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Case Study

Case study: McDonalds

McDonald’s is facing major challenges after Western countries began to legislate on stricter measures on obesity. The negative projection by the media is a major hurdle after the film Super Size Me anticipated fast food as addictive and endangering children. The company is also being hit by politicians who want restricted TV advertising or total ban on children food ads (McArthur 2005). Attitude change after public awareness of the new products has not yielded the desired results. Difference in market stature and position is making it difficult for McDonalds to penetrate the UK market. The consumer market is also comprised of people eating without exercising or eating too much and doing very little (Gray & Adamy 2005). Meeting government demands for marketers to promote a healthy lifestyle. Conservative consumers presenting with healthier Golden Arches will still take it for fries and burgers.

McDonalds has tried to approach consumers on its new cholesterol free chicken and fruits but it is difficult because most European consumers have fixed tastes and mindsets. The company issued a disclaimer that people should eat and exercise or work but none is bearing fruit. The company agrees to obesity but denies any association of obesity to its products (McArthur 2005). The company runs ads on grilled chicken and bag fruits but produces fries and burgers which are popular and easy to sell. The ads are not honest and reflect less on the determination to reduce obesity. The company is also wrong on French fast foods after claiming that it is better compared to traditional French fare. Reducing the budget on kids’ ad on fast food either will not change the attitude of kids.

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