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Government ethics on the milk industry

The government plays a very important role in the regulation and ensuring the growth of any industry. All regulations regarding business in all the industries belongs to the government. If the government does not come up with this regulations then it is difficult for regulations of various sectors to be regulated. Milk being an edible product, then it is necessary that the government be a close observer on how the industry is being managed by the players. Sanity and ethical means of doing business should be one of those areas that the government should be able to keenly monitor as some of the players may want to take the players.

The government on its part should ensure that there is equal methods that are used in determination of taxes so that other players may not be advantaged due to their scale of production. Tax is one of those factors that will determine the extent to which production can be done in any industry. On the other hand the government officers should have better methods to which the licensing of the producers of milk products is done. However, all these should be done in a manner that is ethical whereby the consumer should be the primary consideration when it comes to both licensing and taxation. When taxes are imposed while the government has an aim of collecting more revenues it may be difficult for the consumers to have fair prices. Therefore, it is necessary for ethical methods to be used by the government to ensure that the prices are well regulated. The moral practice of involving all stakeholders in government decision will mean well for them. This will ensure that the decisions taken by the government are going to be best for all players.


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