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Technology and engineering

  1. Engineering management can be described as a field of study which merges together the aspect of engineering which is technological problem solving with the other aspects of management. They are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Management on the other hand involves four main sectors namely planning organizing, leading and controlling and there is therefore the absence of the technological part which is in engineering. Engineering is therefore a branch of management.

  2. Students can decide to fail to attend a given event or lecture in unison. Due to this therefore, they act as one being. This may be contrary to some of the desires of some who would be having the will to attend the event or lecture.

  3. There are some things that can be learnt from classical management thinking. The first attribute is that it emphasizes the doctrine of division of labor. The second aspect is that it seeks at offering monetary incentives for the better performance of the employees. The final aspect is that it seeks at promoting autocratic leadership.

  4. The positive values of the model of bureaucracy are that the management by rules results to the ensuring of control and consistency in the operations.

  5. Engineering management involves technological problem solving. Leadership on the other hand seeks at ensuring the attainment of the best level of performance from the individuals facilitated by the leader. It is therefore broad in nature.

  6. Strategies are bound to be affected by some conditions such as social, economic or political. They as such require alternatives which will be used incase of failure of the main objectives.

  7. Many changes should take place in the organization structure as a result of change in information revolution. Some include the creation of an IT department that and a systems management department to deal with the communication and passing of information.

  8. No. this is due to the emergence of the aspect and development of virtual teams. They can work from all the corners of the world without necessarily moving to the different geographical locations.

  9. The mission statement of the Google Company is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

  10. The vision of a company underlines the progress that the company seeks to achieve in the future. On the other hand, the mission shows the measures that it has put in place to achieve its vision.

  11. This is justifiable. This is because the trained employees can use the knowledge they have gathered at the expense of the company to the benefit of the competitors and rivals for example by quitting and joining them.

  12. In the preparation of the resume, there are some things that should be taken into consideration. The first is that it should be clear to read. It should also be very objective and relevant in nature. Similarly, it should contain the contact details of the applicant. Finally, it should be prepared with utmost honesty.

  13. Yes. There is a general shift in the management to servant leadership. First, all parties are being involved in the decision making of the companies. There has also been a shift in the previously autocratic leadership to a more democratic form of leadership hence more of servant leadership.

  14. There are some leadership qualities that are possessed by Steve Jobs. The first and the most evident one is that he is very confident in all that he does. He also has a vision that drives him. Similarly, he acts with a controlled urgency in his undertakings. Lastly, he has an exceptional degree of influence.

  15. Planning helps in the creation of a good and clear flow of activities and events. It helps in proper allocation of time to the activities to be undertaken.

  16. Financial reports help in the showing of the financial performance of a given entity over time. It also helps in the determination of the effectiveness of the strategies thathave been put in place by the entity. Through this, it aids in the determination of the beneficial and least beneficial aspects of the business.

  17. The engineering problem solving method is appropriate for engineers as it involves the development of the relevant technologies and systems to handle a certain given issue in question. It is slower but more accurate.

  18. Line authority represents the superior and subordinate line of authority. This is where orders are given to the subordinates by the superiors. On the other hand, staff authority can be described as the right that people have to give directions and advice to the people who are in higher positions together with the other staff in an entity.

  19. A. the Delphi technique has several characteristics. They are namely; anonymity of the participants, the regular feedback and the structuring of the flow of the information. Another trait is the unique role of the facilitator.

B. a good example of the use of the Delphi technique is in forecasting.

  1. In the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, salary falls under the category of psychological needs. This is because it is through the use of the salary received that the other needs such as hunger and thirst can be achieved.

Quantitative problems

  1. Bonds are my preferred option. This is because they have a higher expected return value as compared to the other options in question. This is determined by the addition of the different scenarios

Bonds = 0.4 / 1*12 + 0.3/ 1*6 + 0.3/1*3 = 7.5

Stocks = 0.4/1*15 + 0.3 / 1*-2 + 0.3/1*4 = 6.6

Certificates = 0.4/1*4.5 + 0.3/1*4.5 + 0.3/1 *4.5 = 4.5

  1. In this case, the decision variables are the number of roughing and finishing minutes that are required to meet the requirements of the contract and maximize the profits. The objective function in this case is the number of regular and deluxe skis to produce to maximize the profits. The constraints in this case it the time that is available of 1000 minutes and 800 minutes.

= 1000R + 800F = P profitability – decision variables

= (40R+20F) + (20R+ 27F) = P profits – objective function

= R <= 1000 — constraint

= F <= 800 — constraint

  1. In this case, the decision variables are the means in which the company will use to attain the best possible weekly production schedule of the computers. The objective function is the determination of the number of units of the given computers that are to be producedto maximize the profits that are made by the company. The constraints in this case are the time constraint.

= 150M + 250 N = P profitability

= (4M + 2N) + (M +3N) = P production

= M<= 150 – constraint

N <= 250 — constraint

  1. Based on the average with weights, the sales for the year 2010 would be 0. However, with the use of the four year moving average method, the predicted sales for the year 2010 would be $86000. The answers are predictions and are based on assumption and therefore they do not necessarily reflect the actual state of the company.

Year 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Amount` 48000 64000 67000 83000 86000

Rates 0.30 0.15 0.05 0

Differences 0.15 0.10 0.05

Differences 2 0.5 0.5 0.5

  1. The Acme Companybasedon the weighted moving average with the weights would translate to a sales level of 0 for the following year. However, based on the simple four year moving average, the sales for the company amount to 80000 for the following year. They are predictions arrived at following the use of the analysis of the figures that have been attained over the presiding and subsequent years.

Year 2011 2012 2013 2014

Amounts ` 50000 64000 67000 80000

Differences 14000 3000 13000 4000

Differences 2 11000 10000 9000


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