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The Challenges of My First Job at Asacura International

Three Case Study Questions

  1. Team situation and team processes

For Julie Mok the first week was exciting because it was a week of mutual adaptation. Julie was new to the team; she was getting to know it and possibly the team were getting to know her as well. But one thing Julie seems to have either undermined or ignored to underline was that the team’s first reaction after meeting her was that they told her they had been working together for a long time. Since they were unanimous in saying that means they wanted to stress the point because they believed they were impregnable. It is sometimes an indirect hint to the new team leaders to understand the bonding old teams in the office have. Old teams normally expect either team situation or non-team situations from the new team members. New team members, just as Julie was, have to recognise the difference between the two so that they could make conscious trade offs between performance potential of team action and speed of individual action. Julie does not seem to have paid any serious attention to this; one reason that led to her getting perturbed after Harry Main confronted her to have a one-on-one talk with him. Harry’s statement had an undercurrent of disenchantment with Julie and in a sense he delivered a terse warning to her either to integrate herself with the team or listen to what the team says carefully.

  1. Sources of power

Harry, as is evident from the case study, is not an efficient worker and yet he exerts power, most of which he must have been deriving from bossing around the rest of team members. He has assumed power among all because rest have allowed him to be powerful. He does not even hold a responsible position among the rest, so his power is not legitimate. His power comes from coerciveness, which can go to the extent of ridicule and verbal abuse. This is apparent because quite recently harry had threatened Enriique Armo that he would go and complain against her to the human resource head. Harry derives his main source of power by the empowerment other team members have given him; either because he is too arrogant to handle or because he has mastered the art of bullying. Some of the power that he wields might also be coming from his personal characteristics too. Harry changes his power equations; when he presented himself in front of Julie for the first time, he possibly exerted group’s collective power. But when allowed to thrive on his own, he exerts his social influence.

  1. Three strategies

There are several methods of dealing with conflict situations as Julie has in hand. One of them is ‘collaborating’, another ‘compromising’, the third one being ‘accommodating’, then ‘competing’, and finally ‘avoiding’. Julie is the project head, so she cannot afford to either compete or avoid. She has to be team-inclusive. So best she can do is accommodate harry tactfully knowing that it is only a question of time before she moves to Melbourne on a much higher and responsible task. Her friend, Anna, seems to be suggesting her just that.