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Case Study: Introduction to Systems Analysis

Question 1: The main business processes for the Cohen’s news agency booking system

The first main business process is Cohen’s news agency is to stock various newspapers. This is purposely to ensure that all the customers get the copy of the newspaper that the require. The papers arrive at the premise at 5:30 AM. Mrs. Cohen unpacks the load, separates the stacks into stacks of “Ages”, “Australians”, “Herald Suns” and “Clarions” and then inserts the special magazines and advertising material into the papers which carry them. The second process is the client to visit the organization at Chadford to open an account with them. Mrs. Cohen, who runs the business takes a blank card and the fills the essential details concerning the client. In essence, the details taken include the client name, address, the name of the newspaper required, the start date, amount owing, end date, and the status. The third business process that is conducted by Mrs. Cohen is to take one of the schedules of the delivery and change it. The schedule used for delivery entails the street name, house number, and the newspaper required (Aksyonov, Spitsina, & Smoliy, 2009).

The fourth business process takes place at 6 am when the boys arrives. They separate the papers based on the region to be delivered order. The papers are piled into four stacks and each stack entails four piles meant to be delivered in specific region to avoid mix up. Delivery schedule sheets are then used by the boys on their delivery routes. The fifth business process occurs at 6:45 AM when the tricycles are loaded and the boys set off to deliver the newspapers. The sixth business process occurs when the client wishes to change the type of newspaper to be supplied. The client visits the store or calls Mrs. Cohen to clarify this change. The seventh business process is for Mrs. Cohen to effect the change on the delivery card and adjust the delivery schedule.

The eighth process occurs when a client wants to cancel delivery for a known period. Mrs. Cohen alters the status from ‘on’ to ‘off’ and changes the start date. The ninth process occurs when a client wants to cancel delivery for unknown period. Then, Mrs. Cohen changes the status from ‘on’ to ‘off’ but does not adjust the start date. The tenth process occurs at the end of the day when Mrs. Cohen changes the distribution schedule for the following day. The eleventh process occurs at the end of the month when Mrs. Cohen prepares the invoices and posts them to the customers. The final business process in the premise occurs when the payments are received. Mrs. Cohen modifies the amount owing manually (Aksyonov, Spitsina, & Smoliy, 2009).

Summarized process documentation

  1. Stock different newspapers

  2. Client visits to open an account

  3. Mrs. Cohen changes the schedule of delivery

  4. Papers are separated based on the region to be delivered

  5. Tricycles are loaded and boys set off to distribute

  6. Visit of call to change type of newspaper

  7. Mrs. Cohen effect change on delivery card and schedule

  8. Cancel delivery for known period

  9. Adjust status from ‘on’ to ‘off’ and change start date

  10. Cancel delivery for unknown period

  11. Adjust the status from ‘on’ to ‘off’

  12. End of the day delivery schedule is changed

  13. Prepare and post invoices at end month

  14. When payments are received, modify the amounts owing

Question 2: Context diagram for the Cohen’s news agency booking system

case study

Order of events in the context diagram: stock Newspapers-Client opens Account-Change schedule-separate papers-load tricycles & set off-change paper effect change-cancel delivery effect cancellation-change delivery schedule-prepare and post invoices.

Question 3: Data flow diagram (DFD)

case study 1

case study 2

case study 3

Stock Newspapers

case study 4case study 5case study 6case study 7case study 8case study 9case study 10case study 11case study 12case study 13case study 14case study 15case study 16case study 17case study 18case study 19

Modify amounts owing

Prepare and post invoices

Change delivery for next day

Load tricycles and set off

Separate papers

Change schedule of delivery

Client open account

Question four: Decomposition of high level processes

case study 20case study 21case study 22case study 23case study 24case study 25case study 26

Delivery schedule

Unload & separate the stacks

Papers arrive at 5:30 Am

Stock Newspapers

case study 27case study 28case study 29case study 30case study 31case study 32case study 33case study 34case study 35case study 36case study 37

Change STATUS from ‘ON’ to ‘OFF’


Adjust STATUS from ‘ON’ to ‘OFF’

Cancel delivery period known?

Question 5: The user interface design for adding a new customer to the system

[PowerPoint interface attached]


Aksyonov. K.A., Spitsina, I.A., and Smoliy, E.F., 2009. Computer supported software development with BPsim products family integration of multiple approaches. In information and automation, 2009. ICIA’09. International Conference on (pp. 1532-1536). IEEE.