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Dell’s approaches to Site Design and Promotion

Dell’s approaches to Site Design and Promotion

The first type of approach used by Dell during site design to deliver offers to online customers is through its website. Through the website customers can review products, purchase and track the progress of their order. Secondly, there are online customers that love custom built products, and Dell satisfies these customers through flexibility of their design process. Additionally, Dell also emphasizes on formation of direct relationships with customers to know the products needed. (Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick, 2016)

In terms of promotion, Dell utilizes various approaches in meeting the needs of its online consumers. Dell monitors the sites visits of its online consumers as a way of understanding their behavior; this is enhanced by the use of the tactical online tool of “help me choose”. Tactical online promotions are also carried out on a weekly basis; they include approaches such as free shipping, money-off-discounts, free upgrades, free accessories and service upgrades. Digital media channels are also by Dell; these channels include paid ads on Google and display advertising on major technology websites. Moreover, affiliate marketing is also carried out to protect the Dell brand. Furthermore, email marketing such as sending e-newsletters to existing customers informing them of upcoming products is also utilized. Dell has also increased it use of social media advertising where they respond to instant customer feedback. The company has employed a social media team that creates influencer programs, and promotes Dell product offerings on the internet. Furthermore, apart from the main company website, Dell also has a blog where the company documents the features of its various products (Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick, 2016). In general, Dell’s approaches have been effective as the company has not only increased site traffic but also increased the number of followers on its social media.


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