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Marketing Essay

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Marketing is a process of communicating, creating and delivering the stated valued service to consumer or customer. Research is a complete systematic study of a problem collected and analyzed to enable solving of marketing problems. The Gold Coast Institute of TAFE (GCIT) is an organization that covers mentorship in managing and solving problems in business firms to students who join their institution. For marketing to be successful, the management decisions and marketing research should be taken into account since they form the basis for developing effective plans.

The thesis of this project is based on management decision problems, marketing research problems, the objective of the study and the review of the finding of repertory test.

Management decision problem

The management decision problem is a crucial process that involves (Anderson et al., 2015) close study, evaluation and making the effective action in solving the identified problem. What is more important is the study of marketing in Central Queensland University Bundaberg campus research on the tender provision by the GCIT Company more so by their forms of decision making. The Institute has a department responsible for justifying on education qualification, training and abiding by business portfolio in balancing the risk associated with marketing process. Should we employ, the decision in fostering marketing process will improve the marketing? The decision process as per our study as per interviews and reviews of business reports whereby we estimated that the primary demand in marketing is effective decision which act as a guide in meeting the priorities of the company. The GCIT Company wanted contract entered to make decision and also be used as a base of satisfying the set objectives of the firm

Marketing research problem

The marketing research process is the passing of the valid information that can bind customers, management, and stakeholders of the business. The GCIT address its clients using writing or verbal talk on the service delivery and products they should supply in the market. This approach helps in improving sales as the best product is delivered to the market. The warranty and loyalty action of an employee stated in the verbal information. More in this is the is control of criminal act of participating in the private contract as said I section 89 of the Criminal Code Act of 1899 whereby it is taken as the violation of the law of contract. The institution employed a method of consultation to inquire on misunderstanding and solving a problem arising during the process of marketing. The GCIT has devised techniques of identifying progress and assessing of service to its customers. The survey is used to getting feedback from the clients in prevailing service delivery this approach help in reducing laxity and misplaced agendas of the staff during the exercise. The primary reason for the marketing research is to answer the following question;

  • What is the transparency in marketing?

  • Which is the existing market opportunity?

  • How can cost input be minimized as the profit increase?

The sole purpose of carrying out marketing research is to satisfy customer expectation in pricing and the package of commodities in the market. The students in of Central Queensland University Bundaberg gain the knowledge in which is vital in making the expected decision in delegating responsibilities


Taking into account marketing study the primary goals of the research is;

  • To improve the planning policies and program.

  • To reduce the cost of marketing.

  • To formulate in proper pricing, I regard to products.

  • To study in the business regulation policies and competition existing in the market.

Basing on the interview carried out in GCIT where we were able to note that for every offer to be successful if can successfully meet the current brand requirements as stated by the policies of the Institute as well as abiding according to existing market conditions. Typically from the study employees have laxity in service delivery was evident from the research in the Institute. Thus concerning the objective on this investigation on regulation policies of the government in the production process and also checking on marketing competition. The findings from field study depict that the information passed to the public by the government have an impact on attitude in the market especially on matters dealing with customers satisfaction. The knowledge of the company on existing external market competition enables them to make effective planning avoid its product raising the question. The reaction as perceived by the public is a confirmatory test of trust on individual service. The idea was employed from the statement of Institute on the necessity of transparency and accessibility of its staff. The government regulation body issues report yearly on the trending market operation in which investors, customers and service providers take a keen interest in the comment made on them. Hence, the need of keeping standards on service delivery is an important aspect of the marketing environment.

The use of qualitative approach such as observation is very vital is estimating the relationship of the business to its clients. The behavior of individuals gives the direct picture of the attitude connecting them with the firm. The other important technique is in-depth interviews were taking of the personal histories and experience on products helps in getting the extent of trust of companies commodities. In marketing field, the purchase of the product is directly linked to the customers’ prior knowledge of the product and companies history existing in the market.

In conclusion, marketing process is a broad field that employs commitment of management, consumers, and the organization staff. For an organization to be successful must apply marketing skills and the use of efficient personnel in marketing. To maintain the existing business scope and make further improvements on the firm ethics and meeting the set objective of the company lies in the commitment of the organization management and the approach used in the marketing environment to compete with other similar service providers.


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