained about and investigate whether they are being offered by the company. In the event that some of the complaints are not genuine, then the complaints will serve the very purpose of feedback from clients: a mirror through which the company can evaluate its competitive state. The executive housekeeper should also discuss with the rooms’ division manager on what the real position on the ground is with respect to the allegations made. This shall help in understanding the position of the hotel in terms of service delivery.

The next step is to deal with the client directly so as to mend the distorted bond. Since the client is a seasonal tourist, the rooms’ division manager should discuss the issues raised by client. It is understandable for the client to be mad, especially after the letter written. Therefore, the manager should be quick to calm the client down by making them understand that the situation based on the findings made by the manager after the allegations were first made. The client should be assured that the hotel is still determined to deliver best quality services in the hospitality industry. This can be done by making the client feel that the issues they raised were real and everything is being done to make everything normal. The complaints should all be addressed as were seen through the eyes of the client. Besides, the manager should feel sorry on behalf of the hotel, whether the allegations were right or not.

Feedback sessions in every service delivery industry have always been the external eyes through which the company can audit its internal activities. Every feedback should be taken as positive feedback to the company. This is because positive feedback motivates the hotel to keep doing what they are best at and negative feedback provides an opportunity for the hotel to improve on its services. Since the hotel serves clients from different parts of the world, with different tastes, some will appreciate the same services that some will criticize. This implies that there are instances where the client is wrong, because they can be affected by their moods or by their past experiences with different people. The circumstances that may lead guests to be wrong include their moods, their attitudes, their level of commitments and their own past experiences.


Service delivery in the hotel industry is based on client satisfaction. Therefore, the hotel’s managers should take every feedback they get from clients as a force that pushes them further towards excellent service delivery. Whether the client is right or wrong, the duty of the hotel is to ensure the client comes back. As long as the hotel is still in business, and intends to stay that way, the client should be treated to be right.