Career plan 1( week 1-3) Essay Example

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Week 1

In my career as a diplomat, I have set goals that will make me satisfied in my job. My short term goals are finishing and excelling in my education and qualifying for a career in diplomacy. The long term goals are based on five years from now. My long term career goal is to attain comprehensive growth in my career. The second goal is gaining expertise while the last goal is gaining stability. Five years from now, I want to be a successful diplomat working in the government. This will be attained through my education level, skills and dedication to my work.

I expect that I will gain a lot of experience from my job that will make me to be considered as a consultant. This is after spending time in my profession. According to Hull-Blanks et al., (2005), being an expertise gives one an opportunity to be hired by other companies as a consultant. To be successful in attaining my goals, i will be required to be a good listener, problem solver and the ability to communicate well. I will also attain my goals by being a dedicated diplomat and serious about my job. I will also try my best to be consistent in my productivity to attain these goals.

Week 2

Networking helps in creating relationships and reputations that lasts through knowing people who can assist in our career path. In the field of diplomacy, I have already made contacts with several professionals. This is through use of LinkedIn which is one of the largest professional networks. My contacts have been able to assist me in my career paths and guiding me on opportunities. With the growth of social and professional networks, making contacts with people in my area of work is easy. I am also able to make contacts during the internships in diplomacy departments. My main strength in networking is my good communication skills. I am able to start conversation easily and make new friends. My main weakness has been failure to take early opportunities to network. This is a weakness that I am already addressing.

Gerard (2011) asserts that social media has become a major area for professional networking. There is need for one to take the opportunity and use the social media to their advantage. I am an active user of social sites which has helped me a lot in networking. An article by de Janasz and Forret (2007) shows that at the moment, a lot of people lands jobs through networking. I believe that networking will help me in gaining my first job. Networking helps in knowing opportunities early, face reduced competition, gain job recommendations and gain access to employers (de Janasz and Forret, 2007).

Week 3

As a diplomat, there are qualities and skills one is expected to have. One is expected to be of good health and resilience. The mental health is also expected to be good. I’m an open minded person with tolerance, good listener and patience. I also learn fast and outgoing. A diplomat is expected to be proficient in language and have a good interaction with the media. They are also expected to have good information management. I possess these skills apart from interaction with media which I am working hard to develop. I am also working in my information management since this is an area that I am yet to perfect.

A diplomat is expected to think of things in well organised way. A career in diplomacy also requires one to have ability of looking at the larger picture. According to McRae (2007), one is expected to learn new languages and use them confidently. As professional diplomat, one is supposed to handle situations without provoking others or making them defensive. It involves having skills that leads to a resolution benefits all. According to Butterfield (2010) diplomat most important skills are; negotiating, complementing others, making peace and helping others think rationally. These are skills that I will maintain as I progress in my career path.


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