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Business Sustainability Report for Gorilla Health Bars Company

11 January 2016

Executive Summary

Today, the idea or concept of sustainability has gained wider identification by most enterprises across the globe (Tueth, 2010). In fact, many businesses are currently operating under the guidance of sustainability, which is satisfying the customer need, and environment without weakening the chance of the coming generation. For Gorilla Health Bars Company there is no denying that the word sustainability poses a new challenge for the company’s activities. So as to ensure that one has a better understanding regarding the term business practice sustainability, this report chose to discuss the problems affecting Gorilla Health Bars Company as a study object and highlighting the solutions to these problems as well as the recommendations the company needs to adapt in so as to become sustainable.

Table of Contents

2Executive Summary

5Section One.


4Purpose of the Report 1.

4The Background of the Task 2.

4The Significances of Sustainable practice for Gorilla Health Bars (GHB) 3.

5Limitation of the Report 4.

6Section two

6Findings and Discussions

6Location of the business and material for construction 1.

6The rate of materials used to produce the company’s produts 2.

6Supply chain arrangements 3..

7Section Three.




Business Sustainability Report for Gorilla Health Bars Company


  • Purpose of the Report

Importantly, the purpose of this report is to review different policies that Gorilla Health Bars (GHB) Company needs to implement so as to ensure sustainability of its practices. Secondly, this report discusses the special attention that Gorilla Health Bars Company, needs to focus on so that the business can continue to provide corporate social responsibility to its customers and to have sustainable development. In the discussion, the company’s framework, and its operation goals will be used to support the perspectives presented. In addition, the report will give some propositions and recommendations to Gorilla Health Bars (GHB) Company that may assist the business to take the next step of sustainable development.

  • The Background of the Task

In the world of business, sustainability is a pro-active approach that ensures that a business has a long-term viability and integrity. The two aspects are achieved by optimizing the business resources, decreasing environmental impacts, making the business competitive, and enhancing the profitability in the business. Nevertheless, in the current competitive world of business, it has become vital for businesses to cater for environmental concerns, as the environment is becoming a paramount urgency for all form of enterprises (Aras & Crowther 2012). Quite simply, many businesses are not taking ethics and social responsibility into account, hence destroying the will of the business and possible long-term benefits. Therefore, for businesses such as Gorilla Health Bars (GHB), one of the greatest challenges they face include sustaining social responsibility consciously.

  • The Significances of Sustainable practice for Gorilla Health Bars (GHB).

Taticchi, Carbone & Albino (2013) define business sustainability as the business models and professional or managerial decision that a company may arrive in different organizational concerns such as financial, environment, and social concerns. Gorilla Health Bars Company hopes to become sustainable, but reaching this goal, the company is facing some measurable problems. The road to finish this objective is filled with challenges such as the location of the business, the increasing of the rate of raw materials the company is using to produce its products, and supply chain arrangements problems. Significantly, the company needs to apply sustainable practices that will enhance the reputation of the company. With this in mind, for Gorilla Health Bars Company sustainable practices are significant in the following ways. First, sustainable practices for Gorilla Health Bars will help the company to have financial stability. Aras & Crowther (2012) states that sustainability development produces more financially sustainable economies. For Gorilla Health Bars to have a strong reputation, and competitive advantage, the company should embrace sustainability in all angles as it will help the company to build a reliance upon its resources such as financial resources.

Additionally, through sustainable practice by the Gorilla Health Bars Company, the environment will be protected as sustainability practices make the company help in controlling the climate changes. According to Gonzalez-Perez & Leonard (2013), climate changes can somehow be remedied through sustainable development. For Gorilla Health Bars, sustainability would mandate for measures that minimize the activities that produce greenhouse gasses as a way of ensuring that the climate is safe, and protected.

  • Limitations of the report

In this report, it is clear that there are many conceptions of sustainability, and each have weaknesses. As such, some of these conceptions of sustainability incorporate a certain weakness or limitation (Jaffeer 2011). Some of the common limitations presented in this report as included in the sustainability business practice include;

  • Time frame limitation. Any idea of sustainability as shown in this report must incorporate a time horizon.

  • More so, sustainability needs to incorporate an account of what is being sustained

  • Consequences of the business action. The concept of sustainability requires people to think about the consequence of the action of the business to the future generation.

Section Two

Findings and discussions

  • Location of the Business and Construction Material

Currently, Gorilla Health Bars Company is located in rural Victoria and the materials used to build the company make it spend more that it is expected. For Gorilla Health Bars Company to be sustainable, the company will depend on its location, how the company is built, and materials used to build the company. In fact, for the company to ensure that it spend less on the electricity bill, and other expenses, the CEO should consider setting the business in an accessible land, or rent a building located in a recommendable site, and consider the sustainability criteria when locating the business (Tueth 2010). Despite this solution appearing so advantageous to business operation, it is costly and requires expertise. As such, a specialist is needed to come up with specific plans and prepare the budget of whether to purchase land or rent a building.

  • The Rate of Materials Used to Produce the Company’s Product

As reported by the CEO of Gorilla Health Bars, the company uses a large amount of water in producing its products. The cost of water has continuously increased and it is affecting the company’s financial capacity (Clifton 2012). Therefore, for the company to have a sustainable practice, it needs to have an integral strategy, which will be used to lower the cost of the materials used in production. Such strategies include integrating the environmental principles, and policies in the operation of the business. However, this solution has one problem, that is, the strategy requires a lot of time. In fact, the solution may waste the company’s time as it may fail to some extents (Mitchell 2006).

  • Supply Chain Arrangements

The logistics plans of the Gorilla Health Bars Company are currently not friendly to the company as reported by the CEO. As such, the company’s supply chain arrangements are expensive, and to enhance the business sustainability this need to change. The best way to solve this problem will be through the implementation of the current supply chain trends that are used by many businesses across the globe (Wells 2013). For instance, the company may apply the supply chain outsourcing trend. Consequentially, this will enhance the growth of the company as logistical costs will eventually go down. Although this solution sounds so important, it has a drawback. Mitchell (2006), States that Outsourcing the supply chain personnel will affect the company internal employees as some may lose their jobs.

Section Three


Conclusively, the aim of this report was to discuss the policies or steps that Gorilla Health Bars Company needs to apply so as to enhance what is called business sustainability practice. In summary, the company has started to put sustainability development as the key agenda that will ensure that it has a strong reputation and competitive advantage. So as to achieve this, the report found that the company needs to have effective plans that will reduce the rate of production materials, plans that will have positive impacts on the supply chains alignments, and plans that will enhance the company’s location as well as the construction materials.


As the goal of Gorilla Health Bars Company is to make a profit, the company should embrace the solution to the problems facings the company. Therefore, to ensure the implementation of these solutions, the following recommendations should be attributed by the company (Clifton 2012).

  • First, the company should address its attention on sustainability performance improvement. As a result, this will make the company gain a sustained competitive advantage in the future, and have developed operation processes.

  • Above all, Gorilla Health Bars Company should treat sustainability as a basic principle. In this context, the company’s aim should focus on minimizing the negative impact on the environment. In addition, sustainability will become a basic principle for the Gorilla Health Bars Company, when it balances the economic interest, social, and environment concerns.

  • Lastly, to have a sustainable business practice, Gorilla Health Bars Company needs to meet the environmental commitment. For this case, the environmental commitment will be attained through supply chain trends, manufacturing approaches, packaging of the products, and marketing strategies.


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