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5B&Q Case Study

B&Q Case Study


Branding is one of the major moves corporations are undertaking and spending millions planning as well as implementing brand activities (Nandan, 2005). Novel researches are issued and frameworks are formulated on a day-to-day basis with the effort to finally identify the holy grail of brand management. Ever since the 1980’s, researchers have explored the areas, range as well as the prospective of a brand (Nandan, 2005). They have formulates numerous concepts, principles, theoretical frameworks as well as thoughts having a vast point of view on how brand should be conceptualized and managed. Therefore, this assessment will discuss the effectiveness of consumer insight on advertising and the elements of building a successful brand siting B&Q as a case.

Consumer Insight

Consumer insight first starts with the ability of a business to understand their consumers especially when coming up with a new product for the market (Janiszewska, 2013). This perception businesses plant to their consumers through an advertisement is a very significant undertaking that can either make or even break a business. Therefore, businesses ought to understand how their products appeal to a specific demographic group. Understanding a consumer’s insight means getting to know how and why they act a certain way, how they dissipate information to others as well as the influences brought about by their cultures in determining their understanding and insight (Janiszewska, 2013).

Therefore, a consumer insight is very important when measuring the effectiveness of an advertising campaign since the consumer information is fundamental. Involving consumers as equal partners in the creative team goes a long way in identifying what they really need in the market (Janiszewska, 2013). This in turn brings about a better understanding of the consumers as well as the marketplace and how that information can be effectively be used within a business in order to offer an essential bridge to develop better ideas faster (Janiszewska, 2013). For instance, B&Q came up with a ‘Staffer’ campaign which encouraged their customers to take up DIY projects. Furthermore, B&Q had very experienced staff, which enjoyed a level of status with their customers (Rigby, 2015). This move increased the confidence of their customers thus allowing the store to gain more insight about their customers. Additionally, they also used staff as their spokespeople in their advertisements. This tapped into the insight of their customers satisfying most of their needs through showing them that they are reliable and dependable.

Elements of a Successful Brand Image

Successful brands not only rely in their own effectiveness to advertising brand but also to various elements such as communicating value over function, creating an experience and becoming innovative among others (Nandan, 2005). These elements play a major role in ensuing success of a brand. Communicating value over function is very important to companies these days because many brands of products can operate in a similar way for even a cheaper cost therefore, communicating value to the consumers promotes the brands image (Nandan, 2005). For example, B&Q explored their brand value and personality and through the ‘Staffer’ campaign, the company was able to create an emotional relationship between their consumers and their brand (Rigby, 2015).

In addition, creating an experience is also important for a brand image. This leaves the consumers wanting more of what you offered them. Involving your consumers in their overall shopping experience creates a wave of confidence within them which helps promote the image of the brand (Nandan, 2005). For instance, B&Q created an experience for their customers by reassuring them that they were receiving the right advice, tools and materials for their projects. Furthermore, the staff at B&Q seemed to enjoy a level of status with their customers since they were offering their customers with the information they exactly needed (Rigby, 2015). The staff also made themselves approachable and increase their customer’s confident without any form of pretentiousness giving their customers great experience.

Additionally, becoming innovative also plays a major role in promoting a brand’s image. Developing innovative marketing strategies for instance, using your own staff members to market your brand goes a long way into making a successful brand (Nandan, 2005). B&Q successfully used their staff members to advertise their own brand showing their expertise in a certain product. B&Q’s customers credited them for being the most innovative in terms of featuring staff members in their advertisements.


To sum up, branding is among the most fundamental aspect of marketing and if carried on appropriately, it may bring about the massive success of a brand. Furthermore, consumer insight helps a brand identify what a consumer wants and their thoughts on a certain product. Therefore, brands can focus on determining the insight of consumers in an effort to build their brand image. Additionally, elements such as communicating value over function, creating an experience and becoming innovative helps in determining the overall success of a brand.


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