Business Operations and Logistics-Reflective reports

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The case issue

The issue involved increased innovation in the organization I was working. The management of the company decided to improve the performance of the organization through increasing the level of innovation in its operations. The management was to adopt the most recent technology in its operations where many of the company operations were adjusted to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the operations. The major objective of the company was to ensure that the services offered are made unique by adding new features that can make the products and service different from those of the rivals. The company was experiencing increased costs of production that were affecting the profitability of the organization.

The management of the company thought that increasing efficiency would be the key to the management of the costs of operating the company. Besides, there was increased competition that forced the company to ensure that it has competitive strategies that can ensure that it can survive in the competitive market. The changes that took place in the process of automating the operations of the company to achieve innovation in the operations faced many challenges from the employees. The employees were not ready to assist in the process of implementing the innovation strategies. They perceive innovation as a management strategy of making the operations of the company more capital intensive hence leading to loss of jobs.

The lesson that I learned from the case is that employees play a crucial role in the process of ensuring successful implementation of the company strategies. The company did not successfully manage to implement the strategies that were geared towards making the operations of the company more innovative. The management failed to engage the employees in the process of automating the operations of the company to make them innovative. As a result, the employees were not aware of the reasons and the effects of the strategies implemented hence leading to resistance (Phillips, 2013). Also, communication in the process of formulating and implementing strategies is very important for the management of an organization.

Application of what I learned

I can apply what I learned in the process of managing change in the organization I work. The incident made me aware of the benefits of ensuring that I involve the various stakeholders when implementing any strategy that can lead to changes in the operations of the organization (Levin, 2012). This is because it is clear that the company filed in the process of ensuring successful implementation of its strategies leading to increased innovation due to the failure of management to involve the employees.

Factors preventing the application of what I learned

The costs associated with the change management are likely to prevent me from applying what I learned. This is because engaging the different stakeholders of the company can take a long time to ensure that all the various stakeholders are aware of the changes and the reasons for the change (Phillips, 2013).

Relevant theory

Transformational leadership theory can be considered as the relevant theory in the lesson I learned. The leadership style used in the process of managing operations in an organization does determine the response of the employees (Levin, 2012). For instance, transformational leadership style is important in ensuring that the various stakeholders of the company are involved in the process of managing change.

Changes in my management ideas

The sessions changed my ideas concerning the management of change in an organization. I realized the contributions of the various stakeholders of a company in the process of managing change (Levin, 2012). As a result, when implementing innovation strategies is crucial to ensure there is the necessary communication concerning the reasons for the changes in the operations of the company.

Gaps existing

The major gaps that do exist in the management of organizations are the link between managing change and leadership. There is the need for investigations concerning how leadership does affect the process of managing change. I need to carry out further investigations concerning the effects of leadership styles in the process of managing change in an organization.

Ways of closing the gaps

I will conduct research in various organizations where the respondents will be the employees. The research will be investigating the responses of the employees towards the various leadership styles that are used in their organizations when implementing change. The employees will then give their opinions concerning how better they think change need to be managed in the organizations they work. The research will assist in assessing the best leadership style that can guarantee successful implementation of change in the organization. The knowledge of the relationship existing between change management and leadership styles will assist my leadership skills in my future career as a manager (Phillips, 2013).


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