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Skills Impact is a national Skills Service Organization (SSO) that works with various industries based on grown and renewable resources. The organization works with other organizations in the development of standards and qualifications in industries represented by these organizations. It is a start-up company that intends to recruit more employees specifically, an Information Technology Manager. The company works closely with ForestWorks which supports the development of the forest, wood and timber products. This paper covers the job analysis, selection and recruitment techniques that can be applied by Skills Impact and further provides a link to career planning approaches.

Job Analysis, Selection and Recruitment Techniques

An IT manager is responsible for the smooth running of the computer systems of an organization. Such a manager is responsible for the supervision of the implementation and maintenance of the computing needs of the company. The control and evaluation of IT and electronic data operations are the responsibility of the IT manager.

The job analysis process is made up of three elements namely research, job descriptions, and person specifications. Research involves a clear definition of the nature and purpose of the job and whether or not it is necessary. The job description element focuses on the job title, department and pays grade. Person specification covers the skills, experience, qualifications, personal qualities and knowledge expected of the potential employee. Some of the techniques used in job analysis include observation, interview, questionnaire and work diary. Observation involves gathering information about a job position through focusing on observable activities, for example, those of an IT manager. Interviews are meant to ascertain that the job applicant has the person specifications required for the job. Questionnaires are also important in gathering information about the interviewee to determine their suitability for a position. Work diaries are used to gather information for high-level job opportunities (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development 2015, 15).

The recruitment process mainly involves attracting applicants for the job. Some of the techniques used include internal recruitment, job centers, advertising, employment agencies and online recruitment. The internal recruitment technique is where the company offers the positions available to the existing employees. Such a technique cannot work for Skills Impact Company because they only have three employees. In case ForestWorks has experienced persons to work in the IT department in Skills Impact Company, an agreement can be made to recruit from the company. Such a decision would ensure a smooth transition since the recruit would be aware of the culture of the organizations. Job centers are mainly used for semi-skilled positions especially in the immediate locality (Gusdorf 2008, 10). This may also not work for the position of IT manager. Advertising involves publishing the vacant position on national newspapers and appropriate journals. This seems like the most effective way to attract applicants for the IT manager’s job. The company may also use employment agencies where they handle all the procedures and provide the candidate to take the job. Internet recruitment may include an advertisement on the company’s website or specialist online recruitment websites and social networking sites (Gusdorf 2008, 7).

The selection process covers techniques such as data collection, candidate assessment, and comparison. Data collection involves gathering information about the candidate through the application forms, the curriculum vitae, references, interviews and online questionnaires. Candidate assessment involves evaluating the candidate against the criteria set out in the person specification and reaching an objective judgment. The final technique is to compare the candidate assessment with the person specification to determine the candidate who is the closest fit for the job. It involves determining whether the applicant has excellent knowledge of technical management, experience with computer networks and expertise in data center management (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development 2015, 17).

Context and Culture

Skills Impact is mainly involved in activities that require cooperation with other organizations such as ForestWorks. Unity and cooperation are an important element of the culture of the organization. It is, therefore, important to ensure that the employees recruited to the organization can work as a team and be ready to cooperate with others. The expansion of the company means an increase in its activities. The recruitment process must be ones that address the future needs of the company. This is more so regarding the increased level of activities and operations with organizations in the agriculture, food, and pharmaceutical, horticulture, forestry and racing industries.

Career planning and management assessment involves taking control of the career to ensure that it meets the professional and institutional objectives. It is important for organizations to ensure that the positions or careers created to support the achievement of the objectives that have been laid down. The problem facing Skills Impact Company is the lack of employees to help in carrying out the operations of the organization. The creation of the job opportunities has to be in aid of the achievement of the laid down goals. The creation of the IT manager’s position has to be for the purpose of ensuring the efficiency of the company in its activities (Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices 2015, 19).

The company has to promote career development, focus on developing increased knowledge and skills for the employees and consider ways to utilize the strengths, passion, talents and experience of the employees. Regarding the IT manager, the company has to find ways to utilize their strength and potential for the benefit of the organization. The employees have to be regularly trained to keep up with changing practices in their fields. The purpose is to ensure that there are no limitations to the tasks being performed (Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices 2015, 21).


The job analysis, selection, and recruitment techniques ensure that the recruitment process is beneficial to the company. The purpose of a recruitment exercise is to ensure that the right people are hired for certain positions. It is important to carry out career planning and management assessment to ensure that the employees’ strengths and potential are utilized to the benefit of the company.


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