Chain drive system Essay Example


The aim of the paper was to design chain drive system which hard a revolution of 1000rpm and an input of 25kw. The chain pulley system has a guard system which protected it from falling thus creating safety for usage. It is mounted on the table. Aluminum alloy has been used to make the pulleys and the belt. The distance from the centre is taken to be 20 pitches and the diameter of driving sprocket was calculated to 360 while the diameter of the driven sprocket was 1090, the minimum centre distance was 700, the number of links was 120.

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Introduction 4

4Materials for design

Design calculations 5

7Design and Assembly




The aim of the paper is to design a chain drive system which is necessary in a machine that compresses aluminum cans. The chain drive system has a speed redaction ratio of 3:1 and transmits power over a distance of less than 1m. The required input power is 25kW from the motor which turns at a revolution of 1200 rpm. The machine must have a protection to cater for large number human within a limited space.

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Figure 1: sketch of pulley system

Materials for design

The chain drive system will have roller chain, belt clip and slip, a wheel, bolts, sprockets. All this materials will be made of steel and aluminum. Aluminum as been selected because of its density and thermal conductivity Aluminum easily forms an oxide therefore corrosion is minimized, for steel it will be used in some sections which will be replaced from time to time. Am alloy of aluminum will have hardness that is necessary for this system.

There have been accurate analyses meant to figure out very well the internal structure of a bearing so as to provide frequencies that is the appropriate one for motor and pulley. During the calculation of the various frequencies used in the bearings, the calculations do require one to know some basic information that is typically known. For example, the typical information includes the diameter small and larger size. However, there are some manufacturers that do change particular internal designs so as to complicate the specifications. Consequently, the specified bearings sizes are not changed. What the manufactures guarantee is that the typical information concerning parameters: size, speed or load deployed: is not easily known.

Design calculations

Design a chain drive with the following calculations:

Pi=25kw, w1=1200rmp, centre distance of the chain drive system<1000mm, Ks=1.4, N1=20,duplex strand.

The number of the teeth in the driving and the driven sprockets



By Student’s name 1N2=34 teeth

The input power Pi is 25kW

the design power is Pd=PiBy Student’s name 2ks

=25By Student’s name 31.4

Pitch of chain, width of chain and roller diameter,

Pitch of chain=24.8mm

Width of chain=16.23mm

Roller diameter=16.0mm

The sprocket diameter,

d=20By Student’s name 424.8=496mm

D=38By Student’s name 524.8=1041.4mm

minimum centre distance,

Cmin=(D+d)/2 +droller By Student’s name 6


Number of links
By Student’s name 7

Input power
Speed of driving sprocket
Speed of driven sprocket
Number of teeth in driving sprocket
Number of teeth in driven sprocket
Service factor, ks
Design power
Required power
Diameter of roller
Diameter of driving sprocket
Diameter of driven sprocket
Diameter of driven sprocket
Minimum centre distance
Number of links
Actual centre distance

Design and Assembly

The figure 2 shows a pulley wheel designed from aluminum and it’s cylindrical with a hole in the middle where it will be held when rotating. There will be two pulleys which will be spooked and the pole next to the pulley is the shaft that will be holding the pulley together. The shaft and the pulley will rotate together.

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Figure 2: pulley and shaft

The following shows belt cross sectional attached to the pulley, it has a v shaped figure and it rotates when the pulley and the shaft are rotating.

By Student’s name 9

A suitable chain drives system

The figure below shows the bolt that will be used in this case

By Student’s name 10

A suitable chain drives system — design parameters.

By Student’s name 11

b.) schematic layout of suitable guard for the chain drive system

The following is a guard for the chain drive system it shows the machine, the motor, and the chain drive system placed on the working station which is a table. The table provides a working station which is firm and can not in any way fall and cause damage

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A pulley system as been designed which has 35 numbers of teeth in a driven sprocket. The belt is 1m and it has the ability to achieve a speed reduction ratio of 3:1 the designed power is 35kw while the input power is 25kw and the service ratio was determined to be 1.4. These were used to calculate Minimum parameters capability which has been highlighted in the table 1 above. The design was done successfully to understand the concepts of drive system.


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