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2Web Analysis

MSY Web Analysis

MSY website Analysis Report

The present report presents an analysis of MSY website. MSY is an e-commerce website that majors in electronic sales, such as laptops, play stations, hard disks and other computer and phone accessories. The approach taken in this analysis entails the identification of the strengths and weakness of the MSY e-commerce website. The objective is to provide areas where improvement can be instituted to realize optimal website performance and exceptional user experience. The analysis aims at appraising the website features, such as how the website is organized vis-à-vis layout, the loading speed, the content organization, and user friendliness.

). It could have been excellent to incorporate a wireflow that combines products, specifications, price and other features to easy customer actions in the selection of products. Also, the layout has no balance between design and content – It is basically an image display portal. As an e-commerce site, there should have been a balance between the images and product attributes, such as price, click button, discount box and so on. The MSY webmaster failed on a layout by offering too many images that work only in overwhelming visitors., n.dStarting with structure, this refers to the layout makeup that entails what we can see and the HTML and CSS code that enable functionality of this website. MSY employs a vague kind of layout. The wireframe implemented is insufficient as there is no clear delineation of what each part consists. For instance, it could be essential to use keywords for laptops, PS consoles, and each category is put in its space. The weakness is also visible due to the absence of wireflow. A click on the web images takes directly to PDF download that contains a series of products with price tags (

). However, the webmaster failed to provide interactive content in that; the customer can navigate between product attributes, such as color, size for the case of hard disk and so forth., n.dRegarding content organization, this analysis checks on how content is organized on the various page. The strength of this website lies in the ability to speak to customers through images. The webmaster has extensively employed images to tell everything. The images have the high resolution, informing captions and title attributes. However, the URLs are confusing because each image has a URL ending with notebook.pdf. Such identical URLs are likely to confuse customers if they save the images for future use. An ambiguous content organization has been adopted here. Therefore, the webmaster tried to classify the products into unclear categories, and thus they do not precisely fit. It is for this reason that the webmaster failed to maintain an ample structure. The only advantage of this content structure is that it helps customers who may not know what they want. The metaphor-driven ambiguous content adapted works to achieve such objective. The scheme has been used to group together products with shared features, such as USB cables, mouse, charger, keyboard, webcam, and routers – all which are referred to as computer accessories (

The speed of the website is another significant part that this analysis entails. According to Alexa ranking, the website is 63% slower with a page turnaround time of 1.382 seconds (, 2017). The reasons for such poor speed are due to unnecessary widgets such as the top 10 widget placed on both sides of the home page. These can be substituted with one medium image show the awards for the years 2009 and 2010. The size of images is also very large. Some of the images have up to 630KB which cumulatively make up about 70% of the total website file size of 2.4MB. They thus make the MSY website heavy and difficult to load hence the slower speed. The presence of internal JavaScript and CSS calls can also contribute to slower loading of the pages. If the objective of the webmaster was to produce a speedy and high performing website, then the CSS and JavaScript ought to be combined into few files. Such modification could have reduced the number of external files loading. Besides, the JavaScript should have been put at the bottom of the website. Even though such shift does not increase the loading speed, the initial contents will load faster, and the customer can see products while the rest of the page is loading. Such is so since browsers output content in the order of the code. Summarily, the webmaster could have done better to ensure faster loading of the website.

Last part of this analysis is regarding the user-friendliness. These features include the responsive nature of the website, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and navigation. For a start, the webmaster failed in this aspect terribly. From an e-commerce aspect, contemporary business environment demands the site to be mobile-friendly so that customers can access the contents anytime with whichever gadget. The MSY website is non-responsive. It can best be accessed through a computer because it is not possible to expand and contract flexibly to accommodate other gadgets. On the best e-commerce qualities alone, this feature makes the website a letdown. Regarding GUI, this is simply the user experience while using the website. There is only the home page at the top; therefore, navigation through different categories is hampered. The user has to scroll through the page to recognize products. In fact, even the contact and communication tab is the bottom where it can hardly be seen. A modern e-commerce ought to be interactive as possible so that the customer can get immediate feedback and thus improving the shopping experience.

Conclusively, the design of the MSY website could have been done better to incorporate attributes of the best contemporary e-commerce. The strong point of the website is through the use of images to communicate. However, there are significant weaknesses, such as poor content organization, unappealing GUI, a weak layout that does not support content, slower speed and unresponsiveness.


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