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Propaganda campaign on MH370


Propaganda is a set of information that is formulated by a group, organization or state personnel to lure the public, group of individuals and researchers about particular facts existing. The propaganda has been the primary tool of convincing special kind of people to accept intended message. Basing in the recent loss of the Malaysian airline MH370 that was carrying the passengers estimated to be 239 on board. The different activist has come up with information on the loss of the plane in Malaysia. Despite a massive multinational corporate research on the missing airline, the propaganda is taking its course which has led to various theories on the missing plane in Malaysia.

The society that propaganda is being practiced over an extended period of time as per the history of propaganda tells the freedom (Buşu, Teodorescu and Gîfu, 2014, p82-93) of using propaganda in the community. The organization existing are authoritarian, and liberal society exist in propagating lured information on the missing plane MH370 off the Malaysian airline. The authoritarian is a society that exercises power over its subject on the issue being addressed so as to manipulate the public to accept its proposal. The government of Malaysia is using the prime minister to give the confidential information on the missing plane. The prime minister issues a statement that should not interfere. The liberal society is the society in which there is democracy on matters to be addressed. The presence of this kind of freedom enables the community to have the conspiracy theories on the missing Boeing 777.

Activist plays a significant role in emphasizing the ongoing propaganda especially on facilitating a truth or convincing information. The unpredicted loss of the plane MH370 from the Kuala Lumpur, which led to various conspiracy theories drawn from the incident of the mysterious loss of MH370. (Hyun and Kim, 2015, p766-781) The media has been the leading part spreading the activist campaign from the loss of the plane. The CNN is one of the press that is involved in covering the negative critics on the loss of the Malaysian plane. The most unexpected part of this is the fact that they have no clue of the loss, but they argue vehemently more so blaming the Malaysian government for the loss. The social activist from the Israel lawyer Matthias Chang who is a social activist and also a political activist is one of the convincing fellows defending the Zionist Israel. From his study, he views the issue of the loss of the plane to be very multi-dimensional and hence he considers the information presented by the media as bias and not supporting them in finding the real issue. The activist is becoming prominent in sending messages to families based on their thinking which mostly rely on the attitude as well as the previous history of different nations. (Boyle, 2016, p.18) The propaganda is also gaining its power over which people don’t follow a scientific study in presenting their views to the target audience. The public opinion is used as well to express the emotional reaction of the different respondent. The activist is using the social media as in the New York Times is one of the press that is using images of the plane in presenting propaganda. The magazine also argues that the aircraft MH370 is the other lost plane MH17 in which diverts the study of the real missing plane.

The political environment is widely linked to the propaganda as evident in the political views as seen from the study made by the conspiracy theories on the loss of MH370. The South Korea uses the previous history that North Korea had nearly taken the plane of Chinese Southern Airline which had crossed their nation three days later it was reported that Mh370 was missing hence it’s likely to be associated with North Korea. The political society in propaganda is much linked with the use of words like my fellow citizen so as to make the public be of his or her level in presenting the propaganda. The convincing information will be effective in a choice of such words by the ruling parties. The Malaysian Prime Minister is taking his time to convince the families who lost their beloved once. The message contained soothing words that help to relax the volatile parents who felt like the issue was not addressed well by the government. The information available in the media is that frightening from the family members some referring to the prime minister that they will kill him for not taking the issue seriously. The debris discovered in the Mozambique islands is used by the government as an evidence of the loss of the plane into the Indian Ocean. But the contradicting thing is that the aircraft could have subdivided into small debris on landing into the water due to impact. The issue also that arises is the fact that several floating parts of the plane could have been found which made people have diverted thinking that the plane had possibly flown for four hours without being dedicated.

The transparency in presenting the issues concerning the propaganda is complicated since the information is lured to suit the activist intended purpose. Hence, in dealing with propaganda the level of transparency is in question and hence, information should not be trusted. The other factor that makes it invalid to accept the information presented is the fact it’s based on the argument in which scientific research not done. The propaganda is based on ideologies, and that is the reasons there are very many views about the MH370 proofing the fact that the presented views are not very reliable and hence the degree of transparency. The American government is seen rebellious over the argument attached to their military personnel who are reported to have used attacked the plane accidentally in their training exercise.

Like any other propaganda, the activist used the tools of propaganda on the MH370, and this confirms propaganda be unique and with universal features. The employed skills of propaganda are:

  • Exaggeration. The overstating of the ideas that describe the incident is evident as the Zionist considers the lost plane as Al Qaeda attack but the incident of attack is not spotted hence justifying the exercise being an exaggeration of events.

  • Big lie. The issue of lies is evident in the episode of conspiracy theories as it was based on the allegations that a given group of individuals have in reference to the matter. The South Korea is using its bias thinking to North Korea on the missing plane.

  • Testimonials. The South Korea testifies to know more about the mischiefs of North Korea in attacking planes hence should be the suspects of the missing flight 370.

Literature review

The propaganda is a unique feature that is being exercised in all societies with as studied by the scholar Burke which he views the propaganda as an art in which he terms it to be non-pejorative sense. The propaganda is also a sense of belief and attitude to a particular matter. The society has various ideas on the loss of the plane Mh370 and hence forcing them to have propaganda views especially that there is democracy giving them room to have diverse opinions on one matter. The propagandist is using the philosophical knowledge to bring the ideas into action where he or she employs a style that suits the audience with particular ethical language to meet the target.

The media is one of the best sites used by the activist (Weiss, 2012, p205) to meet his or her audience on the matter. Like on this propaganda on MH370 was very evident on CNN and the New was very evident on CNN and the New York Magazine. The critics made their views elaborately as seen the CNN a western podcasting station that is attacking the Malaysian government of failing to have the security that is very competent in detecting the Boeing 777 that led to the disappearance that is not traced. The media is becoming very influential when it handles the propaganda. The news that was shared by the CNN concerning the Malaysian government for the allegations that proved their weakness in solving (Chong and Chang, 2016, pp. 75-98) security matters.

The political environment is also among the influential sectors that employ the propaganda while saying the public to take their arguments. (Tumin and Ndoma, 2013, pp.86-95) The political difference between America and Iraq makes them views Iraq as the suspects in the attack. The allegations are also based on the religious difference between the Islam’s and Christians.

The society and propaganda are termed to be linked as it is forming the basis of a study of public opinion contained in the propaganda. The negative information formulated by the government several conspiracy theories are generated to support the ideology despite it being very negative. The scholars have been relating the ethical understanding of pubic relation and propaganda leading to evaluation of the information critically to avoid false ideologies communicated in the society.

Walter Lippmann is one of the scholars that have considered propaganda to be a negative public opinion that lacks the base of truth as activist tries to sway the public to follow their course. The propaganda was used by Germany during Second World War to unite its supports as well as gaining rebellion from their enemies who garnered support to defend their nations

The models of propaganda according to scholars have been developing to alter the intended purpose as communication treated differently. The propaganda models used to measure propaganda are:

  • Media ownership.

  • Sourcing.

  • Advertising.

  • Anticommunist ideology.

According to scholars, there should be a relationship between the audience and the activist of the propaganda. The MH370 propaganda develops reactions all over the world that shows divergent thinking of society and how people exploit the propaganda to share their thinking in the liberal society. Different from the communist who impose the information contained in the propaganda as per the corresponded of Carlos Williams, who uses posters to emprise the ideology being shared to convince the society on the propaganda.

In conclusion, propaganda depended on in public opinion, the kind of society handling the propaganda and the democracy existing in the particular environment. The propaganda has proven to be a powerful tool in convincing and swaying the public based on the ideologies that exist.


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