Career Development Essay Example

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The chaos theory of career is a model which is mathematical, and hence, it is majorly applied in the natural sciences. The model tends to answer the question; ‘what extent is the dynamic nature of the world and how do people deal with changes to adapt to the dynamics?’

The chaos theory of career is relevant as it helps the customers in addressing the life complexity, the changes as well as the chance which the challenges posed. According to the theory, complexity hinders the accurate predictability in career development. The theory is characterized by different elements which aid the counselors and clients in the discovery of the right careers depending on the factors influencing the career. The elements are usually explained in theory; they include complexity, emergency, nonlinearity, unpredictability, attractors and phase shifts (Massaglia 2009, p. 1).

According to this theory, careers are influenced by changes. Life changes are continually making careers unpredictable, and therefore, one does not necessarily do what he or she wants but the careers which life offers. Therefore, according to the chaos theory of career, the statement; “doing what you love means you’ll never have to work a day in your life” is true as it is not easy to predict future careers. One must utilize the career chances offered by life dynamics even if they are not in line with what he or she loves.

I have a passion for public health and would want to further my education in the field to make me competent. I already know my weaknesses and already working on them. The chaos theory of career does not always apply on the negative dimension. I firmly believe even though life is dynamic, we can adjust it to fit in our career choices. For instance, I want to be competent in the public health field. Hence, I work hard to improve my skills.


Massaglia, V. C. 2009. Chaos Theory and Career Development. The Incidental Career, p. 1.