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Best Buy Fights Against Electronic Waste

1.0 Executive summary

Best Buy Company is an organization that deals with supply of electronic materials; it is a company that is well known for supplying electronic materials and equipments globally because it has branches in most parts of the world. The company is known because of its ability to provide satisfactory customer service and this has been proved by the attributes the customers have about the services being provided in this company. The company is therefore on the campaign against the waste of electronics. It has initiated programs to ensure that they recycle electronic wastes. The report describes the analysis of the company and it therefore describes various aspects such as; ethical issues and corporate responsibility of the company which explains how the company plans to comply with the ethical issues that ensure good conduct in the business, the corporate responsibilities describe how the company has established a relationship between the stakeholders, employees and the customers in order to influence sustainability.

Consumer engagement explains how the company has established a good relationship with the consumers by providing them with the best customer services. The customers are able to give attributes regarding the twenty four hour services being provided by the company. It has managed to engage consumers towards contributing to sustainability by providing them with information. The company also engages the employees by influencing them on how to recycle electronic waste; this has helped the company to influence not only the employees but also the stakeholders and suppliers. Community engagement by the company will also take us through an insight on how community participation has resulted to attaining the goal of sustainability and environmental conservation.

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive summary 2

2.0 Introduction 4

3.0 Competitive Advantage of the Best Buy 6

3.1.1 Consumer engagement 9

3.1.2 Engagement of Employee 10

3.1.3 Community Engagement 12

6.0 Conclusion 13

Reference 15

2.0 Introduction

Best buy is a company that deals with providing customers with electronic equipments. There are many uses of electronic equipments in our day to day live and, therefore, there is a need to develop strategies that will result to full utilization of these equipments without causing any harm. It is clear that these equipments help us to run the day to day lives by enabling technology to be well embraced. In the processes of ensuring an adequate supply of electronics to customers, the company, therefore, has been able to attain the best attribute towards customer service which has been rated the best. In this case, the company ensures customer service by providing a safe environment for electronics. The company, therefore, fights against electronic waste by making sure that there is no waste in the process of distributing and use of electronics. They have created an awareness that leads to use of electronics in a safest way to avoid pollution and causing hazards to the environment.

The history of best buy dates back to the times where the use of electronic was very minimal and, therefore, it emerged as the best retail distributor in the United States. The company is best known for its quality customer service provision and, therefore, it has managed to gain a competitive strategy through its strive for being the best retail, distributor and also the fact that it fights against environmental pollution caused by electronic waste that could be lethal to the environment and the people surrounding the united states.

Ethical issues and corporate responsibility of Best Buy Company

The ethical issues and corporate responsibilities define the process which a business should go through in order to ensure they meet the business ethics that are required for any company. The ethical issues in the company will always revolve around the internal and external environment of the company. The internal environment defines how the company will ensure there are ethics and conducts to be followed by the employees and all the strategies to achieve their goals. This will also extend to the manner in which the company will treat its customers and all the stakeholders and suppliers who contribute towards successful business activities. The external environment involves the ability of the company to stick to the regulations that the external environment stipulates. Let’s look at an example of ensuring that the environment is safe for the customers and people surrounding the company.

In the case of Best Buy, we find that it has managed to maintain ethical and corporate responsibility aspect by ensuring that they stick to the stipulations from both the internal and external environments. The company deals in supplying of electronic products to most customers in the United States since the company operates on a global level it, therefore, has a full range of products to supply to their customers. The company, therefore, has to integrate the use of internet in enabling the success of their operations globally. The company, therefore, plays an important role in enhancing the world economy. From the history, the main purpose of the company is to ensure a safe environment by working towards giving back to the community through environmental sustainability (Dahl, 2009).

Dealing with electronics has been discovered to have an impact to the environment, such that it is the responsibility of the company to maintain a good corporate responsibility by ensuring that they conduct their operations in a manner that result to attaining business ethics. The company, therefore, ensures it has build capabilities of the communities where it works. It does this by ensuring they fight against electronic waste and from the case study we can describe the operations of Best Buy to be focused on ensuring customer satisfaction while providing an enabling environment. It, therefore, depends on ethical choices for its ability to conduct business operations. Best Buy operates in many countries, including Canada, Mexico and China; therefore it has to ensure they maintain a corporate responsibility.

3.0 Competitive Advantage of the Best Buy

Best Buy has been able to gain competitive advantage in the retail electronics market while driving many initiatives to support sustainability

“People, technology and the pursuit of business” this is the vision of Best Buy. From the analysis of the vision statement, we can see that the company is oriented towards providing the best services to the people by enabling them to embrace technology in a manner that is not harmful, this happens through ensuring that technology is user friendly to the people who embrace it. Above all, the company is also geared towards success in business. It has ensured there is a good relationship with the stakeholders, employees, customers and their suppliers.

In the aspect of trying to attain a competitive advantage, the company has ventured into targeting the young demographic whereby it will be able to penetrate into the younger market. The company also strives towards achieving a low cost leadership which is a form of competitive strategy. It has also expanded its operations globally by developing branches in some parts of the country. The main purpose of doing this is for the company to be able to achieve their vision. The company, therefore, has managed to establish customer loyalty and trust together with creating awareness and providing the best customer services.

Attaining competitive advantage is the best method of ensuring that your company is stable and can be able to handle all the market constraints. in the case of Best Buy, it has been able to participate in many initiatives that have earned it a company image and good reputation. The company strives to ensure sustainability through participating in environmental conservation, recycling of waste and engaging in community activities. Through engaging in both communal and environmental activities, Best Buy has been able to attain competitive advantage because it is a form of compliance to the ethical and corporate responsibilities.

Resources that Best Buy is dedicating to help consumers recycle their old electronic devices represent a good investment

Working towards sustainability

Sustainability is the process of ensuring that the activities performed do not tamper with the environment by considering the future generation. Best Buy has initiated practices that are geared towards sustainability; these practices include recycling of electronic waste and reducing the energy consumption. The company is also engaged in partnership with other organizations to reduce pollution. Let’s take an example whereby it sales electric bicycles and providing charging stations for electric cars. Best buy has also joined with another transport service to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that lead to global warming. When it comes to compliance with the ethics and practices that ensure sustainability, Best Buy has also managed to set rules and standards that their suppliers should meet so as to ensure auditing of human rights. This is a representation of good investment because when people are working towards sustainability, the end result is a good and pleasant environment to work and it will prolong the efforts of the company (Peter, 2013).

Best Buy has also engaged in partnership with Business for Innovative climate and energy for the purpose of promoting energy conservation and encouraging people to practice sustainability. The company is committed to building a sustainable business practice that ensures customers lives in a sustainable life, this has been achieved through sensitizing more sustainable programs. One of the best ways of ensuring sustainability is reducing of electronic waste. This has been achieved by the company through recycling electronic waste. The energy conservation program is also geared towards developing policies that enable the tracks and vehicle owners to prohibit idling their vehicle engines. This is a way of reducing the energy consumption and reducing pollution.

Environmental sustainability

Best Buy has also participated in environmental sustainability by selling energy saving products and helping customers to conserve energy by selling them affordable electronic products that save energy. The company has extended its services to provide refrigerators, laptops and printers that are designed to save energy. By doing this, the company extends its service to conserving the environment and promoting sustainability. Combating electronic waste has been an issue in the company since they are the main suppliers of electronic equipments; they, therefore, try their best to minimize electronic waste which could be harmful to the environment. This initiative came as a fact that there was a concern form the customers and employees together with the stakeholders on the rising amount of electronic waste. The company, therefore, formed an association that helped in developing a strategy to combat electronic waste (Johnson, 45).

Best Buy strives to attain a sustainable environment by providing means and information through which consumers and employees are able to recycle electronic products. When consumers cannot recycle, they drop their used products to the company where the recycling process will be done. The company has stores where they keep their recycled electronic waste. This is a way of ensuring that they are not wasted and, therefore, the program has enabled them to attain environmental sustainability. Best Buy has been able to make extra money through selling the recycled products, such as recycling kiosks, television appliances and pick up services and that forms a good investment for the company.

The impact of Best Buy’s social responsibility efforts on key stakeholders such as employees, shareholders, consumers and suppliers

3.1.1 Consumer engagement

Under the Best Buy CEO by the name Brian Dunn, the vision of the company towards best service to its customers has been achieved. An organization or company that integrates the aspects of leadership and management is able to achieve its goals because their employees will be under the leadership and influence on working towards ensuring achievement of goals. When it comes to customer satisfaction in this company, we learn that there is full teamwork that ensures customers go home while happy. The company has invested in various ways of providing customer satisfaction. One of the means is ensuring that the customer service providers listen to the customer needs and complaints. This has been a key aspect that has gained the company substantial profits and maintaining an image. The views of customers are taken into consideration and, therefore, the ability to attain the customer loyalty. From the case study, we can learn from the year when the company published a corporate social responsibility from which the customers’ demands were considered.

The company also invites its customers to conferences where they can participate and give their attributes towards the services of the company. It has also managed to create a website where customers login on and get a chance to rate their attributes and views on the company service provision. A twenty four hour service has also been enabled in the company whereby customers can be attended to in from the internet. This is a strategy that has added value to the customer engagement in the company and has enabled the company to rise above other electronic companies. It is obvious that customers are the main component of any business because they form the basis of profit making.

Direct customer service through delivery and repair of electronics has also been achieved in this company whereby customers who need electronic supplies to replace the old ones are providing the after sales service by delivering them to their places. The company has been able to achieve this by enabling the use of company cars to provide services to their customers. This involves speeding repairs on electronic faults and ensuring an active connection between the customers and the staff by the use of information technology.

3.1.2 Engagement of Employee

Employees make the most important component of any business because they ensure that the implementations of strategies that orient towards achieving the mission are met. Best Buy has managed to form an integral contribution from their employees. The company ensures employee engagement towards successful customer care services; this has been done through employing employees who are dedicated and talented in their operations. The company has enabled employee interactions by ensuring that they work together as a team and designing a compensation system that motivates their employees (Zang, 2011).

The contribution of employees towards the success of the business comes in the form of attributes that the customers say about the products and service provisions. These employees have been trained to comply with the ethics of the organization and thus are able to conduct their operations in a manner that result to positive change. Their dedication towards delivery of their service is accompanied by their passion for achieving the goals of the company. The company has a competent human resource manager who has contributed towards the success of Best Buy. It has invested in enabling sufficient communication all around the company which is a great step towards achieving employee engagement towards attaining the vision strategy. It is obvious that a good communication result to transparency and sharing of ideas, it also ensures the flow of information among employees who will at the end result perform their operations with regard to the information communicated (Sims, 2003). Good leadership has also influenced the employees of this company to work in one direction and this has been proved by their harmony in their operations.

Employee networks are encouraged in Best Buy whereby the employees are enlightened towards leadership and participation in skills development. This is a strategy that has enabled the success of the implementation process. The aim of encouraging participation is to enhance the experience of the employees and sensitize gender participation as well. The company also takes place in diversity training of employees and this has contributed towards better knowledge development and motivation to the staff. When it comes to organization structure, a decentralized system of the structure has been adopted in the organization to ensure maximum flexibility of employees. This has made it easier for the company to integrate the use of technology in managing operations and also the employees are able to perform their operations in a transparent manner. The work approach systems used by Best Buy are the open source approach and the ROWE system. These work approaches have enabled employees to get an opportunity to enjoy working with the company.

3.1.3 Community Engagement

Since it is the responsibility of any business to give back to the community, Best Buy has managed to engage the community towards creating an enabling environment both in the surrounding and the customers. The company has combined efforts with the stakeholders by encouraging participation and providing education programs to the community. It has also ensured that the community is well updated with technology by providing support for the technology sectors (Friedritch, 2013). Community participation is strengthened by the strong relationship between the employees, stakeholders and the customers. The company has developed programs that have been embraced by the community and thus it is able to fully participate in community development. These programs are;

At 15 programs is a process where teenagers are involved in the participation towards creating awareness of the products and services offered by the company. The program works in such a way that the teenagers are asked to air their views on their thoughts towards the company. They are also encouraged to develop proposals on how they would like the company to help them. They, therefore, organize themselves into teams and the best selected team is rewarded. This strategy has helped youths in the community and, therefore, enabling the company to maintain its image. Tag team awards are also another program that engages children in learning by enabling the company to participate in voluntary activities with the nonprofit making organizations. It is a program that helps those in need in the community and it sensitizes child education. The company has also engaged in disaster relief program whereby they provide necessities needed during a disaster through a voluntary campaign for helping out those in a disaster.

Community engagement is one of the aspects that build a company image because it depicts the progress of the company towards its corporate responsibility and ethics. It portrays how the company is considerate in ensuring that the community benefit from their services because community forms an aspect of customers, employees and shareholders in the company. Therefore, Best Buy has managed to depict their responsibility towards the community and this has fetched them a handful of attributes.

6.0 Conclusion

From the case study, we can come up with a conclusion that it is important for a company to always comply with the ethical and corporate responsibilities. This is seen from the fact that the company has been able to remain the best companies that supply electronic equipments. It also engages in environmental and energy conservation by recycling electronic waste. The company has been seen to participate in many initiatives to combat sustainability. When a company participates in community development by contributing their efforts to help sustain the nearby community, it is a great step towards building an image of the company together with sustaining the customers.

Environmental conservation comes in the form of energy saving and recycling of waste. This is a strategy that has been achieved by the company because it has initiated programs for enabling customers, stakeholders and employees to be able to acquire information for the recycling of electronic waste. The company also has established a good record of customer service because it is well known for providing satisfactory customer services to its consumers. A case study is a reflection of how companies should conduct their activities by setting out strategies that result to customer satisfaction, environmental conservation, employee engagement, community engagement and combating sustainability. Companies should, therefore, embrace the ethical issues and corporate responsibilities by conducting an environmental scanning to determine their immediate competitors, their customers and other aspects forming the external environment and, therefore, perform their operations while considering these aspects.


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