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from week: 1-10Exercise

Folio Exercise chosen: 1-10

Folio text:

Exercise 1: Fairytale

and to write a version of this fairy tale in another genre.)’,Bluebeardyou will be asked read a piece about genre, two versions of (

time ago, there lived two close friends. The two close friends were monkey and crocodile. They did a lot of their things together. Some of the things they did together include washing, cooking as well as going for evening walks together. These constant meetings increased the bond between the two friends. They even planned on marrying from the same family so that their friendship may not be ruined by partners who are from different backgrounds and who may be a threat to their friendship that has existed for a long time. However, the monkey stayed on the trees, and the crocodile stayed on the water. At one point, famine struck their land, and they had nothing to eat. These two friends searched from all the possible sources to find for food, but they could not find. The famine was so severe that the crocodile planned on tricking his friend, the monkey so that it may eat up its heart. The crocodile deceived the monkey that will help it cross the water body. Monkey having no idea of what he plans was all about agreed to the trick. While at the middle of the water body, crocodile threatened monkey that it was going to feed on him. Monkey immediately came up with a story that it had let its ear up the tree, and I would first go for it before it comes back to be eaten by the crocodile. The crocodile gave in to the trick. After the monkey had crossed the water body, it told crocodile that it was the untrue friend and also stupid. They remained alive, but their friendship was destroyed. This tale aims at a trickster narrative.

Exercise 2

Beekeeping is well recognized among the farmers. Incorporating of a serious tone while addressing them will yield no better results. It will be the best of ideas if I use examples that are well familiar with them so that they may fully understand the main message that I will be trying to pass across to them. The time limit has been allocated is minimal and therefore what could be the best way to summarize my points. It will be prudent if I ignore the most obvious and common points that I am supposed to pass to the audience. Farmers are used to words that are related to the farm products and not the English dictionary words that may not bring the message to the peasants. Using words that are only familiar to individuals who have learned bee was firming as a profession would not be good to performance as the audience is not well educated but only persons or farmers who are practicing bee farming in small scale. I think I should use a local language that is familiar to them so that t5hey can easily understand. Avoiding the use of complex words would make me be listened carefully as would be performing.

Exercise 3: Twist story

In the land of Tulle, there existed two families that were so close to each other. The closeness among the families made the children be also close to each other. The children were taken to the same school. Their parents bought them the same books and allowed the requirements they wanted. However, there was a little difference between these children. Children from one family were excelling so much compared to the other family. This made one family (Family whose children were not performing well) to be jealous over the family. The family with weak children in academics decided to visit a witch doctor so that the witch doctor may make their children prosper in academics and the other children to frail. They did with the intentions of bringing down the kids who were excelling in class. The witch doctor, in turn, gave them a pen to give to the children who were performing well in class as a present for doing their final year exams. When the exams came over, the jealous parents gave the pens to the child who was excelling in academics. Being that the children were so much used to each other, they exchanged the pens during the examination time because of the love they had for each other. It, therefore, turned out that the weak children were affected more as the spirituals powers of the pen backfired on the weak children. This made their parents feel so bad and was so haunted by the event. They had to apologize to the other family.

Exercise 4: Walking will change the world-Introduction

Please include a brief note for your tutor explaining how you used the rhetorical elements in this introduction)(

Walking will change the world is a proverb that contains hidden meaning within it. Walking is used symbolically to indicate the progressions that are made in various sectors in the world. The outward meaning is that physical walking can change the world in that individuals will be moving from one point to the other to find ways of bettering their lives. If their lives are improved, it means that the world has changed. The internal meaning is that progression in the social, economic and political sector can change the phase of the world as there may be innovations that would have been made. This essay tries to look at the validity of this claim by taking into consideration the ethics governing the claim (ethos), the emotions that may be attached to the claim for its implementation (pathos) and the logic behind it (logos). This paper will look into details the claim: walking will change the world.

Exercise 5: Walking will change the world-Conclusion

Please include a brief note to your tutor explaining which of the academic voices you are emulating in this conclusion, and how. )(

From the essay above, it is evitable that the proverb walking will modify the world is valid, and its implementation can be of great help in changing the course of the world. Change is not brought about if individuals lie idle in their comfort zones but will be put about if individuals initiate programs or swing into action to initiate change by themselves. It is illogical to campaign for change if the change itself does not start with you. Walking in the proverb has a hidden meaning that encourages all people who want to witness the change in the world they are living to initiate the first move. Change does not come in a luxurious way but one at occasional times be subjected to some pains to realise the change that he desires to see. How man leaders have used change as their campaign strategy but have failed to fulfill their duties once they are in office? It takes an action to realise any change.

Exercise 6

The southern weather report from LMS (the Southeastern Aust Seasonal Temperature Outlook)

The review on the weather report from the LMS is a non-fiction genre since it is based on factual information obtained from weather study to obtain the weather forecast. The strategy that will be employed will involve focusing on the information from the report. The language used will mainly be scientific and geographic terms relating to the weather forecast. The use of the language has been instrumental as it has helped me gain deep insights regarding the vocabularies used in weather study.

Based on the climate outlook overview provided in the Southeastern Aust Seasonal Temperature Outlook, it has been noted that the climate varies based on the time of the year. From the overview, there is usually above average amount of rainfall for periods between May and July in most parts of Australia. The daytime temperatures are warmer more in the Northern and southern parts of Australia as compared to other parts of the region. The overnight temperatures are also warmer in most parts of the region. The major influence on the climate in the region is the existence of the warm Indian Ocean, which influences the climate in the region. The warm Indian Ocean weakens El Niño. The warm sea surface also affects the surrounding climate.

Exercises 7

Giving direction from Melbourne CBD to the Bundoora LTU campus

Our campus the Bundoora LTU campus is in the Northern-eastern sides of Melbourne in the suburb areas of Bundora. Specifically, it is located at the intersection of the Kingsbury drive and plenty Road which is approximately 14Km from the city center (Poynter & Rasmussen 1996). The campus can be reached by the use of train, a bus or through the use of a tram. Through train; the LTU campus is situated close both Macleod and Reservoir railway stations which can be accessed from the CBD. At the railway stations, one should take the Hurstbridge or the South Morang line. The estimated travel time through the use of a train is about 45 minutes. However, the trains only travel during the weekdays. While using a bus, the buses to the campus can be got from two stations. Bus 250 services can be used. They can be taken from the Lonsdale Street, Rathdowne Street, and Exhibition Street or at Queens Street. Bus 350 can also be used to get to the campus. The buses travel to LTU campus through the Eastern FWY travels. The estimated time to get to the campus is about an hour. Tram 86 can also be used to get to the campus. They are bordered along the Bourke Street. Once you have bordered the tram, you will have to alight at the LTU medical center. The travel takes about an hour.

Exercise 8

Review of the movie “Aunty Maggie and the Womba Wakgun.”

The film is primarily about Uncle Peter and Aunty Maggie, who undergoes through a lot of struggles to feed their three children. Amidst her struggles one day, Aunty Maggie was broke and out of cash she then swapped a box full of tobacco for some chooks and a rooster. She wanted the chooks to lay her some eggs. She sometimes shouted to the chooks “we want eggs” telling the chooks to chant the rooster. She always went on a daily basis to look into the nests to find out the results of the rosters work. However, she was unlucky. Aunty Maggie yells at the rooster, ‘you Womba Wakgun, you should be the man. At one point she dreamt that she had roasted it for an awesome meal. She stated ‘he is driving me Womba!’ The following day while doing her daily routines realizes that the rooster had died. This upsets her; she asks herself could it be an act of sabotage by the neighbor. Panicked engraved her, and she decided to do a CPR and luckily she was able to bring back the bird to live. Since then she takes a good care of the rooster and keeps it in the house and not in the shed. This continued for a longer time until one day one of her sons came back with an egg.

Exercise 9

Review of a backyard Olympic event

It is undoubtedly clear that every person has their own favorite and most favorite sporting activities. I have been an ardent fan of soccer since my childhood years. Despite not getting an opportunity to participate in Olympics events, I have had an experience with backyard Olympics. Typically, backyard Olympic refers to the activities or events that are excluded in the usual Olympics, are rarely reported in media, however, they play a substantial role in our formative years.

My most favourite backyard event was the barefoot soccer. I clearly recall the occurrences of the event. It was in 2014 when our school played against our neighboring school a barefoot soccer. The event was organized by us. We chose our referee, and we decided amongst ourselves that the winner of the game would take away the ball. We had a preset mind that we had to win the game as we saw ourselves more superior and older than the other team. The first half of the game went down so well. However, they had beaten us two goals to zero. During the halftime, we decided we had to win the match even if it was through dubious means to meet our target. During the second half of the match, one of our players faked an injury, and we accorded a penalty, which we successfully scored. Then we intentionally injured their goalkeeper and was taken out; they remained without a goalkeeper for the rest of the game. We managed to get another goal. Close to the end the end of the game, one of us bribed the referee, and he gave us a penalty, which we scored and ultimately coming out the winners. Despite winning in an unfair manner we attained our goal. We personage only to realize that was not the case.

( I would like you to choose pictures that will give a story together (genre ) like if you put a picture of a knife and say @….found it on the end of the road # creepy , then you’ll put a picture of an old bag then you’ll tweet about it relaying on your first tweet and you go like this …)Exercise 10

Constructing a series of tweets from LMS

By (Name)

@DabielHills apologizes to people for the convictions of the historic crimes related to gay crimes @Kerryhawt on the importance 87444.

By (Name) 1

(Poynter & Rasmussen 1996)

@Business & Economics has the economics of dating changed? Is it still mandatory for men to pick up the tab? A research study on both a women shows that a majority agree that men still need to pick up the tab.

(Poynter & Rasmussen 1996)By (Name) 2

@ UniMelb Newsroom #Politics

Over the recent past it has been ascertained that politics can sometimes be very brutal to only women. UniMelb has launched a new program to combat the challenge of women into politics.

By (Name) 3

’s plan to have an indigenous reconciliation that is out of line and that it is on the wrong track. @The school of law @Melbourne. Dr. McMillan writes about Australia

By (Name) 4

@Melbourne school of law can any trust be accorded to the 7-eleven to clean up the Mess? Dr. Hardy Tess conducts an extensive research to find out the insights into the 7-eleven scandal.

you need to reference the movie Aunty maggie don’t About the reference please put it under the exercise that you used it for so I can know,


. Carlton South, Vic, Melbourne Univ. Press. A place apart: the University of Melbourne ; decades of challengePOYNTER, J. R., & RASMUSSEN, C. (1996).